Wedding Photographers In Mexico | Meagan & Viktoriya’s Romantic Ceremony

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It’s true, having a destination wedding is a great idea when you want both families to bond and really get to know each other. Meagan & Viktoriya, gave us the opportunity to be their wedding photographers in Mexico and to capture this beautiful union of two souls and two families.

Support Is Everything

“I grew up in New England, separating my time between my mother’s house and my father’s house. I have always been lucky that my parents and extended family come together to support me, accept me and love those who I chose to bring into my life. Family is meant to take precedence over all else. Viktoriya was born in Berdichiev, Ukraine and immigrated to Boston, MA when she was 13, along with her twin sister, parents and maternal grandparents. Her family has instilled in her the importance of being independent, educated and confident.”

Love Can Be The Best Dessert

“We met through in late February. We spoke via text and email until our first date in March- which happened to be on the same day as her grandparent’s wedding anniversary. I took her to a vegan Thai restaurant, not knowing she had never eaten vegan food or Thai, and then over dinner we found out we both loved the dessert shop a block away so we finished up the night there.

I still have a picture of my piece of cake from that night, to commemorate our first date.”

A Carefully Planned Proposal

“Viktoriya took me to New York City right after Christmas. We stayed in the New Yorker Hotel, which is where we stayed the first time we went to New York together and is my favorite due to the beautiful old charm of the lobby and rooms. We went to a tapas restaurant- again my favorite type of food because I do not like to have to commit to a single dish to try. She surprised me with tickets to go to the top of the Empire State Building at night. It sure sounds romantic, but what it meant was that we were in line for an hour, and I got antsy after about five minutes of being there. So, I was abhorrent to be with for about fifty minutes of that time. It was certainly worth it once we got out onto the viewing deck- absolutely breathtaking! I was smushed against the railing, taking pictures and exclaiming about everything, and she pushed the ring box into my hand and giggled. She made the night so special because every part of the date was thought out specially for me.

It was perfect.”

A Magical Destination Wedding

“We chose a destination wedding because we wanted people from both of our families to have fun on vacation getting to know each other and enjoy being with each other. It was more important to us to have one time in life where all of our closest loved ones came together rather than have a huge wedding. We loved the reception dinner with the saxophonist that we hired in Miramare, at the Viva Wyndham Maya. Everyone was dancing and laughing. It was just magical.”

Our Moms, Our Rocks

“Viktoriya and I were very happy that our mothers, Sheila Bailey and Marina Stepanets were there. These women are our rocks and push us to be better people. We could not and would not have had a marriage without them. They are among the most important people in our lives. Sheila took pictures of us getting ready and our wedding outfits and the rings before the wedding and she took pictures of our dance and cake cutting. I had to remind her that she was the mother of the bride and should not be working so hard!”

Love Is The Key

“The toasts that our parents, siblings and friends made were incredibly touching. I know some of them really had a hard time with Viktoriya and I initially and they put all of that aside and showed up absolute love and support.”


“I was worried that what I had requested as flowers would be incorrect or that the restaurant where we had our reception dinner would not have a vegetarian option, as originally there was none available. When I get there and met with Ghalia Drissi, the wedding coordinator my fears almost completely dissolved. When I saw the boutonniere and bouquet with succulents that looked EXACTLY like the picture I sent her I was floored and I loved the mean that the restaurant prepared for me.Have an open rapport with your wedding coordinator and ask them their opinions. They know the resort, the restaurants, the timing like the back of their hands. If you have any special requests or very specific details you need- send pictures.”

All About The Details

“I loved our day of the dead cake toppers. We gave everyone welcome bags with bright colored sunglasses, lotions, bug spray, chapstick, water, tequila, trail mix and a thank you note. Sheila Bailey made our signs. I had blue Badgley Mischka shoes, a borrowed necklace and everything Viktoriya and I were wearing was new. I was only missing the old! Well, me? Do I count?”

“Unforgettable. Elation. Devotion.”

“Our wedding songs were: The Story– Brandi Carlile. Brandi is one of my favorite bands and the words to the song are so sweet and really speak to our relationship. That’s How Strong My Love Is– Otis Redding. Viktoriya chose this because every time she hears it she cries out of happiness. Every time. Sway– Rosemary Clooney. We thought it had the perfect feel for the type of wedding we wanted. Bright, fun and a little classy.”

Their Wedding Photographers In Mexico

“I liked the photographer, he was fun and sweet, as was his assistant. I like the gallery and the option to order online that the WeddingDayStory team of wedding photographers in Mexico provides.  Our favorite pictures are where we are kissing in black and white with the bouquet in the front, slightly out of focus and when Viktoriya, our moms and I were laughing.”

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day story with us!

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