Playa Del Carmen Beach Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

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A Playa del Carmen beach wedding is not only romantic, but picturesque and exciting as well. So, it is no surprise that a gorgeous Riviera Maya ocean is the perfect backdrop for many playa del carmen beach wedding couples.

A ceremony in the sand throws up a unique set of challenges for the bride when she goes wedding dress shopping. Finding the perfect wedding gown for the venue and the weather is usually more challenging when the wedding is at a beach than when it is held elsewhere. Nevertheless, it is possible with a little planning.

Best for Bride, Canada’s leading bridal dress chain, suggests the following shopping tips for prospective brides on the search for the perfect beach wedding dress.

Aim For A Light & Airy Look

Heavy ball gowns and dresses with long trains are not the best options for a Playa del Carmen beach wedding. Voluminous fabric layers and elaborate embellishments will not only weigh you down, these dresses will look inappropriate in the setting. While you should choose a silhouette that flatters your figure, the dress you choose shouldn’t be bulky. Opt for light, breathable fabrics that look good and feel comfortable. Keep the embellishments and accessories simple. Consider adding an additional accessory like a stole or jacket if there are chances that the weather will be windy.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

Know Your Options Before You Go Shopping

Destination wedding dress collections feature dresses that are light, casual and suitable for travel. These collections usually have an interesting variety of silhouettes, lengths and styles. Do your research in advance to identify styles that complement your theme and flatter your figure. The first step is to find your natural body shape and the wedding dress silhouettes that flatter it best. This article on the Huff Post will guide you on this aspect. Once you shortlist the right silhouettes, look at other features like necklines, sleeve-length, hemline and embellishments. Search online and in bridal magazines for ideas, and collect pictures of dresses that appeal to you. Take these pictures with you, when you go shopping. It will help your consultant pick similar dresses for you to try on and choose from.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

Pay Attention To Fabric

Not only should the dress for your Playa del Carmen beach wedding be light and airy, the fabric should not wrinkle or stain easily. If the weather is hot and humid, avoid fabrics that cling or show sweat. Natural fabrics like silk allow your skin to breathe. However, it can wrinkle easily. Organza, charmeuse and chiffon are suitable for warm weather. These lightweight fabrics are elegant and casual, making them functional and good-looking. Taffeta is more structured, but has a naturally wrinkled appearance, making it low maintenance.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

Short Dresses Are Ideal For A Playa Del Carmen Beach Wedding

Short hemlines are great for a Playa del Carmen beach wedding for two reasons—they allow you to move freely and the style matches the ambiance of an outdoor venue. Long trains will accumulate sand, and aren’t a practical option. Cocktail and tea-length gowns are good choices, with cocktail length dresses being stylish and tea-length gowns looking elegant. However, if you must have a full-length gown for the ceremony, make sure it bustles easily or that you change into a shorter dress for the reception.Playa del Carmen beach wedding

Think Of Portability

Since your beach wedding will happen all the way in Playa del Carmen, you should give due thought to how you will transport your dress to the destination. Find out if the boutique you buy the dress from can ship your dress to the destination. If they do not, it is best to choose fabrics that are less prone to wrinkling, like lace or chiffon. Consult your bridal consultant for the best way to pack the dress, and find out what you will have to do to restore its original look after the journey. Unless there is a reliable professional cleaner at your Playa del Carmen beach wedding venue, you may be better off choosing a dress where the wrinkles lift easily with simply steaming it in your hotel bathroom for few minutes. You can also consider the option of buying the dress from a boutique near the destination, if you have enough time and will be visiting your venue several times before your wedding day.
Playa del Carmen beach wedding
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This article was brought to you by Best for Bride, Canada’s leading wedding dress chain. Featuring an impressive inventory of designer wedding dress collections, dresses for the entire wedding party and for special occasions, and catering to essential wedding services, Best for Bride is the one-stop destination for all bridal needs. Check out Best for Bride on Facebook and Twitter.Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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