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Better Together Mexico Events has been creating beautiful Riviera Maya weddings for 8 years. They started as a friends little project that wanted to give couples a truly customized wedding where the details and the passion for what they do could be reflected.
Vanessa and Cecilia help couples from all around the world to plan their wedding day or engagement, vow renewal, bachelorette parties and a lot more. You can see they love their job and even hear them say that they get inspiration from the illusion, happiness, joy of the couples they work with.
Now, there is a new wedding trend, “reverse weddings”, and as we always want to help our WeddingDayStory couples to know the latest trends, we talked to the wedding planning experts to write together an introduction to this kind of ceremony. They like to know all about the wedding industry as much as we do! Keep reading to have the perfect reverse Riviera Maya wedding!Reverse Riviera Maya wedding

Reverse Riviera Maya Wedding

They first heard of it when one of their couples told them they would like to have dinner first and then get up and have the ceremony, they thought it was perfect and loved the idea, not only because it was kind of unique but also because it felt more laid back, with a little Hollywood style. They imagined it like some artists that invite everybody to a party and ends up being their wedding!Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
A couple that chooses this kind of ceremony should keep in mind the timing. The ceremony will be at the end so we want the guest to have fun and relax, but maybe not too much fun.Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
Here a few tips from the BT girls for a reverse Riviera Maya wedding:
  1. This is a new thing so it might be a little difficult to explain to your guests.
  2. Once again, pay special attention to food and drinks, you don’t want hungry guests or someone who had one too many cups during the ceremony.
  3. Bare in mind that if you are having an outdoors wedding, like a beach location, you should consider the weather and have a back up plan.
  4. This is perfect for a small, intimate destination wedding.
  5. You can schedule your photos before and have the ceremony at sunset.
  6. You can change your budget or maybe have everything in the same place and save on flowers or lightening.Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
*Note: This will specially work for small weddings, it will be kind of hard with 200 guests already having fun to organize them, making sure that no one misses anything.Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
We tried to make them tell us about one of their favorite weddings but…
“They are all incredible! We love what we do, it’s normal that we have more chemistry with some couples but all of them are special to us! There is one wedding we had recently, Daniel & Jorge’s. Maybe some people are in favor, some against. Truth is, that for us, love is love. Working with them was so much fun, we have some great memories. Besides, we believe that when they struggle so much, they treasure their marriage experience even more…”Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
They love those unique requests, like “reverse weddings” or intercultural weddings where so many traditions are held…but they know that every wedding has a special story.Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
Finally, we asked for some advice for our WeddingDayStory couples:
“Hire us! Hahaha, no, really, hiring a wedding planner will be an investment, because you will have someone who knows the destination, the weather, the locations, vendors, timing, has the experience and the resources to solve anything that might happen.”Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
Now that you know about it, are you ready to have a reverse Riviera Maya wedding?Reverse Riviera Maya weddingReverse Riviera Maya wedding Reverse Riviera Maya wedding
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