Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Destination Wedding Over A Traditional One

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Andrea King, destination wedding specialized travel agent from Anywhere But Here Travel, Inc. shared with the Wedding Day Story family their take on the reasons why more and more couples are choosing a destination wedding over a traditional one. This is what she
had to say:

Anywhere But Here Travel, IncA Destination Wedding is a great idea for so many reasons. Do you wonder what makes a couple go in this direction? After interviewing several of our clients, w found the following to be the Top 3 reasons couples choose a destination wedding over a traditional one.

1. You are unique! Couples want to stand out from the rest of their friends and family. “We didn’t get the same wedding experience as my sister Julie had with her wedding at our local church; ours was so much more unique!” This is how Jordan T. describes her wedding. Perhaps your wedding guests have already attended a dozen weddings so this different and away-from-home experience is a breath of fresh air for them. When you choose a destination wedding, you are giving your guests the gift of a vacation while at the same time celebrating a new marriage. That sure beats some chocolate covered almonds as a wedding favor, doesn’t it?



WeddingDayStory-Reasons-To-Choose-A-Destination-Wedding-Over-A-Traditional-One-00042. It saves money! Often times the bride and groom will spend less on a destination wedding because your guest list is smaller or fewer people choose to make the commitment to come. (Read: The important people are the ones that attend). If you have a wedding at home, you may feel obligated to invite E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E (co- workers, neighbors, school friends, close family, extended family, cousins, teachers, etc.) and pretty soon, before you know it, your small, intimate wedding is more like a town hall meeting on your dime! Another saving bonus with having a Destination Wedding, and the right travel agent, is that you may earn credit for a free cocktail reception, free room upgrades or even a free stay (just to name a few perks) simply by having your guests attend the wedding. Plus, you are already in an exotic destination (or close to one) so it makes paying for that honeymoon so much easier because you are already there! For many, this is the main perk of choosing a destination wedding over a traditional one.



3. It’s easy! When you book a resort for your destination wedding through your favorite travel agent, you have a whole team of people working to make all details just perfect: the travel agency, the resort, and the wedding department. They are all dedicated to planning your wedding and supporting you and your bride or groom-to-be. Also, by hiring a good travel agent, you don’t have to deal with all the travel related questions from your wedding guests, and there will be a lot. Your travel agent can handle all those pesky details like how the guests will get there or how much things will cost or what activities there are to do at their destination. As a bonus, your travel agent can help the you plan a honeymoon as well so that is one less thing for you to worry about. The bride and groom can focus on things that are important to them and let your wedding planner and travel agent handle the rest.



Anywhere But Here Travel, Inc. handled a destination wedding recently at the Paradisus Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The bride and groom were looking for an experience that was fun, on the beach, adults only, casual, simple and stress-free. It was important to them that their friends had a great time and enjoyed a great dinner together. It was exciting for them to create a memory for themselves and their guests. They wanted to provide an experience that everyone could look back on with fondness and something that would be talked about for years to come. 

They stayed in the adults-only section of the Paradisus. The bride and groom absolutely loved the feel of the property, the generous staff and the lush and tropical grounds. The atmosphere is definitely a lot more laid back and elegant there which was perfect for our clients. The wedding was absolutely breathtaking and above and beyond what they expected.

Andrea handled all the travel details of their wedding. A custom web page was created on behalf of the bride and groom and included all the pertinent travel information for them to send to their wedding guests. The guests were instructed to contact the travel agent directly to book their flights, hotel, transfers, tours and more, and the rest is history.

What are you waiting for? If you are thinking of choosing a destination wedding over a traditional one, you want a fantastic wedding experience that is unique to you, budget friendly and easier than a traditional wedding, contact Anywhere But Here Travel, Inc. via email or call them at 425-608-0266 to help you plan your destination wedding! And, if you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your next honeymoon in the Mexican Riviera Maya, download our free Top 17 Riviera Maya Honeymoon Activities Guide by clicking below!


Riviera Maya Honeymoon Activities


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