Kema & Nicholas’ Riu Wedding

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Truth is, we end up falling in love with all our WeddingDayStory couples. They all have beautiful stories, pure love and look so gorgeous that help us get the most amazing wedding pictures, because they are in them 😉 . We got to take Kema & Nicholas’ pictures at their Riu wedding and yes, we fell in love with them as we always do. We felt so happy when we finally met them and saw that we had a beautiful, strong, unique bride in front of us. And then, the story came, that inspired us and made us feel even more grateful to be there, to capture their beautiful union.

Be Kind, Be Honest

“I grew up an Army brat, so I travelled all over. The most important values I was taught growing up was to work hard, be kind, and be honest. Nicholas grew up in Shelby, North Carolina. He was taught some of the same values but most important, he was taught to value God and family above anything else.”

Dance To Meet You

“Nick and I met because we are both dancers. We met at a Salsa social in Charlotte, North Carolina back in 2007. It was his first dance class and I had been dancing for a while. He was nervous, but very kind, open and never stopped smiling.”

Keep The Christmas Secret

“Nick proposed to me on Christmas day 2015. I had no idea, but all of his family and mine knew. How they kept it from me is still a mystery, because no one knows how to keep a secret in my family. We were at his brother’s house for Christmas brunch, and they asked him to say the blessing, well he blessed the food and worked a proposal in there. I was completely shocked, it was perfect!”

Travel With Your Favorite People

“We chose destination because it was the least stressful and we could get a vacation with family and friends out of it. How often do you get to travel somewhere with all of your favorite people? My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing him there with all of our friends and family. It was a beautiful day and everything came together so nicely.”


“My 77 year old grandmother came to our destination wedding. I was so happy for her to be there. My mother, and His father also were in attendance. We were both particularly excited that our neighbors and friends Lindsey and Jonathan Bonham were able to attend, they are such good friends to us. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and they really stepped up and helped ups with our daughter while we were going through chemotherapy. Lindsey helped me get ready before the wedding. She wasn’t actually in the wedding, but she came and helped steam the dresses, get the flower girl ready, and get all of my accessories on. Lindsey is such a loving and giving person. She and her husband are amongst our best friends here in Houston.”

Beautiful WeddingDayStory Bride

“I cannot think of one specific moment. The entire evening was memorable. I was alive and breathing, even though I was bald. I never thought in a million years that I would have been a bald bride, but I was because I survived and Wedding Day Story took beautiful pictures of our Riu wedding. I get teary eyed every time we go through them. It was sooooo hard to only pick 300 out of 958.”

Details Of This Riu Wedding

“I had my dress made in Thailand, Lindsey and I made the bouquets, we did a lot of things on our own. Considering what I was going through leading up to our wedding day, it is nothing but the love of God, family, and friends that made it such a perfect day! My something blue was my panties that said “I do”, something old and borrowed was my grandmother’s pearl bracelet. Something new was everything else. LOL! Nick and I are both dancers, so we chose kizomba, bachata and afro style music for most entrances and exits.”


“I loved having 2 photographers, seeing things from alternate perspectives after the fact was amazing. Being able to see the gallery and choose that way, was convenient and hassle free. The option of ordering is nice. It is impossible to choose jus one photo! I really like the one of us and the rainbow, but I also love the family picture of Me, Nick and both our families. There are many. Our photographers captured so many beautiful moments.”

Sweet And Helpful

“The Riu wedding staff, Susan in particular, was amazingly sweet and helpful, even though she had 5 other weddings that weekend, she was so attentive and accommodating.”

Best Day Ever!

“Not knowing ahead of time the space, worried about whether or not it would rain/storm. The day before our wedding at the time of our wedding, there was an awful storm, I mean, it was bad, knocked the lights out in one building. So naturally, I was FREAKING out. But the day of, it was perfect weather. Not raining, not too hot, not cool, perfect sun. As soon as we took a group picture on the beach it started raining. LOL!! The rain gods held up as long as they could. My advice for destination wedding brides: I would say, relax, let the planners do what they do and enjoy the process. Enjoy your engagement. Go to bridal expo’s, tastings, and show off your ring.”

A Tree With Hearts

“We brought our wooden guest book. It was a tree with hearts on it for the guests to sign. We also brought fans and bubbles and battery operated votives and holders for decoration at the reception.”

Wedding Vendors

Riu wedding planner: Susan
Wedding photographers: WeddingDayStory
Make up:  Sarah Chambers
Music: Chosen by the bride!
Invitations: Magnet Street
Dress: Dressily Me
Bridal accessories: Etsy
Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom’s suit:
Groom’s shoes: Toms
Groomsmen: Rose Reigns Ties by Miesha Rice-Wilson

Congratulations Kema & Nicholas! We truly believe that love can overcome anything ad you are the living proof. We hope life gives you joy, happiness and even more love!

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