Anatomy Of The Ultimate Mexico Beach Wedding

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When you choose to have a destination wedding you envision a magical day, surrounded by your closest ones, with the beach as the background and the sun warming your skin. A Mexico beach wedding can be a very intimate, natural moment indeed, and it is the perfect kind of wedding for those in love with nature, adventure & the sea.

These are the things that proved to be the most important about Mexico beach weddings for our WeddingDayStory brides & grooms… If they speak to you too, then a barefoot Mexico beach wedding is sure to be the best choice for your big day, too!

Mexico beach wedding

It’s an unplugged wedding – really: unplug your guests!

This one is major! Trust us: there’s no place for smartphones and iPads in beach weddings. Let’s just think about what the sand, the sun and water can do to the devices. These are not cheap, so why not leave them in the comfort of your hotel room?

We understand that these are the times of hyper-connectivity and that everyone wants to be online. But, as Mexico beach wedding photographers, we are a part of this scene a lot more than we care to say: we try to take a picture of a beautiful, stunningly gorgeous bride walking down the aisle… but there are so many iPads and iPhones on the way, that the mere presence of the devices contrasts with the calm beach scene of a bride walking towards her future, surrounded by flowers.

Nowadays, people are getting used to watching life through a screen instead of enjoying the moment and really taking it in for its uniqueness. Seriously, it won’t happen again. And having a snapshot or video of it won’t do.Mexico beach wedding

When you hire an expert team of Riviera Maya wedding photographers & videographers, just tell your guests to leave their phones behind for a while, or at least during the ceremony. Online devices defeat the point of an intimate wedding after all; you’ll want everyone there to be really THERE, with you, there and then. Many couples choose to place a basket at the first row of chairs where guests can leave their devices for the duration of the ceremony. But having people around you be fixated on a screen during your most important moments is not even all: You won’t believe how many “First Looks” or reveals have been ruined because someone posted a “getting ready” photo of the bride before the groom had the chance to see her.Mexico beach wedding

Its a barefoot beach wedding…Mexico beach wedding

One of our favorites! We are sure you got the most unbelievable wedding shoes, and you can’t wait to use them. And you should, for a while. However, a wedding at the beach is magical because of the sun, the sea and the sand… the warm sand that you can feel under your feet.Mexico beach wedding

The things we take in with our senses can be powerful, and getting married barefoot comes with a feeling of freedom and a lightness of the soul that you’ll never forget. What’s more special that that?Mexico beach wedding

We are not saying that you shouldn’t show off your beautiful shoes during your reception, of course! But the less you try to walk in them at the beach, the better. By the end, you don’t want to be tired of wearing high heels all day long, do you?

A Mexico beach wedding is full of little details…

Beach weddings are the perfect occasion to play a little bit your outfit, your bridesmaids‘ & your partner’s. Use colors that you wouldn’t see on a traditional wedding, have all bridesmaid’s dresses be at a different length, get parasols, tiaras… There are so many different ways your personality can shine trough!

Give your guests paper fans, cold drinks during the ceremony, or match the bridesmaids dresses with accessories for the groomsmen. Check out our Beach wedding DIY projects for ideas and inspiration on how to make your Mexico beach wedding extra special and personal.Mexico beach weddingMexico beach wedding


… & the pictures are to die for.Mexico beach wedding

The photography options on a Mexico beach wedding are endless. Think of a boring town hall wedding… Now, think of the exact opposite. You got it! Use the beautiful location. Have your photos at the beach, draw something in the sand, ask your bridal party to have fun with you, go in the water, everything goes!
Mexico beach wedding

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is one of the only places where you’ll be able to do an underwater photo session in a Cenote. Book your underwater photo session here and have a look at some of our pictures on Pinterest, too!
Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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