Tulum Weddings: An Essential Guide

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By now, there are a few untouched beach spots left in the Riviera Maya. Still, the thriving town of Tulum manages to keep a sense of old school beach town while offering great options for Tulum weddings at the same time. Destination weddings here are the next-best-thing when it comes to location trends, worldwide.Tulum weddings

Join us for a tour featuring the best Tulum wedding spots and vendors for a complete overview of this unique and spiritual town. A WeddingDayStory guide wouldn’t be complete without great activity recommendations too, so make sure to download our Tulum Weddings Essential Guide with many more options on each category, specific information & links.Tulum weddings

Perfect Venues For Tulum Weddings

  • Ak’iin Beach: Restaurant & Beach Club.  Here, you’ll find food and classic drinks at affordable prices. Ak’iin offers a variety of services designed to allow you to relax and enjoy your time there. They also specialize in destination weddings, and put together a gorgeous, intimate event for those who value privacy above all.Tulum weddings
  • Zamas: Restaurant, Boutique Hotel & Beach Club. Zamas is right where the jungle meets the sea. It has a perfect combination of bohemian-chic and rustic luxury with cabañas, palapas, colorful tiles and hammocks. Here, Tulum weddings meet boho-chic style with a splash of caribbean sparkle.Tulum weddings
  • Nómade Tulum: Restaurant, Hotel, Beach Club & Spa. A human-centered hotel, Nómade was conceived as a temporary habitat for those ready to learn and share. Within Tulum’s sacred land, this space is dedicated to travelers interested in having their mind, body and soul delighted and fulfilled by mother nature. Their “culinary shamans” prepare gourmet, raw and cooked organic food in a variety of delicious, fresh dishes focused on seasonal local flavors. A perfect location for Tulum weddings and right next door to BeTulum Hotel, Nómade is the newest, trendiest spot for a wedding ceremony you can find in Tulum.Tulum weddings
  • Ana y José: Restaurant, Hotel & Beach Club. Known as “gourmet corner”; its place for culinary art creations, rites, traditions & blends of flavors presented in a legendary palapa. Crispy fresh bread baked on firewood acts as a welcome symbol on every table. One of the top locations for Tulum weddings, they offer several different packages and plans.Tulum weddings
  • Dreams Tulum: Restaurant, Hotel, Beach Club & Spa. This hacienda-style resort provides guests with an upscale surrounding and combines fun and relaxation with the ancient Mayan world. It’s a luxurious vacation sanctuary for families, couples and friends offering the privileges of “Unlimited-Luxury”, where everything is included. The resort has two swimming pools, an Explorer’s Club for kids, a full-service Dreams Spa by Pevonia, a fitness center, six gourmet a la carte restaurants and seven bars. Needless to say, ceremonies at this resort are just a dream.Tulum weddings
  • Ahau TulumRestaurant, Hotel (Cabañas) & Beach Club. Why not plan to wake up on a gorgeous palapa cabaña with huge windows facing the beautiful Caribbean sea on your wedding day? This intimate spot is perfect for a barefoot beach wedding in Tulum. An ecologically conscious resort, they make sure that their place in this untouched paradise remains just like that – untouched. Under the motto “In La Kesh” (Mayan for “I am another you”), their warm team of planners will make sure your day is just perfect.

Tulum weddings

Download our Tulum Weddings Guide for 4 more great venue recommendations!

The Sacred Underground

We love cenotes! Their clear, fresh water is perfect for swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling. They are open water holes and caves with descending depths to the waterline, full of unique and intriguing landscapes. When visiting them, it’s important that you don’t use any sunscreen or bug spray, since the chemicals in them can affect their delicate ecosystem.

  • Cristal: Just 3 km south of Tulum, this beautiful cenote might not be big, but it is beautiful. Less crowded than the rest, it is a great option for a slow afternoon.
  • Escondido: Entering Cenote Escondido includes a 1 km walk or drive through natural jungle filled with palms, jungle fauna and exotic trees. You’ll even be able to see families of spider monkeys swinging around in the trees above. The cenote itself is a large and deep clear water swimming pool, complete with solid rock cliffs of 2-4 meters which are great for jumping off. Bring your snorkel gear to see the fish, fresh water turtles and underwater caves. There are two comfortable wooden platforms that you can use to enter the water with confidence, or to sunbathe in. You’ll also find a palapa, perfect for picnics. If you are an adventurous scuba diver, you can’t miss swimming on its great underwater tunnels.
  • Gran Cenote: Located 3.5 km away from Tulum, this round cenote is the perfect spot for Scuba Divers and Snorkelers alike because of its crystal clear waters.
  • Cenote Dos Ojos (Spanish for “Two Eyes”). This flooded cave system is still being explored and discovered. What we know so far, are 82 kilometers (51 mi) of extension with 28 known sinkhole entrances. The temperature of the water is 25 °C or 77 °F throughout the year, and its greatest depth near is os about 10 meters (33 ft). The water is exceptionally clear as a result of rainwater filtered through limestone.

Find more details on these, and the 4 less known natural jewels in our Essential Guide on Tulum Weddings.Tulum weddings

Eco Parks

These wonderful eco parks charge a small fee that helps them preserve the area and the flora and fauna in it.

  • Tankah: This 100% Mexican company wants you get the real taste of Mexico with every activity. You can swim in the cenote, enjoy the jungle, eat some real Mayan food in the village, go down the zip line, use the canoes… and much more.
  • Labnaha: This amazing cenote system is located inside the Magic Mayan World Eco Park. To avoid mass tourism, this place has a limit of visitors per day, and it’s only accessible with a tour guide. You can use the kayaks, the zip lines, visit the cenotes, swim, snorkel, and they even have adapted activities for kids.

