The Best 7 Riviera Maya Wedding Moments To Look Forward To

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As you plan for your big day, there are certain moments that you know and look forward to happening. There are also those special moments that unfold unexpectedly and organically. It is all of these moments, expected and unexpected that make your wedding memorable. When you look back at the photos from your destination wedding, you will remember how you felt in each moment. As we capture the moments of your Riviera Maya wedding, here are the seven moments you can look forward to on your wedding day:

1. The First Look

This is the moment that you first see them, on the day that you decide to be together forever. You are both there because of the love that you have, and because you are standing there saying, “Today, I choose you.”Riviera Maya wedding

2. The Vow Exchange

The moment when the words you wrote or chose together become real. Your words become the foundation for what you believe in, it is how you navigate your life and the world as a couple.Riviera Maya wedding

3. Just Married!

This moment is always about the joy and celebration. You have taken a beautiful leap of faith with your partner and these are your first steps together as a married couple. When you look back on this moment, you will remember the excitement and happiness that you both are feeling.Riviera Maya wedding

4. The First Dance

This is a touching and quiet moment you have with your spouse. As you move to the music, you feel the love of your family and friends, feel the music that represents your relationship, and you revel in the hard work that went into planning this day, and this moment.Riviera Maya wedding

5. Family Ties

Your family are the people who have known you your whole life, they remember you as a baby, as a kid, as a teen, and now they see you as an adult. They will stand there with you on your big day, filled with pride in who you have become. This moment captures the privilege that your family feels by having you in their life and sharing this moment with you.Riviera Maya wedding

6. A Girl’s Best Friends

Through the highs and the lows of life, there is nothing like the girls that you surround yourself on your big day. They will be there to guarantee that this is a party and a day to celebrate.Riviera Maya wedding

7. Alone At Last (When the wedding ends and you get to be alone with your spouse)

The moment to reflect on where your day started and where you are at the end of the day. It is the beginning of a life that you will build together.Riviera Maya wedding


To see more beautiful moments from a Riviera Maya wedding, visit our Riviera Maya board on Pinterest.


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