Sara & Scott’s Adventurous Riviera Maya Wedding Photo Shoot

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Who says that you can’t find true love online? If you ever thought so, you should ask our WeddingDayStory couple, Sara & Scott, who found each other on They had a beautiful Riviera Maya wedding photo session paired with a beach trash the dress after their beautiful ceremony on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 at the Valentin Imperial Maya.Riviera Maya wedding photo

We believe that they have a very interesting story and asked them if we could share it. Thankfully, they said yes!

This is their background:

We are both from a coastal town in Connecticut, USA. Shortly into our first date we realized that we had grown up in the same small town, but due to a 5 year age difference we had never crossed paths. We each have parents who have been married for over 30 years and have led by example, showing us the hard work and love necessary for a successful marriage and family. Family was a core value in both of our childhoods and we try to visit our, now slightly larger, family as much as possible.Riviera Maya wedding photo

The Story of how they met…online!

We met through the magical Our screen names were runtrails84 and Coffee_Please… and we talked for a few days before deciding to meet on August 13, 2012. After Scott first went to the wrong house and met the lovely old lady at 2 Sherwood lane, he made it to the correct house and swooped me away on the back of his motorcycle. We went to Mystic for ice cream and sat on a wall along the river and talked for three hours.Riviera Maya wedding photo

How did he propose?

On October 18, 2013, we planned to have dinner with Scott’s parents in Mystic. As we approached the restaurant, Scott said he got a text from his parents saying they would be late, and we should walk around for fifteen minutes. We walked towards the river where we sat on our first date, and lined up on the wall were pumpkins carved and lit to say “Sara Will You Marry Me?”. I was completely in shock, and can’t tell you what Scott was saying as he got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring, but as soon as I could register what was happening, I said “YES!” Everything about the proposal was perfect and unbelievable. After, we made our way to the restaurant, where both his parents and mine were waiting, along with a table set up with champagne and rose petals.

Riviera Maya wedding photo. Why did you choose a destination wedding?

Two of our very close friends started the destination wedding trend and we were happy to follow. We had an excellent time at their weddings, and knew that it would be the right choice for us too. Destination weddings provide a great opportunity to spend time in paradise with your closest friends and family, and those memories will last forever. We can honestly say a destination wedding was the right choice and we look forward to returning to that special place in the future. Plus, we got to have a beautiful Riviera Maya wedding photo session. The only drawback of having our destination wedding was that not all of our family could attend. This wasn’t really obvious until our grandparents said they couldn’t travel, because of health concerns. To solve this problem, we held a picnic reception after we returned, and because we had our Riviera Maya wedding photo shoot and video, we were able to share those moments with the friends and family who could not attend. This seemed to work out very well and our loved ones who wished they could have been there, had a chance to celebrate our marriage with us!

What was your favorite part of the day?

For Sara it was the moment right before walking down the pathway to the beach ceremony. Realizing that all her friends and family awaited just over the dunes, with her soon-to-be husband just a few steps further, she was filled with unmeasurable excitement and anticipation. Scott’s favorite moment, if there can be only one, was being reunited with the group at the cocktail hour. This felt like the first time we could start to relax and truly enjoy the company of our friends and family, and it didn’t hurt having a margarita and talented marimba trio very close by.
Riviera Maya wedding photos

Please tell us about your guests.

The best part about having a Riviera Maya destination wedding is that all of the people who attended were very important to us. Though not all whom we invited were able to attend, we were surrounded by our closest friends and family and couldn’t have spent our time with a better group of people. One of the reasons we chose a destination wedding was because of the smaller, more intimate nature they provide.Riviera Maya wedding photo

We know know that someone really special to you was in charge of performing the ceremony…

We decided to have a symbolic ceremony at the resort, and because of that, the bride’s brother was able to perform the ceremony for us. This was special to us and our family.Riviera Maya wedding photo

Riviera Maya wedding photo, Any memorable moments or details that you would like to share?

During our cocktail hour, the groomsmen each had a very touristy mescal shot, including the worm! These were purchased at a shop in Cancun, a trip that Scott and the groomsmen made just earlier that morning because one of the groomsmen had the wrong color pants! The hotel staff was very helpful in organizing our quest to get the correct pants, and we were able to fix the dilemma without upsetting the bride and as a bonus we got to see some more of Mexico. After the infamous worm shot the groomsmen took over and got to play the marimba and drums, not nearly as well as the musicians from the resort we might add.

Besides, Sara got to wear her great-great-grandmother’s engagement ring on her right hand, and the cuffs of her mom’s wedding dress around her wrists. Family and tradition are some of Sara’s highest values.Riviera Maya wedding photosRiviera Maya wedding photos

Could you tell the story behind that cute cake topper?

Sara’s favorite type of animal is an otter. Among the many cute things that they do, they mate for life and hold hands while they sleep. Sara designed our cake topper as two small otters holding hands and dressed as a bride and a groom. We may have been the only ones at the resort and wedding that understood why we had otters on our wedding cake in a tropical paradise, but it was a great personal touch that made us smile.Riviera Maya wedding photo

Anything that you would like to comment on having your Riviera Maya wedding photo by WeddingDayStory?

The wedding pictures we had taken by WeddingDayStory came out wonderful and our photographer did an amazing job. He not only captured the mood of the day but also made us feel comfortable and gave us easy direction. We opted for the trash the dress session, and yes, we trashed the dress, and had such a great time doing that photo shoot. Those pictures really added to our wedding album. The online gallery was nice for friends and family, though we opted to purchase all of our edited pictures in digital format.Riviera Maya wedding photo

What about the rest of the vendors? 

The staff at Valentin Imperial Maya made our whole week special, not just our wedding day. Our wedding planner Faviola was amazing, and we hope we can see her again someday because we can’t thank her enough for the beautiful wedding she helped us with. The staff went above and beyond and made us feel like movie stars. They kept our wedding ceremony and reception private from other guests, and the food and service was perfect. We can’t say enough good things about the staff at Valentin and WeddingDayStory.Riviera Maya wedding photo

Riviera Maya wedding photo. Do you have a favorite picture?

Sara’s favorite photo was from the trash the dress session where we spent some time in the ocean. Scott was picking Sara up and we were sharing a kiss. Scott’s favorite picture is of Sara on the sandy walkway beaming with excitement and anticipation, walking with her father who looks incredibly proud. It’s great to be able to re-live these moments often because of the beautiful photos that were captured that day.
Riviera Maya wedding photoRiviera Maya wedding photo

So, how do you feel about your destination wedding experience overall?

Riviera Maya wedding photo is a experience. We always hear from other couples who are planning weddings about how stressed and overwhelmed they are. We didn’t feel that way once, everything was very easy and perfect for us. Another thing we hear is that a wedding day is over so quickly and it can be expensive. Well we didn’t have this problem either, as the destination wedding was actually more cost effective for us then a traditional wedding, and we had a week to celebrate with our friends and family.Riviera Maya wedding photos

Finally, is there anything you would like to let know to future married couples?

I can’t recommend destination weddings enough to friends who are engaged now. It’s something that most don’t understand, unless they’ve gone to one, but we wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding day, and that is more then most people can say.Riviera Maya wedding photo trash the dress

We are always grateful to being able to capture love and Sara and Scott were so easy going and natural! We wish you have a long life together, full of love and joy!

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