Places To Visit In Tulum

  • Archeological site: Tulum was a Mayan city right by the beach, with a castle and a few constructions which are still standing. It was one of the few cities protected by a limestone wall, which enclosed it on three sides.  The “Castillo”, or castle, was (and still is) on the edge of a limestone cliff, overlooking the Caribbean sea. In front of it, you’ll find the “Temple of the Frescoes”, one of the better preserved buildings. Inside it, there’s a mural painted in three levels. The first level depicts the Mayan world of the dead (Xibalba), the middle, the world of the living (our world), and the last one, the highest level, is for the creator and rain gods. North of the Castillo is a pathway that leads down to the beach and the amazing Caribbean ocean. Visiting the ruins is the perfect day trip! Just make sure to take plenty of water with you and a hat.Tulum weddings
  • Sian Ka’an: Sian Ka’an is a biosphere reserve that extends from land to the Caribbean Sea with a breath-taking coral reef. Established in 1986, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site the following year. The reserve also includes some 23 known archaeological sites of the Mayan civilization including Muyil. Punta Allen is the largest village in the reserve, located at the end of the Boca Paila Peninsula. This small fishing village has about 600 inhabitants and about 4 or 5 blocks of sandy streets going inland from the sea. It’s only about 6-7 streets wide, so when we say “tiny”… we mean it! Since it has no electricity connection, it is wise to take a flashlight along, or a lantern. The village has 4 mini markets, a fresh seafood store/house, a produce store/house, a lobster co-op and many restaurants along the beachfront. There is a dock on the lagoon with a palapa roof, a great spot for watching the sunset. Punta Allen is a perfect base for bird-watchers; Pelicans, Pink spoonbills, Frigates, mockingbirds, vultures and White Ibis nest nearby. If you fall helplessly in love as we did with the place, be mindful that its not the most popular place for Tulum weddings, because of the logistic implications.Tulum weddings

Download our Essential Guide on Tulum Weddings  for two less-known places to visit in this magical town!

Restaurants Off The Beaten Path (And Away From The Beach)

  • La Malquerida: This Mexican restaurant and cantina is a wonderful place to get the real taste of the Tulum vibe. A laid back atmosphere and delicious drinks welcome the visitor. Here,  you’ll find a terrace with garden view, a bar with swings and a sports bar.
  • Chacabar: This one is pretty new and pretty great. It has really good prices, delicious food and a lovely location within Aldea Zamá. Make sure you try their pizzas!
  • Kitchen Table: This restaurant, bar & grill, is on the jungle side of Tulum, on the Boca Paila beach road at the Tulum National Park. Everything in it was thought out to integrate with the surroundings, from the wooden fire to the solar panel energy. The carefully picked fresh local products are the stars of this restaurant, that has a unique Caribbean jungle atmosphere.Tulum weddings

And Here’s Who Is Going To Make All Of It Happen

Planning a destination wedding without expert help is next to impossible. And, when it comes to a secluded place away from the civilization like Tulum, there’s all the more reason to make sure that a seasoned professional has your back. 

For that reason, we’ll introduce you to some of our favorite wedding planners and friends. They have the experience, good taste and creative ideas that every WeddingDayStory bride needs to have on her team!

  • Lucy (Lucy Gallagher Wedding Planning & Design): You can dream of an intimate, small celebration, or a huge event. Either way, Lucy can help you create the perfect, unforgettable wedding day. With over 10 years of experience and a special taste for Tulum weddings, she is an expert problem solver who has great connections with the best vendors in the Riviera Maya.
  • Gwen Grosset (Destination Weddings Tulum): Her team offers all the arrangements you might need to create your dream wedding, with plenty of details to make it creative and unique.
  • Leanne & Maju (LM Weddings): LM Weddings make it their goal to help brides & grooms find the perfect spot they are envisioning for their wedding, whether it is in Tulum or not.
  • Elena Rodriguez (Love Memories): They organize cheerful, fun and memorable weddings and events on the beach, develop world-class ideas and help you plan your events from the comfort of your home. Their services go from helping you find the ideal place for your event to design and offer solutions to create your dream wedding. They take care of everything, including transfers, hotels and activities of all your guests.
  • Nisia (Ahau Tulum): She plans the most beautiful weddings at this ecological luxury hotel. Admire the incredible beauty that this place has to offer you, where nature, environmental consciousness and opulence merge harmoniously, offering its magical experience. Walk barefoot in the sand, shower in the blessing of the sun and be cradled by the nourishment of the ocean. The playa in here has an untouched feel to it, transporting you into a different space.
  • Daniela Ottaviano (iWedding): If you would like someone to be with you on every step of the way, taking care of all the details and with an elegant vibe for your beach wedding, Daniela and her staff are the right choice for you. They do everything according to their philosophy: style, elegance and coordination are the key to achieving the perfect wedding.
  • Pedro (Anhexo Event Planning): This team of destination wedding specialists have been working in the Playa del Carmen & Tulum areas enough that they know it like the back of their hands! With an exclusive location within Tulum’s magical beach, specially designed for Tulum weddings (Naáy), furniture rental & ower de- sign, Anhexo is an all-stop shop that can cover all the needs for your wedding in Tulum.

Click below & download our handy Tulum Weddings guide for the best 37 wedding vendor in Tulum, complete with contact details & information!

Please, visit our lasted post about Riviera Maya Beach Wedding.

Tulum weddings



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