Melissa & Eric’s Riviera Maya Engagement Session

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Melissa and Eric both grew up in Chicago, Illinois. This is the place where they would eventually meet years later. Their childhood was spent in smaller, rural suburban towns of the area. These developing areas were attractive and desirable for those looking to own a larger lot of land at perhaps a lower cost than moving closer to the city. There were opportunities for strong local businesses, community development, reliable & safe public education all within a working means. However, a hidden charm lied in growing up “in the middle of nowhere”, which gave malleability to one’s imagination or center of values, which got influenced by the very nature around you. Take a look at their Riviera Maya engagement session!

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As they got older, that group of young working families started to move into their homes awaiting vacant lots for miles in all directions, whether it was farmland or forest. Both of them remember this period fondly; they had a fun childhood and adolescence, a very safe one, in a deeply active community. Their parents gifted them with a connection to nature and unconditional love. Their families shared many values, which they made sure to pass along to their children.

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Melissa made the decision 5 years ago that it was the time for her to move to Chicago, where Eric had been residing for roughly 10 years. Within her first week in town, Eric had visited a friend, whose neighbor was having a house warming party. He was invited and there is where he met his best friend, Melissa.

“There’s that saying that “nobody’s perfect” and no, they’re not. Melissa is perfect. That’s how I begin to know (because, I am not perfect like everyone else) ;)” Eric

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They were lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel internationally quite a bit, and when Eric was faced with the dilema of picking a location to pop the question, he had a hard time. There are so many beautiful locations! He then started to think about what will potentially feel right, and came to a decision about the Riviera Maya, where he would also choose to have an Engagement Session to seal the deal and get beautiful images to remember the moment by.

Eric picked the Valentin Imperial Maya as the setting, and once he said the words, romance filled the air. We are glad to have shared this Riviera Maya Engagement Session with them, and to be part of this very romantic and special time

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