The Prepared Riviera Maya Wedding Bride

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A Riviera Maya wedding can be beautiful and exciting. But even in such an ideal setting and after long months of detailed planning, the chance of small details going the wrong way always remains. Brides tend to avoid thinking about this until they realize how big a deal the unexpected things can be. Simple precautions can go a long way! Read on for some things to have in mind you might have not thought about yet, and make sure that no surprises taint your Riviera Maya wedding. A prepared Wedding Day Story bride is a happy bride!


Have a back-up hair and makeup plan. If your planned style doesn’t work out or you have a mascara snafu, you want to be ready with a back-up plan. Coordinate with your stylist or maid of honor so they can spring into action right away. Make sure you have hair pins, hair spray, and brush handy.

Combat the dreaded wedding day pimple. The nervousness and anxiety before the big day can bring a lot of stress. If your skin tends to break out, fear not: there are several products on the market that significantly reduce redness and swelling of pimples overnight. A cold pack applied on the area every 15 minutes the day before may also help with the swelling. While stress can certainly contribute to blemishes, in the days leading up to your big day take extra care to get enough rest, eat well, stay hydrated. Wash your face daily, and practice wellness techniques and stress relief exercises. Whatever you do, though, don’t try a new product like a facial mask or cleanser on the day before or day of your wedding unless you are sure of the kind of reaction they might cause on your skin.

Make sure your eyes are bright and clear. Let’s face it: you’ll most probably be doing a fair amount of crying on that day. And, regretfully, eyes get puffy and red with happy tears too! Eye drops are your best friend. Be careful if you need to apply them once your makeup is done! A few drops will have them bright and clear and ready for pictures.


Don’t let stains ruin your day. No matter how many precautions you take to prevent stains, there is always a chance that something will happen. Give your maid of honor some Shout wipes or a Tide Stain Stick to keep with her so she can make quick fixes when needed.

Popped button or stuck zipper? No big deal. Of course you will make sure your buttons are secure, but it never hurts to have a travel sewing kit at hand with several sizes of safety pins. If your zipper gets stuck, use a bar of soap or a candle to rub along the teeth. It will allow your zipper to run much smoothly when you zip and unzip.Riviera-Maya-wedding

Forgot something? As you are preparing to head to your wedding location, make a checklist of the things you want to take with you, such as your shoes, veil, jewelry – everything. As you are packing it up, check each item off your list. However, if you do forget something, have a plan for how you’ll get it on the day. Bear in mind that some Riviera Maya wedding locations can be remote and have little to no access to shops and markets.

Riviera Maya WeddingRiviera-Maya-wedding

Figure out the logistics of your train & flowers. Although it goes without saying, sometimes you can have a lot of things in mind and realize at the last moment that it’s not so easy and elegant to walk down the aisle of your Riviera Maya beach wedding without someone helping you carry your train. Plus, having someone else pay attention to it will take some of the burden off when taking pictures: trust us, you’ll be thankful once you see that your dress still looks flawless on those natural, unposed shots. Flowers can be easier to handle, but you’ll still want to also have them handy for some shots.

Avoid headaches with vendors. Flowers can get switched, catering can go awry, or one of them could simply not show up. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you hire high quality vendors with good reputations in the Riviera Maya wedding sector.

Have a plan B in case it rains. When you have a Riviera Maya wedding, chances are you are getting married outside, and you’ll be looking forward to an amazing celebration in the sun. Still, the Caribbean weather can sometimes wake up with a temper. To make sure this doesn’t affect you too much, decide what you will do if it rains, ahead of time. Either line up another venue sector or have plenty of umbrellas on hand. Don’t be afraid to get creative!Riviera-Maya-wedding

Practice “the kiss.” This might sound like it’s just for fun, but there is a practical reason too. If you’re feeling nervous you and your new husband could wind up bumping noses instead of the storybook kiss you both visualize for your pictures. Our best recommendation: be yourself, and don’t be anxious about showing your love in front of the camera – your Wedding Day Story photographer will thank you for it!


Two words; comfortable shoes. If you are wearing new shoes or high heels with your dress, bring some comfortable shoes, flats, or flip flops to change into when the wedding shoes are just too much. A Riviera Maya beach wedding can also turn into a barefoot celebration in the sand!Riviera-Maya-wedding

The surprise plus two. Everyone has RSVP’d and you’re all set, right? Not so fast. The more guests you invite, the more chances you have of a guest showing up with a plus one that wasn’t planned. Have a few extra chairs available and talk to your caterer about the options they offer to accommodate at the last minute when extra people join you on your Riviera Maya wedding.

Have a “buffer” – or two. Appoint a couple of people at your wedding and reception to act as a buffer for you. If a guest gets too drunk or someone gets in an argument during the reception, they’ll be in charge of fixing the situation quick, help them get back to their hotel room, or whatever is needed to ensure that your day is unaffected. Riviera-Maya-wedding

You deserve to have a relaxed, stress free wedding day. Your Riviera Maya wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration! Our Team of specialized Riviera Maya wedding photographers will capture your WeddingDayStory trough stunning images: all you need to do is relax!

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