7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Playa Del Carmen Beach Wedding

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To say that Playa del Carmen beach weddings hold a special place in our hearts is an understatement. We live and breath them, as they are the reason we get to celebrate love every day!

Read below and find out why getting married in paradise is so popular these days.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

The Setting

There aren’t many settings more natural and breathtaking than the Caribbean Sea. A Playa del Carmen beach wedding has the blue sea and sky as backdrop, so it’s no wonder that the landscape is the main reason why it is such a perfect destination for weddings. Add sandy white beaches and luscious green jungle… and you get a winner combination, every time! Imagine how the pictures will look with this incredible mix of colors.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

The Logistics

Whether you are having a big or an intimate ceremony, Playa del Carmen has more than you’ll ever need to host your wedding. This rapidly growing beach town, which is actually one of the fastest growing cities in the planet, takes its place as one of the preferred wedding destinations in the world very seriously. Here you’ll find endless seasoned professionals, specialists and companies, both in the travel and wedding industry, that can cater to every aspect of your big day. If you are still not too sure, head on to our post on the Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Destination Wedding Over A Traditional One.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

The Food

Mexico is known for many great things… but there’s no question that Mexican gastronomy is right there at the top of the list. A Playa del Carmen beach wedding is the perfect opportunity for you to treat your guests to a Mexican food feast. Sea food tacos are our personal favorite, and they come in many shapes and sizes. You should also try out a great traditional chicken mole and pastor seasoned meat. The Mayan Riviera is particularly blessed as well with many influences from Yucatan gastronomy. Playa del Carmen beach wedding

The Culture

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is very rich culturally. From pyramids to cenotes, history and art have their special place in the peninsula. You’ll find that most of the locals speak a little English, and are willing to help you find interesting things to see and do! If you still need inspiration, check out the entertainment recommendations in our article on the 17 Must-Do’s For Your Riviera Maya Honeymoon : Part 1.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

The Fun

Your Playa del Carmen beach wedding will be like a group vacation where everyone gets to have fun, chill out, spend time with their loved ones, enjoy the adventure, and be in paradise. What else could you ask for? Playa del Carmen beach wedding

 The Outfits

Yes, a Playa del Carmen beach wedding is definitely a kind of “free”, natural type of wedding. There aren’t many rules to follow, so you can wear whatever you please! Go with a short or a long dress, pants, flower crowns, unitards… we have even seen bold couples just wearing bathing suits! This is your chance to do what you want and not feel bad about it. And if you want more ideas, read up: Best Wedding Dresses For Riviera Maya Beach Weddings.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

Playa Del Carmen Beach Wedding Weather

We are used to hot, hot, hot days, so there are a few things to consider:

  • Not all flowers can stand the hot and humid weather, so make sure you get a local flower vendo. They will know better than anybody else which kinds of flowers will remain looking perfect form the beginning to the end of your wedding day.
  • You should have a handkerchief or cloth handy so that you can get quickly get rid of any extra shine or sweat in your face.
  • Don’t let the rain ruin your parade! We love rainy weddings: The pictures turn out amazingly original and the colors and situations can also be quite great. But we know that not all couples will appreciate the uniqueness of a rainy wedding day, specially when they chose one of the sunniest corners of the world for their ceremony! If you are part of this group, you should keep in mind that our rainy season goes from June to November approximately, depending on the year. You can click here for more information. If you are still in doubt about what can happen if you get rain during your Playa del Carmen beach wedding, see the amazing images we got during Jennifer & Michael’s beach wedding.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

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