How To Plan For A Smart Destination Wedding Budget

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Planning a destination wedding abroad is easy because you can get an all inclusive package… right? Wrong! There are many different things you’ll have to consider within your destination wedding budget, and they can add up fast.

Here’s how and where you need to save up!

Reuse, Recycle & DIY

If it’s good for the planet, it’s good for your destination wedding budget! Although many decoration details are included in most destination wedding packages, some are not. They can either butcher your destination wedding budget or make your big day extra special. It’s up to you! Hop on the DIY train: your decorations will be extra special and made with love:

  • Invitations & Save The Dates: You can save hundreds of dollars by skipping paper invitations and using emails. Check out Paperless Post, they have a whole online wedding invitation section that features great card designs. You can also create a Facebook event or a group. If you just can’t live without wedding stationery, try to recicle used paper or print at home. Go ahead and help some tree friends! Your destination wedding budget will be thankful.
  • Flowers: Think about it, do you really need them? Do you need each one of your bridesmaids carrying a flower bouquet? Tradition aside, do the groom and the groomsmen fancy wearing boutonnieres? If the answer is no, great! Cross some of the flowers off your list. If the answer is yes, try a little twist. Maybe you can have the girls carry paper fans o clutches, which are things they would get to keep. They can double up as wedding favors too! Another great idea is to reuse the bouquets as centerpieces. It might bring some fresh air to your destination wedding budget. Talk to your wedding planner about it!Destination wedding budgetDestination wedding budget
  • DIY: There are so many things you can do yourself! If you are not sure how to, read our handy Beach Wedding DIY Projects post!
    Destination wedding budget

Wedding Attire

We all know how wonderful famous designers are. Still, there are some talented underground designers that won’t charge as much. It is important that you feel gorgeous on your big day, so choose wisely… but remember you won’t ever use that dress again.Destination wedding budget You can also save money on your wedding bands through independent jewelers. Some offer discounts when you buy both the engagement rings and wedding bands from them.

Wine & Dine

If you booked your wedding in an all-inclusive resort, make sure you take advantage of it! Yet, if you didn’t, you can have informal welcome drinks at the hotel bar, and do the same with the cocktail hour. You can also have a farewell breakfast at one of the buffets, which will save you lots of money on the day after.
Destination wedding budgetDestination wedding budget

A Reception That Won’t Kill Your Destination Wedding Budget

Wedding planning experts say that you should spend half of your destination wedding budget on the reception alone. Still, if you have a wedding package, one of the most expensive items, food, is included in your price per guest. Look into options with a conveniently priced menu or buffet. The latter will also reduce your costs since you’ll need less service personnel. If DJ is not included, ask about paying for the sound system only. Make a playlist from your guests’ recommendations and your favorite songs. There are programs you can use for a “virtual DJ”, like Wedding DJ app. Keep in mind that you’ll still need someone in charge to change the music during important moments like your first dance.Destination wedding budget

Do You Remember?

You’ll always remember your day, but its nice to have a tangible souvenir of the day. There are a few choices, like a guestbook…. You don’t need a expensive one, just something where your guests can write on to send you their best wishes. Why not ask them to record a personal message with their phones and send it to you instead? Put together a digital guest-book, which will be one of a kind.Destination wedding budget

Remember you can always make your guest list shorter to save money, so choose only people you really want to be there. Forget about the rest, make it an intimate day. Make a priority list, and you’ll soon realize there are probably a bunch of things you don’t really need. And finally, do plenty of research! There are certain times of the year when everything is less expensive, specially in the Caribbean. January to April (just avoid spring break) is a great time to have a Mexico destination wedding, and November as well (except from Thanksgiving, which you wouldn’t want to choose anyway). We hope these tips help you have the best time ever and make the most of your destination wedding budget! Also, take advantage of your planning momentum and read up on the Last Minute “To Do’s” Before Your Riviera Maya Beach Wedding “I Do”.Destination wedding budget


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    I love this. We had a destination wedding and did a lot of these things to save money! Great tips.

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    Love these ideas for how to plan for a smart destination wedding budget.

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