Megan & Derek’s Mexico Beach Wedding

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We are always talking about destination weddings because we love them and feel like experts on the subject! But what about destination love? You might think, what are they talking about? Well, about finding the love of your life abroad, in a beautiful destination, of course! Like Megan & Derek, it seems like they got both of them, they found love in New Zealand and decided to get married in a beautiful Mexico beach wedding!

Ask To Get

“Megan grew up in the hustle and bustle of Houston, Texas, America’s fourth largest city. Loving between what’s between the middle of Houston and the Texas country, life was always a mix of interesting activities. Always having a full house with pets friends and family Megan certainly learned how to balance her wants and the need of others. Megan’s parents always reminded her of their own personal mantra and mottos being, if you don’t ask you don’t “get”, it’ll never hurt to try, and always shoot for your best because you’ll never disappoint yourself. For both Derek and Megan, they were both heavily taught to be honest and loyal, also to never stop exploring. Derek grew up in classic suburbia in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Growing up near the mountains made Derek appreciative of the beauty in nature, and the mountains became part of Derek’s soul. Derek’s parents instilled the values of respect for others,hard work and honesty in all situations. His family was somewhat abnormal, having a single mother since the time he was twelve.”

Tinderly Love

“On February 25, 2015 we organized a fun filled day after meeting on a social-media dating App popularly named as Tinder. Without any expectations our lives changed as soon as our eyes met. We met in Auckland, New Zealand whilst Derek was studying his Masters in International Business and Megan had just graduated from University with a Bachelors in Spanish and set off to New Zealand to travel for a month. Without any dating plans on our future we agreed to a “date”. We ventured to Waiheke Island, renown for its vineyards, and explored the local culture through the amazing wine. The connection blazed from a spark into a flame. We proceeded to return to the city and eat at an Italian restaurant in Ponsonby. While finishing dinner Derek made a semi-serious joke that Megan should move back to New Zealand, two weeks later Megan had a ticket back to New Zealand and the crazy adventure that awaited.”

New Zealand Beach Proposal

“Megan’s sister was visiting New Zealand and I had known I was going to propose but not known how or when. Two days before I asked I knew how. I was going to take Megan to the first place I ever visited in New Zealand, the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula and city of Whitianga. Without any idea or suspicion we planned for a drinks on the beach later that evening at sunset, relaxing and a humble setting for the night. Megan’s sister and her walked out to the beach planning to take some pictures when I grabbed the ring. I stagged it to take a picture with Megan while her sister took a video of a surprise proposal from Derek. We celebrated with champagne on Buffalo Beach and it was a great way to share our special moment with family as well.”

Mexico Beach Wedding

“We both specifically wanted a non-traditional wedding because it fit our values more precisely than the classic American wedding. Having almost an entire week with all of our guests verses one evening seemed magical and precious as it was the first time both our families gathered. The amazing culture of Mexico made it an easy decision on which oh try to choose from as well. We adore the food and the people ! Megan’s favorite part of the day – walking down the aisle with my dad escorting me and seeing the look on Derek’s face as we both nearly cried and smiled the entire ceremony Derek’s favorite – saying I do to the woman he loves . Also the champagne toast with all of our guests, it was so relaxed the entire event and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to our future.”

From All Over The World

“On Derek’s side his mother, Heather Wittman, was the shining star. She has been so supportive and loving towards Derek and he really owes it all to her. She’s an amazing woman and her brilliance glowed that day. Also Derek’s brothers, Chad Wittman and Blake Wittman, who flew all the way from Czech Republic and China to spend the day with us. That sort of travel means nothing less than emense love and support! On Megan’s side, her father, Joseph Ems, Mother Cindy Ems and sister Julianna Ems, who have always been there endlessly and have never failed to support Megan meant the world to her. Megan and her family are very close so it was an emotional day to let the first daughter go and marry but it was so special and lovely. Also to our heaven angels who weren’t presently “there” with us but were watching over. Bud Wittman and Boubus.”

Loved Ones

“For Derek he had some very close friends come. His childhood friend Danny that was like a brother to him, and his childhood friends Ben and Cam made the trip to Mexico. As well as Derek’s brothers coming from China and Czech Republic for the day. He also had two fraternity brothers come from Minnesota to celebrate. The memory around this one is that for the first time in Derek’s life he was able to converge all of his friend groups and enjoy the beauty of Mexico with no stress. His brothers were inparticular memorable because the finally bridge the gap and Derek, Blake and Chad were together which had taken over 6 years to happen. The most memorable person who came was my uncle Kurt. The economy has not been a friend to Kurt as of late And he needed something to pickup his mindset. So Derek paid for Kurt to come and he made sure Kurt was going to be on that plane. Kurt and Derek were extremely close and to not have Kurt at the wedding would have been a disappointment. For Megan it was super special to have her aunt and uncle there, David and Ally Higbee, they’re extremely loving and supportive of us and I couldn’t ask for a better set of family! Megan also had along side her all of her bestest friends whom she’s met from all over the world. Becca, her longtime high school friend knew Megan before she ever studied abroad or spoke Spanish. Megan and Becca are great friends because they have interest together in Latin America and Spanish, cooking as well! Megan, Becca, Natalie and Julianna are all super close and are practically like sisters. Natalie grew up with Megan and Julianna, we vacationed together to Florida every year and went to the same schools. It’s hard to imagine life without Natalie because we’ve always been there together and I hope it never leaves. Emma, Linda and Rose also attended whom met Megan in Costa Rica during a University Spanish program and instantly became best friends. These are the girls who would do anything for Megan, either it be helping her stomach issues on her wedding day or celebrating birthdays together and remembering the old times back in the Costa Rican beaches and jungle. The girls are Megan’s glue, she needs them and loves them so much.”

