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Some people believe in destiny, specially when it comes to love. They believe that there’s a special someone tied so hard to us, that there’s no chance that anyone else could ever take their place. Maybe Jennifer and Michael didn’t know this was true for them from the start, but their families certainly did! And, when we had the chance to take their Riviera Maya wedding photos, we could tell as well.

Family bonds

They both grew up in Westchester County, NY and they are both originally from Mt. Vernon, but Jennifer’s family moved to Harrison when she was 3. They have very tight nit Portuguese families who are very close to one another. They were always taught that family was very important and they should always be true to themselves. To work hard for what they want and never give up on their goals, no matter how difficult things get. Jennifer told us: I truly believe this has shaped us into the hard working, self respecting people we are today.

Portuguese style

Mt. Vernon is a very large Portuguese community, so their families knew each other pretty well from the days they were born. It wasn’t until they were around 3 or 4 that their families would have them get together for play dates and family functions.

“We have so many pictures of the 2 of us together when we were younger, it’s amazing! Everyone loves to hear our story: We were actually each others’ first kiss! As we got older, we started to grow apart, since we moved to different towns and it was more difficult to get together. Once we were in our 20’s, we started to become friends again and start hanging out together along with our friends. We had great times together, but nothing romantic happened between us until our late 20’s. We hadn’t known our families had secretly wanted us to get together for the longest time, saying we were born for each other! Well, that day finally came one New Year’s Eve, when we had a new year’s kiss. Our love grew and never stopped from that day forward!”

The perfect proposal…

“It was the day after Valentine’s Day and Mike’s brother had called to say he was coming over to work on our surround system. I went into the bedroom so he could do his thing, when I was called into the living room to look at a video of our dogs that he had recorded. So there I am, sitting in my pajamas, my hair is a mess, and I have no make-up on whatsoever. The video starts playing and I hear our song (“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran) playing in the background as a slide show passes with lots of pictures of us from when we were young until present day! I was in total shock. Little did I know, he was recording my reaction the whole time! At the end of the video it said “One last thing…” and Mike got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!! It was the perfect proposal.”  

…and a perfect destination wedding to go with it, “Riviera Maya Wedding Photos”.

“We chose to have a destination wedding because we both love to travel and really wanted to do something different and intimate where we could share with our closest family and friends. My favorite part was really the entire trip and experience! I wouldn’t change anything! Everything was perfect! 

We had 46 people attend our wedding in Mexico. Every single one of them is important to us! Of course our parents stand out among the group, they were so great in letting us do whatever made us happy. And honestly, there is not one specific memorable moment, the whole experience was the best I’ve ever had!”

Their Riviera Maya wedding photos by WeddingDayStory

Jennifer & Michael contacted us about their Riviera Maya wedding photos when we were in-house providers at the Paradisus Playa del Carmen. Once we met them at the pre-ceremony meeting, our photographers knew they were in for an extra-good time. Jenn & Michael had their Riviera Maya wedding photos on a password protected private viewing gallery link they were able to share with all guests and family. We asked them about their WeddingDayStory experience:

“I thought everything was great, very simple and accessible. The picture of the 2 of us standing in the rain under an umbrella and Mike kissing my forehead as i’m smiling at the camera is my FAVORITE!”

Their wedding in three words: “Best day ever!”

“The only thing that concerned me was that I couldn’t really see things in person, like the actual color of the flowers. Still, in the end, I was very happy with everything. To the couples planning a destination wedding: Enjoy the experience and don’t get stressed out! Everything will work out and if something goes wrong, no one but you will know!”


“My Dress was Maggie Sottero, the cake topper was from etsy, invitations I made on my own. Romance by Paradisus, JVAS DJ, Amor Amor videography and Planner 1 events – were very friendly to work with and really did an outstanding job! I did bring my own runner for the aisle and the Mr. and Mrs. sign for our sweetheart table. And, A thousand years by Christina Perry is the song that we used for the aisle that really just touches our hearts.”

– Jennifer & Michael

The whole WeddingDayStory Family thanks Jennifer & Michael for sharing their story with us and for honoring us with the chance to take their Riviera Maya wedding photos. We got goosebumps reading about their engagement! 🙂

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Riviera Maya Honeymoon


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