10 Unique Ways To Display Your Riviera Maya Wedding Photography

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You spend a lot of time and energy preparing for your big day. With great care you select the perfect dress, make sure the cake is just right, and find the ideal spot to say, “I do.” Then the day ends and your life together begins. The dress is stored, the cake is eaten, and the guests go home. How do you hold the memories and recapture those first, exciting moments where it all began? It’s all in the Riviera Maya wedding photography. Those precious moments frozen in time are what you will show your friends and share with your children and grandchildren – they are family heirlooms in the making. They last far beyond your wedding day and tell over and over the romantic, exciting tale of your WeddingDayStory.

Destination wedding photography is a true art, so from choosing a photographer to displaying your wedding photos, you naturally want the best. Choose your photographer wisely – not just for ability and talent, but also for the quality of the photographs themselves. Professional photo labs are far superior in quality than drugstore photo developing outfits which tend to fade and change color over time. At Riviera Maya Wedding Photography , premier wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen, all of our photographs are processed at a professional photo lab and the difference is incredible with photos that last for years. Once you have your photos, you will want to show them off. Display your wedding photos in a way that reflects your personality.

We have a few fun, creative wedding photo display suggestions that we are sure you’re going to love.

1. Gorgeous double float metal prints

Metal prints give your photos vibrant color and an ethereal luminescence; perfect for capturing the magical, romantic moments of your day. Double float metal prints give the photos even greater impact. A smaller metal print is “floated” over a larger, identical metal print creating depth and emotion to the image. Riviera Maya wedding photography

2. Canvas prints with your Riviera Maya wedding photography

Canvas prints are popular right now but you can make them all yours by clustering several different sizes. You can also give your favorite photo that WOW factor by doing a split – one picture over two or three (or more) canvases. Riviera Maya wedding photography

3. Photo coasters that feature your wedding pictures in Mexico

Your wedding photos – on coasters. Imagine the possibilities.  Riviera Maya wedding photography

4. A custom Riviera Maya wedding photography bookmark

This is more personal, but so neat we had to include it. Have your favorite wedding photo printed on a bookmark. Better yet, make several and give them to family and friends. Riviera Maya wedding photography

5. Intensitiles that make your Riviera Maya wedding photos stand out

This incredibly unique photo display method is actually comprised of various “tiles” that you can swap whenever you like. The photos can be metallic or photo paper and two or more are floated. For instance, float a photo over a larger tile with a cool design and float that over an even larger solid colored tile. It is cool, artsy, and beautiful. Riviera Maya wedding photography

6. Simple yet beautiful standout & bamboo mounts

If contemporary is more your style, standout and bamboo mounts will work beautifully. You’ll get true to color photos mounted on a bamboo panel or go with something more lightweight for a frameless, clean look. Riviera Maya wedding photography

7. Collages featuring black and white photos from your Riviera Maya wedding ceremony

Collages can be a fun way for you to creatively display your wedding photos. Arrange them in a specific shape, like a heart, or designate an entire wall to your images. The beauty of this display is that you can used framed photos, metal prints, wood, canvas, whatever you like. Then, as your family grows, you can swap out some of the older photos for newer ones and create a pictorial family history! Riviera Maya wedding photography

8. Phone & tablet cases: take the pictures from your wedding in Mexico always with you!

Your phone goes everywhere you do so why shouldn’t your favorite wedding photo go with you as well? A photo case for your phone or tablet is a great way to carry your memories with you wherever you go. Riviera Maya wedding photography

9. Calendars: mark the date looking back at your Riviera Maya wedding images

What a great way to document your first year together (and years to come!). Create a photo calendar with your wedding photos and display it in your kitchen, office, bedroom, wherever. You can even give them as gifts. Throughout the year, make notes about special days – places you go, special events. Years later the two of you can look back through your calendar and relive the magical moments of the first year of marriage. Riviera Maya wedding photography

10. Maple wood prints that frame your gorgeous Riviera Maya wedding photography

Who knew that wood would make such a great medium for photo displays? The picture is printed directly on the wood so in the lighter areas you can actually see the wood grain. This lends a warmth and depth to the pictures, giving them a distinct vintage feel.Riviera Maya wedding photography

Riviera Maya weddings are special, unique, and fun – just like you, our WeddingDayStory brides and grooms. The photos you take on that day should be done in such a way that they take you back to that very moment. And they deserve to be displayed in the same way.

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