How To Choose A Wedding Dress That Will Travel Well For Your Playa Del Carmen Destination Wedding

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We are honored to have Olga Pomeransky, Best for Bride‘s Bridal expert from Toronto, share her bridal fashion expertise with our WeddingDayStory brides. Choosing the right wedding dress for your Playa del Carmen destination wedding is no easy task, and there are plenty of factors to consider. Follow our lead and you can’t go wrong! Playa del Carmen destination wedding

One of the biggest challenges for every bride is choosing her wedding dress. Destination weddings, romantic and dreamy as they are, can make this decision quite difficult. This is because majority of wedding dresses do not travel well, and no bride wants to wear a worn-out dress on the most special day in her life.Playa del Carmen destination wedding

Fortunately, there are dresses that are low-maintenance and travel well. When you choose such a dress for your nuptials away from home, you shouldn’t have to worry about looking picture-perfect for your wedding. Best for Bride, the bridal dress experts from Canada, have the following advice for brides on the lookout for a destination wedding dress.

Choose the right fabric

Common wedding dress fabrics, like satin and organza, wrinkle easily. If you choose such dresses, they will end up wrinkled after the trip to your Playa del Carmen destination wedding, and you’ll need professional services to get those deep set wrinkles out. So, choose fabric that is more suited to travel and rough handling. Here are some suggestions:

Lace: Works for both traditional and modern weddings, and most types don’t wrinkle easily.

Synthetics: Artificial fabrics like rayon-crepe are your best choice when you want the silky finish of satin, but can’t opt for the real thing since it is high-maintenance.

Silk tulle: One of the best choices for an ultra-feminine wedding day look, silk tulle is easy to maintain and lightweight. It holds up well, and can be transported easily. You can remove visible wrinkles by simply hanging it up in a steamy bathroom for few minutes, once you reach your destination.

Chiffon: Chiffon wedding dresses are classy, and great for formal destination weddings. They wrinkle less than silk and other opulent fabrics.Playa del Carmen destination wedding

Choose the right style for your Playa del Carmen destination wedding

The next important factor to consider is the silhouette and style that is right for your Playa del Carmen destination wedding. Not only should the style flatter your best features, it should also feel comfortable. Identify silhouettes that complement your natural figure, and choose a dress accordingly. There are plenty of choices in universally flattering silhouettes like A-line dresses and empire waistlines that suit most body shapes.Playa del Carmen destination wedding

Apart from silhouette, the neckline and sleeve length are other factors to consider. Dresses with strapless and sleeveless necklines are comfortable, casual and fashionable, and thus perfect for an outdoor wedding. For beach weddings, avoid dresses with long trains that can collect sand and dirt. Also stay away from gowns with voluminous skirts that will not only look out-of-place, but will be uncomfortable as well.Playa del Carmen destination wedding

Start your search with dresses from destination dress collections

Many wedding dress collections, like the Mori Lee Voyage collection, are specifically created for destination brides. Such collections feature both traditional and non-traditional styles, so there is something for everyone. Since these dresses are fashioned out of versatile, light weight fabric and embellishments, the designs are better suited to travel than regular wedding dresses. We suggest that you start your wedding dress shopping with these collections, and you are likely to zero-in on the right dress faster.Playa del Carmen destination wedding

Playa del Carmen Destination Wedding Tips & Takeaways

Your dress consultant will be able to advice you on the best way to pack your dress for the journey to your destination wedding in Playa del Carmen. Many boutiques offer to do this when requested. However, if you have to do it yourself, find out what materials should be used to protect it and help it retain its original shape. Plan your journey so your wedding dress requires minimum handling and incurs least damage. Here are some tips to travel with your wedding dress:

  •  Many airlines allow you to hang your wedding dress in the first class compartment or place it flat in an overhead compartment for the journey. This is the best way for your dress to travel. Call your airline in advance to check if this facility is available.
  •  If this is not possible and your wedding dress cannot be packed into a box that meets luggage standards and specifications, consider buying your dress it’s own seat. Although this can be expensive, it is the best way to get your dress to the destination in pristine condition.
  •  Never check-in the dress with the rest of your luggage. Pack it in a garment bag and take it as carry-on luggage. The chances of mishaps are fewer this way.Playa del Carmen destination wedding

Author bio:

Best for Bride is the modern day bride’s one-stop wedding destination, offering wedding dress collections; bridesmaids dress collections and a range of wedding services. Operating from four locations in Canada, they also have an online shopping option that caters to brides from all over the world. Watch the video below to learn how to rent a wedding dress. Olga is manager at Best for Bride since 2005. Currently Best for Bride operates 4 bridal stores in Canada (Toronto, Etobicoke, Hamilton and Barrie). Best for Bride sells wedding, bridesmaids, mob dresses and more.

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