Natural Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For A Mexican Beach Wedding

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So, you’re a planning a beautiful Mexican beach wedding! You found the perfect dress (or, if you didn’t yet, click here for some shopping tips). You have the perfect venue, the right vendors… but what about the details? If you are the type that can’t help but get distracted by the shiny, pretty parts of a wedding…  you know the centerpieces are one of the many things that will be in the spotlight. Read on and infuse your centerpieces with a dose of Mexican beach wedding inspiration!

The table number frame

Let’s start with the basics. Having a photo frame to mark the number for each table is a simple yet cute detail. This bride chose a drawing of their outfits, but this is the perfect chance to get creative. What about having table numbers paired to pictures of you and your partner at that age? “Table 5” will have photos of the two of you when you were 5 years old, and so on.

Mexican beach weddingbeach-wedding-DIY


When in Mexico, do a Mexican beach wedding

This is so subtle and looks great! On top of a bouquet that plays with the tones for the table dressing, put a piece of a traditional Mexican guirnalda. It matches the chosen hue just right, and the maracas on each plate make it even more Mexican!
Mexican beach wedding

Less is more

You can have a gorgeous bouquet, but maybe you are more of the minimalist type. In that case, this is a great option: A solitaire rose in a vase. You should definitely choose the flower’s color according to your wedding color scheme. If you aren’t sure about your colors, get inspired by our Five Original Beach Wedding Color Schemes post.

Mexican beach wedding

Small bouquets

Tall flowers inside a crystal vase is an elegant and sophisticated option. Monochromatic or colorful, there are so many options! Again, you can match the colors to your Mexican beach wedding scheme… Or, if you are feeling bold, maybe you can also use complimentary ones for contrast. This will bring the guests’ attention right to the flowers!
Mexican beach weddingMexican beach weddingMexican beach wedding

Big bouquet

Flower centerpiece arrangements can sometimes be a little bit traditional. And a Mexican beach wedding calls for originality! So, if you are not into that, you can always add something to make it perfect, like a mirrored vase.
Mexican beach weddingMexican beach weddingMexican beach wedding


Table chandeliers have a vintage yet elegant vibe. You can use a full sized one, like in the first picture, or single ones, like in second. Definitely better for a night time reception with a romantic, stylish feel.

Mexican beach weddingMexican beach wedding
Free as a bird

Finally, hop on board this new trend and use a birdcage for decoration. They make great centerpieces! These gorgeous flowers make it extra special and the chosen colors just make us feel the summer.Mexican beach wedding

We hope you like these ideas and would love to know your thoughts about them! You can also read our Beach Wedding DIY Projects article for many more decoration options for your Mexican beach wedding.

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