10 Riviera Maya Wedding Gadgets Actually Worth Buying

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Our team found that some wedding gadgets kept coming up in every Riviera Maya wedding we photographed… So we decided to put together a list with the 15 handiest Riviera Maya wedding gadgets out there. These items are inexpensive, useful and a nice detail to have around for your beach ceremony in Playa del Carmen, Cancún, Tulum… or anywhere under the sun!

For those who couldn’t fly

These tools provide great ways to share your celebration with those who couldn’t make the trip to the Riviera Maya for your wedding day.

Appy couple

Our first Riviera Maya wedding gadget is so good: it’s free for your guests! This app allows you to share snapshots, chat, get push notifications, and -in our opinion, its most interesting feature- create a live video streaming during your wedding day. You also get other neat functionalities such as a countdown to the big day, the possibility of having your guests RSVP though the app… and even a travel planner! Find it here.Riviera Maya wedding


Make sure you come up with a cool one! This will make finding what your guests share so much easier, even days after your wedding in Riviera Maya. Add your Riviera Maya wedding hashtag on your “Save the date” cards, invitations, a nice sign… everywhere! Make sure there is no way they don’t see it and have fun browsing trough what your guests share online! For all future WeddingDayStory Brides and Grooms: A month before the ceremony, we’ll be sending you some questions, including your wedding hashtag… Tell us which one you chose, and we’ll include it on any social media posts that include images from your Riviera Maya wedding!Riviera maya wedding

Destination Wedding Luggage 101

Caring bags

Certain things are really delicate and need special care, such as wedding lingerie or shoes. Keep them in perfect shape in your luggage by putting them in separate, delicate fabric bags that protect them from being damaged. There are some really cute ones for you to choose from!Riviera maya wedding gadgets Riviera maya wedding

Luggage tags

Speaking of luggage… You’ll want to find it as soon as possible once you land! Use these little tags to mark your items. Plus, some airlines make sure to handle bags with special care or might even upgrade your sitting if you let them know that your wedding dress is packed in your bags!Riviera maya wedding

Making it easier (and cuter)

Bring along a USB flash drive, wedding themed of course, to save anything you need and not over saturate your phone or laptop storage space. Another good gadget is a personalized stamper that will save you lots of time when its time to write “Thank you” cards to your guests for your wedding in the Riviera Maya.Riviera Maya weddingRiviera maya wedding

Wedding fun at the beach!

Beach spikers

These beach spikers turn an afternoon of having drinks at the beach with your friends into something really unique…. with a Riviera Maya wedding feel! You can have them engraved with anything from “bride”, “groom”, “bridesmaid”, “groomsman”, etc… Nobody will lose their drinks ever again! Or, take it a step further by personalizing them with everyone’s name. Riviera Maya weddingRiviera maya wedding

Beach cards

Feel like doing some gambling? Or an innocent card game near the sea, perhaps? Provide your guests with these personalized decks that they’ll be able to keep as a souvenir and make sure everyone has what they need to have some fun!Riviera maya wedding

First you flip, and then you flop…

The best part about having a Riviera Maya beach wedding? You’ll get to wear flip flops the whole time… apart from the ceremony, of course! Matching “bride & groom” ones are great too, but what about leaving your mark in the sand with every step you take? Every move you make? Every single day? Or at least, during your stay in the Caribbean 🙂Riviera maya weddingRiviera Maya wedding

Her party/His party

Wedding favors for everyone
Its always appropriate to thank your guests for joining your celebration in the sun. A great idea is to give them favor bags with things that will come handy at your Riviera Maya wedding! For the boys, whisky pocket bottles are ideal. Lipstick for the bridesmaids, bridal party t-shirts for everyone and even golf balls if you are a fan of the sport: the possibilities are endless! The bottles are our favorite and the most popular among Playa del Carmen beach weddings.

Riviera Maya weddingRiviera maya weddingRiviera maya weddingRiviera maya wedding

Pretty bag of prettiness!

This is really important for a Riviera Maya wedding at the beach, where the sun shines bright and wind is always there. Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry a little bag with everything you need to continue looking flawless (lipstick, face powder, blotting papers, bobby pins and some blush)… Find one that matches with their dress and give it to her as a gift afterwards!Riviera maya weddingWe’ve left you with some great ideas here, but we would love to hear your thoughts! What’s your favorite wedding gadget? Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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