Angelica & Aaron’s Playa Del Carmen Wedding

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Love is in the air… Literally! This couple is so in love with each other, that we felt the connection between them throughout the day, and you can just see it all over the images from their playa del carmen wedding. For any beach lover or travel enthusiast like them, a Playa del Carmen wedding is just natural.

You make me feel like I can fly

Angelica was born in Lithuania and moved to Chicago with her parents and sister in 1998, when she was 11 years old. After learning English, settling into the “American life”, Angelica decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and chose a career in aviation. This led down to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where Angelica got her Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees in Aviation Business/Management. She currently works at Boeing as a Quality Manager, and has always said that Boeing is her dream company to work for. Angelica loves traveling, the outdoors, dancing, and spending time with family and friends. She also loves to leave Aaron little cute notes around the house in the morning, and making him smile! Aaron was born in Michigan, and has lived in Ortonville with his parents throughout high school. His passion for aviation was evident very early-on…when he decided to get his Private Pilot’s license BEFORE he could even drive a car. He then decided to continue his college education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, where he graduated in 2007 with an Air Traffic Control degree. Aaron currently works as a Controller at Seattle International Airport, and he could not be any happier with his career choice. Aaron enjoys traveling, hiking & the outdoors, telling funny stories, and making everyone around him laugh. According to Angelica, he is truly an amazing person, and will make sure others have a smile on their face. Both Angelica’s & Aaron’s parents have been married for over 35 years, so the most important value that Angelica & Aaron learned growing up was that a strong marriage is built on a foundation of trust, love, and respect. Angelica & Aaron saw a great example that “true love” does exist, and once you find it – don’t let it go.

And in the end, comes the beginning!

It was ERAU that brought Angelica & Aaron together in January of 2007. Angelica was a supervisor at the Daytona Beach Airport Teaching Kiosk, and Aaron was told to contact Angelica if he was interested in working there as well. Aaron wrote Angelica a Facebook message, they exchanged a few e-mails, and a couple days later they met in person at the airport (there was definitely flirting). The following weekend after they met, Aaron and Angelica happened to be at the same local Daytona Beach club/lounge on Saturday night where they spent the entire evening talking and having a great time. The next morning Angelica texted Aaron to make sure that he got his Credit Card back that he left at the club. …and rest is history. Aaron asked Angelica out and their first date was at a Japanese steakhouse (he taught Angelica how to use chop sticks). As crazy as it sounds, they spent every single day together over the next year. Then of course, life got in the way – Aaron graduated and moved away to Miami, Angelica moved to Seattle on and off for Boeing, it took 5 years until they both finally ended up in the same place…Seattle. Now 9 years later, they are SO excited to finally be married!

Spanish style: ¡Acepto!

Aaron purchased a ring in early 2014, but he wanted to make sure that the engagement was something they would never forget. Angelica & Aaron traveled to Spain in June, 2014…and Aaron had tricked her into thinking that there was no way a proposal would be happening there (high pickpocketing, etc.). On June 16th, 2014 at Madrid’s beautiful Retiro Park, they rented a small row boat and went out on the lake where Aaron pulled out the ring box, got down on one knee, and asked Angelica to marry him! Angelica was absolutely stunned! She was so happy and quickly said YES! They capped off the day with a beautiful picnic in the park, with lots of tapas and champagne!

A Playa del Carmen wedding

“We are both simply obsessed with travel. We want to see the world, experience other cultures, and meet locals living a completely different life than we are. This is where the most learning happens and where the best memories in life are made. As soon as we were engaged, there was a mutual unspoken decision to host a destination wedding – we just knew….Another important factor was that we wanted our guests to enjoy a special vacation instead of just travel to our current city for 1 day of wedding festivities. Having been to Valentin Imperial Maya and knowing how amazing the resort was, it was an easy decision to pick this place for our wedding! Having to pick one favorite part of the day is simply impossible – there are just too many! But of course walking down the beach “aisle” was something we will never forget. With the sun shining, and a warm breeze, it was truly a picture-perfect location for our ceremony! Everyone had the biggest smile on their faces, ladies threw their heels off into the sand, and the feeling of love was overwhelming.”

Bridal party, best men and matchmakers!

