Christopher & Miles’ Playa Del Carmen Same Sex Wedding

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We are in love with love! Any kind of love, romantic, familiar, or friendly love. We believe in the power of adventurous & natural love. So, when Christopher & Miles trusted us to take the photos of their playa del carmen same sex wedding, we felt thankful and honoured to be part of their celebration.

Two handsome men

Chris grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. His parents taught him to work hard, to always be considerate of others, and the value of determination. Miles grew up near Chicago. In his case, his parents made sure to teach him of the importance of having an open mind and being interested in the world. To value knowledge and honesty, and always treat others with kindness.
They met on a blind date, introduced by Chris’ best friend’s friend, who was Miles’ coworker.

A Hawaiian proposal

“We were on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. After two days of relaxation, we drove up to the Waimea Canyon Lookout. Chris proposed to Miles with the beautiful scenery as a backdrop.”

When there’s a passion for travel, a destination wedding is the perfect fit

“We chose a destination wedding for multiple reasons. We’ve always loved travel, and sharing it with friends and family. We decided that this is the only time we’ll be able to gather all of our closest friends and family and go on a giant group vacation. We also wanted to keep the ceremony intimate and this was one way to do that. Our favorite part of the day was the ceremony on the beach. Miles was waiting by the altar with the beautiful ocean behind him as i approached with the beautiful sand and sun behind me, a rainbow above us, and friends and family surrounding us. The dancing at the end of the night was also spectacular.”

Their wonderful attending guests were, on Chris’ side: Father – Philip Au, Brother – Nathan Au, Best Lady – Wendy Trenh, Best Man – Geary Do. Miles’ side: Father – Wayne Sabin, Sisters – Beth Hunt and Maggie Sabin, Aunt and Uncle – Sandra and Paul, Neighbour Best Lady – Rose Jeffimenko, Best Men – Mark Franken and Chris Murriel.

Perfect timing for a playa del carmen same sex wedding

“All week it had been raining and we were worried we would get rained out. The day of the wedding we woke up to clear bright skies. As the day progressed another storm system was approaching which brought just enough cloud cover for everyone to be comfortable during the beach ceremony and a rainbow overhead! The rain held off for the whole event (which was all outdoors). After the event was over and guests were cleared out, it started dumping rain. Timing couldnt have been any better.”

You, Me, Storm & Darth Vader

This gorgeous Playa del Carmen same sex wedding has a whole lot of story behind. The grooms are super Star-Wars and X-Men fans, so a themed wedding was due! Some members of our photography family share their passion as well, so shooting with them was a match made in heaven… Or maybe it would be best to say, a match made at the comic store!

“We are both geeks/nerds. Miles is a Star Wars fanatic and Chris is an X-Men fanatic. Instead of using the standard cake toppers we used Darth Vader and Storm bobblehead figures. We also had our friend, who is a comic book artist, draw a poster (of Storm and Darth Vader) for us to use in lieu of a guest signing book. We now have that framed and hung on our wall to remind us of that amazing day.We had a comic artist friend draw a poster for us to use as a guest signing book. It is now framed and hanging at home to remind us of our day. We also brought in the nerd theme through our table “numbers”. Instead of table numbers we named each table after favorite comic books and movies. We had 5 tables: X-Men, Star Wars, Avengers, Justice League of America, Battlestar Galactica. We threw tradition out the door =D”

Having a destination wedding: “Paradise, Love, Joy”

“Coordinating with 41 other people to make sure everyone has the same details was the most difficult during the initial part of the process. Later on it was the weather (will it rain) and seaweed problem (will the beach be full of it) that had us anxious. Start early and send clear detailed instructions to all your guests. Make it idiot proof. Also, be ready to roll with the punches and have backup plans! Don’t sweat the small things.Our wedding coordinator, Marcela, was a godsend. I am a perfectionist and usually have trouble relinquishing control but Marcela met and surpassed all my expectations! She and her team kept everything running smooth and i didn’t have a worry in the world.”

Best wedding dance music ever!

“One thing Chris hates about standard weddings are wedding djs music selection. Its always cheesy bad music so Chris decided to curate all the music for the evening. He carefully chose each and every song from start to finish to make sure each song was amazing. Our wedding aisle song was a violin/piano version of Katy Perry’s Firework (which is a song that reminds us of when we first started dating). The evenings music spanned our lifetimes. Chris did his best to include music that would connect with each and every guest, such as another couples first dance song, songs that bring up memories with friends, etc. For the evenings dancing, Chris had his DJ friend make a mix with the music he selected. Everyone loved the music selection! Best wedding dance music ever!”

WeddingDayStory Photography Team

“We loved working with the photographers, especially our main photographer. She made us feel super comfortable and had amazingly creative ideas for different shots. The online gallery definitely made things easier. We were fortunate to have many many favorite photos! Since we have to choose one we would say the picture we’re doing the Storm and Darth Vader poses (our wonderful photographers idea)”

You were an amazing couple to work with, so happy and open to new ideas. We wish you the most beautiful life together! playa del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex weddingplaya del carmen same sex wedding playa del carmen same sex wedding

Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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