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Sometimes it is so hard to see the rainbow through the rain, but this is not the case with this amazing couple. As Wedding Photographers in Playa del Carmen we have seen a few rainy weddings and we can tell that what really makes the difference is when couples like Amanda & Eric can see the beauty in it! Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

Eric grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois and his Childhood was filled with playing sports, going to church on Sundays and hanging out with his family. He was always taught to be respectful, to be trustworthy and how to work hard. A day never went by without hanging out in the neighborhood and playing sports with friends. Amanda grew up in a small town called Zeeland, Michigan. Her childhood was filled with competition with her brothers, making friends and laughing with her family. She was taught many values but the most important were to have faith, respect for others and a strong work ethic. Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

Meeting the love of your life…

Eric and Amanda worked at the same company and often crossed paths for many years. Eric actually remembers seeing Amanda on his very first day at the company. Eric and Amanda noticed each other and always exchanged hellos and smiles. It was until one day a mutual friend brought them to the same place at the same time, that they realized how much they had in common. When Eric came to greet Amanda on their first meeting, he introduced himself, she laughed and said, I know who you are. He laughed and said the same. They quickly hit it off and were inseperable from that day forward. Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

I “lake” you so much!

Eric and Amanda spent a lot of time at their friends lake house in the summers. The first summer they dated they had many memories there and really feel they fell in love at the lake. The first time they exchanged “I love yous” was at the lake house as well. So when Eric decided he was going to propose to Amanda, he knew the lake house would be the perfect place. Eric worked with friends behind the scenes to set up the perfect proposal. When the day came, Eric suggested “lets go to the lake today” and as always, Amanda eagerly said yes. They arrived as usual and loaded up the boat for a few hours out on the lake. After a staged argument between the other couple, they sent Eric and Amanda out on the boat for themselves. Once on the lake, Eric and Amanda stopped the boat to relax for a while. Thats when Eric got down on one knee and asked Amanda to spend the rest of their lives together. She said yes! They shared champagne and kisses before heading back to the dock to pick up their friends and celebrate. Upon returning to the house, all of their friends and family were there to congratulate and celebrate with the happy couple! Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

When you love to travel, you have to go with a destination wedding…

Amanda has always loved to travel and in her time with Eric, they traveled a lot together. They both love the sun and the beach! So when they thought about their wedding, they thought a perfect way to celebrate their marriage would be to get all of their friends and family on a vacation together with a celebration on the beach! Our favorite part of the day was after saying “I do” they got to dance and laugh then night away with the most important people in their lives. Their friends and family were able to celebrate their love for many days together. Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

And take your beloved ones with you!

It was very important to Eric and Amanda that their families were able to attend their big day. Eric’s parents (Barb and Hector) and sisters (Celina and Elaine) as well as Amanda’s parents (Mike and Linda) and brothers (Aaron and Corey) were always big supporters of Eric and Amanda. And an especially important part of their relationship. So they were so thankful they were there for the big day along with their siblings spouses. Eric and Amanda were so incredibly thankful to have 63 others join them for the celebration of their marriage. They feel lucky to have so many people who are willing to travel so far to celebrate their relationship. “Our friend, Steve, was our officiant. He has always been a big part of our relationship, so it only made to have him be the person marry us on the big day. Outside of that, each and every person made a huge impact on our big day. We are blessed to have so many friends that made our day special A special thank you to our maid of honors (Kate and Leonora) and Best Men (Jeff and John) who did so much to make this day perfect!” Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

What did you think of your Wedding Photographers in Playa del Carmen?

WeddingDayStory’s Wedding Photographers in Playa del Carmen did an amazing job capturing our day. We felt they worked so hard to be there for every moment, and capture the true emotion of the day. They were able to really get so many amazing moments in photos to reflect upon. The online gallery link made it incredibly easy to share with all of our friends and family. It also gave them the option of ordering on thier own if they wanted. They were so many good photos, how could we ever choose our favorites? Well the good news is, with so many options, we dont have to. We can keep them all to remember what an amazing day it was!” Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

Was there someone that helped make your day extra special?

“We were very impressed with our planner, Marcela, who literally was at our every whim for what we needed for our big day.Our wedding planning team at the Paradisus was amazing. They truly made sure everything we needed and wanted was taken care of. They took care of everything on the day of the wedding so that the bride and groom were stress free and could relax and take in everything in front of them. The food was amazing and the room looked incredible. Planner 1 literally took ever idea the bride and groom had, and made it come to life. They exceeded the expectations we had by far! The DJ knew our party loved to dance. So he played so many great upbeat and amazing songs to really get the party started!!! The bartenders made sure everyone was having a great time and kept the drinks flowing. Guests also raved about the cigars. They loved the idea and enjoyed it very much! The photographers and videographers were there for every moment and emotion and truly captured our happiness on the big day. The last person we would mention was our friend Kelly, she helped as basically the brides and grooms personal assistant through out the day. She made sure we were calm and had our needs met. As well as making sure everyone had a great time. We feel truly blessed to have so many amazing friends and family who made this day so special for us.” Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

The rain is a plus and the dancing bridal party is a must!

The entire day was amazing. Even though it was rainy and windy all day, everyone made the best of it. It rained the entire day, and during the ceremony the rain slowed down and there was a rainbow right outside the window while the bride and groom said “I do”. After taking some pictures, the guests enjoyed some cocktails and got ready to see the Bridal party enter. The bridal party danced thier way into the reception, followed shortly after by the new Mr and Mrs Andino. After some incredibly touching and heartfelt speeches, the wedding turned into quite the celebration. Everyone got on the dance floor and danced thier hearts out. The bride even took a moment to serenade her new husband with a little song. The groom loves to listen to the bride sing, so it only made the day more special to have her sing to him on the big day. Guests enjoyed themselves over cake and tequila. As well as taking polaroid photos of themseves to add to the guest book. Many enjoyed hand rolled cigars while celebrating. Overall, the night was filled with love, lots of laughter and many memories to share for years to come.” Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

First things first.

“Our favorite pictures are from the first look. They were really able to capture our feelings and emotions while seeing each other for the first time. They got it from several angles and makes us feel we are back in that moment. Also, how can you not LOVE the picture in the rain. Although, we were hesitant about going outside in the rain, the vision and end result were well worth it.”

Amanda & Eric, you are truly an inspiration for us. You knew how to make the best out of your experience and we loved your attitude! WeddingDayStory’s Wedding Photographers in Playa del Carmen welcome you to the family and thank you for sharing your story with us. Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

If you would like to see more images rainy wedding day images from our team of Wedding Photographers in Playa del Carmen, visit us on Pinterest!Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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