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Sometimes going to the gym has more benefits than being good for your health, body and mind… you might also find true love! Jacqueline & Jaret met at the gym, and even though it took them 2 years to start dating, their union is as strong as their abs. They chose us to take their Riviera Maya wedding photos and we are glad to welcome them to our WeddingDayStory Family.

Big Gamily, Small Family

Jacqueline, grew up in a small country town in the middle of Oklahoma. Her grandparents raised her and her brothers from the age of 4. She says that they have always been her rock.

“Ever since I can remember, my grandparents taught me to treat others with love and respect. To treat them how God treats his children. My grandparents took my brothers and I on many, many lake trips. We loved to camp out, to fish, and to hike.”

Jaret grew up in a bigger town. He has 6 sisters and a big brother as well, his family was quite big growing up. His dad was always involved in a church, likewise, so was he.

“Having so many sisters and a beautiful mom around him, taught him how to really treat a lady.”

Gym, Love & Kids

“Well, the first time I saw Jaret was at the gym. He really caught my eye. But it wasn’t until 2 years later that we finally linked up and starting dating. I decided to make a comment about his son’s picture to get a conversation flowing. The rest of our attraction for eachother just came naturally after that.”

Double Win

“My husband and I have always been big into fitness and overall healthy. We love to do obstacle course races (Spartan Beast is our favorite). In early 2015 we decided to sign up for The Tough Mulder in May of 2015. We ran through countless obstacles, trails, and even an electric shock obstacle at the end of the course. When we crossed the finish line there is a photographer that takes all the finishers photos. When our turn came up we took a normal photo. My husband then asked if they could take one more picture. They agreed! I look over at my husband as he’s getting down on one knee, pulling out this gorgeous ring. He asked me to be his Swole-Mate for life… and of course, I said YES!!! It was so priceless. It was the perfect proposal, it was so US!”

Relax, You Are Having A Destination Wedding

For most of our WeddingDayStory couples, among the many reasons for choosing to have a beach wedding, rocking some amazing Riviera Maya wedding photos is definitely one!

“We chose the destination wedding because we wanted it to be about us and what we wanted. We didn’t want to worry about planning the wedding and worrying about every detail that goes into a wedding. We also didn’t want to pick and choose who to invite and not to invite. We wanted to be stress free. Our favorite part of the day was of course saying Yes to one another. But we truly enjoyed taking Riviera Maya wedding photos after the ceremony. So much fun and our pictures turned out AMAZING!!!”

Family Love

“My dad Rick , mom Shawnna, and little sister Taylor attened the wedding. It was very important for them to attend my wedding. I wanted them there, because they have helped me be the woman I am today. They continue to help mold me and shape me. It was very touching for my mom to be there, because she had breast cancer at the time of my wedding. I wanted her to be there before things got serious. I wanted her to enjoy a beautiful vacation with us, before her surgery.”

A Small, Really Intimate Riviera Maya Wedding

“Honestly, it was all around amazing. I can’t express enough how much we enjoyed our stay there. The dress brand wasn’t important to me. We also didn’t have a cake.. but getting married by the water was the best choice.”

A Wedding Planner For The Perfect Riviera Maya Destination Wedding

“Our wedding planner Leslie made everything so easy, great for us. We also liked the woman who married us. I don’t remember her name, but I’d suggest her to everyone. She was so humble with her words. Leslie made it so very easy for us. So I didn’t really have any difficulties… I did have some anxiety about if I would like the location of the beach we were on. That was quickly resolved as soon as we got there.”

Would You Recommend a Riviera Maya Wedding To Other Couples? What Made Yours Extra Special?

“I would highly suggest it. They pretty much do the work for you. You just get to pick out all the pretty colors and who attends. I just brought my dress and everything we wanted to wear that day. We also included OUR song for me to walk down the aisle to, I walked down the aisle to our song by John Legend, All Of Me…. The most special thing was the symbol of our love and devotion. OUR RINGS. In three words: Whole heartedly Amazing.”

WeddingDayStory’s Riviera Maya Wedding Photos

“The photographer we had was awesome. During the wedding he was so smooth with how it took them, that my husband and I didn’t even know he was there. When we took the photos after, he let us move around the way we wanted. He got a really sexy one of us in the water. So many people stated it looks like it belongs on the cover of a wedding fitness magazine. As far as ordering.. I do wish there was an option to put only the photos you love on a disk, without ordering such a large package, because not everyone can afford some of the better options you did have.”

Thank you so much for your comments and for sharing your beautiful WeddingDayStory with us, it was lovely to be part of such a special day.Riviera Maya wedding photosRiviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photosRiviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photosRiviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photosRiviera Maya wedding photos Riviera Maya wedding photosRiviera Maya wedding photos

Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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