We’ve Never Done This Before

“For us during the ceremony we felt so emotional and surrounded by everyone who loves and supports us so there was absolutely no pressure but we found it very difficult to hold back the tears ! During the ring exchange we had a little difficulty putting the rings on and Megan said “sorry we’ve never done this before” and it made everyone laugh and feel more comfortable with our awkwardness. Also our dances with our parents, Megan and her father Joseph and Derek with his mother Heather. It was such a sweet moment i think everyone shed a tear.”

Wedding Details

“Megan’s dress was from BHLDN wedding dresses, Anthropologie wedding collection. She specifically chose this dress because it made her feel elegant, simple and reflective of her marriage with Derek, timeless. We didn’t add much to our already planned Mexico beach wedding but we did bring heart shaped wedding cake cutters and seat signs labeling Mrs. & Mr. Super cute 🙂
There was a picture frame with Derek’s fathers picture that his mother and brothers held. Also it’s tradition to have something blue, something borrowed and something new. I wore a blue garnet to pass out later, the borrowed was my grandfathers military pin, and something new was my baby pearl earrings.
We chose Divine Sorrow by Avici ft Wyclef Jean as the song for Megan to walk down the aisle to, and to play as we left. This song was very important to us as it played over and over the first day we met while talking, it also is not a traditional song for a wedding which was important to us to have an upbeat happy song on the beach. We can be in any mood and this song makes us just stop and smile at each other.

WeddingDayStory Pictures

“I have never seen such beautiful photos taken of an event before, maybe I’m a little biased because they were of my Mexico beach wedding but no they were gorgeous! The angles and the technical skills our photographer had to capture the little details turned out to be breathtaking. Even though we had tons of other photo options to choose from taken by our guests, we desired the WeddingDayStory because there were a lot of moments captured we forgot about or we had shot in private. Choosing our photos was no sweat at all, we wanted all of them of course, but in selecting them on the website there was no question on how to navigate the page or select an image we wanted to print or simply view. After ordering our pictures next thing I knew they were already at my door. I really appreciate all of their work and effortlessness on my end! Thank you!
I have many “favorites” but I really love love love this picture the photographer took of Derek and I toasting our champagne glass with our ceremony group in the background. We’re smiling and so happy because we just said I DO and everyone is cheering and smiling, crying and laughing in the background. The picture is priceless and it’s exactly how I remember the ending of our ceremony.”

To Bring Them Home

“At the hotel there were many vendors and places to buy little goodies to take home. Derek and I bought some souvenirs to decorate our future home with as a first memory item. Also the gift store in the hotel was basically a little market and it had just about everything one would need without having to leave the resort. That is equal to buying things there as well! Same things outside of the resort were brought right to you poolside.”

Seaside Serenity

“I honestly felt like this was going to be my mission and no matter what I will get it done imperfectly perfect. Difficulties – I had a dress malfunction 3 days before we planned to leave to Mexico. They cut my train on my dress and sewed it into my dress! I can’t even explain because it was just too messy so I trusted the situation and came back 2 days later and it magically fixed itself and was exactly what I pictured for the wedding. But it all turned out to be beautiful. We had very little anxietie because for once I was planning something for myself and for my Mr. future self. We planned it the way we dreamed and I 💯say it was the most relaxed party I’ve ever been to … and it being my own.
Your wedding day can be as simple or hectic as we choose. A destination wedding pack up the stress and takes it on a vacation so you and your partner can enjoy yourselves too. Don’t stress the weather or people because whatever is meant to be, will be.”

The Parties

“We directed our bridal parties to wear certain colors. Bridal wore pink and the Groom’s party wore a mixture between turquoise and pink. Each selected their own within the shade of pink. We had just simple flowers, blue orchids. And no ties! Just an easy breezy beach wedding. Some even wore flip flops!”

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Valentin Imperial Maya (They organized everything!)
Invitations: Vistaprint
Bride’s shoes: DSW
Groom’s shoes: Prada

We are so thankful that Megan and Derek had us for their Mexico beach wedding. It was beautiful! We wish you all the best!

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