“Every single one of our guests means the world to us, and are so thankful that so many people chose to travel all this way and spend a week with us in paradise! We were also lucky that both of our families were able to travel to Mexico. We had Angelica’s parents – Rymanta and Juozas Malevskis, and Aaron’s parents – Michael and Carolyn Mackesey in attendance. Best man was Aaron’s lifelong friend Brandon Wenner, and Maid of Honor was Angelica’s older sister Vaida van der Heidjen. Bridesmaids included Ieva Sendrauskis (cousin), Lindsay Schwarz (Lifelong best friend), and Hilda Estevez (College Best Friend). Groomsmen included Hubertus van der Heijden (Brother in Law), Pranas Sendrauskis (cousin in law), and Mark Ostronic (friend). Matchmakers (a Lithuanian tradition) – Elora Eiland and Vidmantas Surna.”

Tell us about the super special wedding cake…

“Everyone would get together in the Plaza for an evening of dancing and fun! The girls took over the stage numerous times during our wedding week and danced the night away (Ieva, Lindsay, Vaida, Angelica, Hilda). Bride and Groom ordered room service at 3am after their wedding with Ieva and Pranas. Good food, amazing people, and great laughs were the perfect way to cap off a successful day in the sun! We went to dinner with both set of parents and the brides sister and brother-in-law and during dinner, we asked the manager to go look for our wedding cake from the night before 🙂 Within 20 minutes he brought our entire top tier cake to us, and we all had the biggest slices of cake anyone has ever seen. The wedding day was so hectic, that savoring the cake the day after was simply perfection. As we were cutting the cake at our outdoor reception, a rain cloud appeared out of nowhere and it started raining! Our best man and maid of honor ran to protect us with bright pink decorative “umbrellas”. Needless to say, those photos were one of our favorites :)”

Having WeddingDayStory at your Playa del Carmen wedding

“Our WDS photographers and videographer were simply amazing – we cannot say enough good things about them! From our initial meeting a few days before the wedding, to the actual event, we were taken care of so well and got all the photos that we wanted (plus some). We were amazed at how quickly the online gallery was uploaded and the link was perfect – all our family and friends were able to see our photos within a week of our wedding! We ended up ordering more edited photos, because the edits were so beautiful! We love having an option to order prints and canvases – and allow our family and friends to do the same.”

A Valentin style wedding

“Anna Munoz was our wedding coordinator at Valentin Imperial Maya, and she was incredible. She made our entire planning process so easy, fun, and our wedding day turned out even more beautiful than we expected. The DJ (provided by resort) – was also wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He played all our songs that we requested, kept the party going, brought in special lighting, etc.”

Planning remotely

“Our main concern was planning a destination wedding and being able to see everything that we are choosing – flowers, locations for each event, ribbon colors, etc. We were also not able to taste the cake, food, appetizers, or drinks. Having been to the resort before was a huge help, because we already knew how amazing the food and drinks are. When we arrived, all worries went away because we had the “whatever happens happens” mentality. And everything was way better than expected – Anna made sure everything to the last detail was taken care of. We also had a lot of Lithuanian traditions and games at our wedding, and the resort was super accommodating with everything!”

An advice for future destination wedding couples?

“Enjoy every moment – the day comes and goes so quickly. Planning should be fun and exciting, not a time of stress – Make sure you have a wedding planner, especially in a place where you have never been. They know the ins and outs of that location, and are invaluable during this process. Lastly, we say GO FOR IT! Having a destination wedding was the best decision we have ever made, and not only did we have an amazing time, our guests got to enjoy a vacation for themselves and make their own memories!”

Detailed Playa del Carmen wedding

We can say she looked beautiful in her Allure Bridal dress!

We brought a lot of personalized decorations – napkins, coasters, specialty cocktail menus, photo frames, Lithuanian games, Lithuanian cookies and tree cake dessert, Lithuanian shot glasses for each guest, bubbles, fans, programs, menus, etc. Having these small personalized details made our wedding feel personal and more luxurious. No detail went unnoticed. We even had personalized forks for the Bride and Groom. My shoes had blue “I Do” crystal stickers on the bottom. I wore a rhinestone hairpiece that I wore to my best friend Lindsay’s wedding the previous year. I also had a coin with my husband’s birth year with me on my wedding day!”

Our song is…

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls. This is “our song”. The bride has always liked the GGD, and we both have seen them in concert numerous times. Every time we heard that song at the beginning of our relationship, we both just knew that this is one special song. Drops of Jupiter – Train. At the beginning of our relationship, there was a week where we were at home just listening to music and this song would come on the radio every single night. At that moment, we kind of joked that this is a song that just wants to be a part of our lives – and ever since then, it is.”

Their wedding in 4 words: “Perfect is an understatement”

After being a part of this beautiful wedding and capturing the most romantic moments, we can say that it was perfect indeed. Thank you Angelica and Aaron for choosing us for your Playa del Carmen wedding photography, it was a wonderful day!Playa del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen weddingPlaya del Carmen wedding

Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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