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Maude & Shayne’s love Story….

They met at “La commission des liqueurs” a Casual Bar in Montreal. They made eye contact and started to “talk”… Well, they started to actually try to understand each other since she only spoke French at the time, and he speaks English.
They started to text each other the day after they met, and kept doing it almost daily since then. They never left each other’s side.

The Best Christmas Gift

On Christmas Eve, their little family woke up early with the excitement of Christmas. Their son Alek was jumping up and down, and seeing him so happy and excited brought joy to their hearts.
They believe that Christmas is one of the most beautiful and magical moments of the year. And Shayne knows very well how important Christmas is to Maude.

Once Alek opened all his gifts, it was time for Maude to open hers!

Shayne gave her a small, wrapped box. When she saw it she felt excited, expecting a beautiful piece of jewelry… but when she opened it, she couldn’t believe what was happening. She kept asking him, “is this happening for real?”

A nervous, Shayne finally answered: “Yes Maude, this is for real!” He was nervous and frozen that she had to remind him to get on his knee to propose!

When he finally did, she said: “Of course!”

On their wedding day, they were looking forward to everything! However, the photos were specially important to them. They wanted to make sure we captured their memories, and taking photos was one of their favorite moments of the day. They are supper grateful to be able to look at their wedding pictures and remember every part of the day for the rest of their lives! Also, they were really looking forward to being with their family and friends in their second favorite country in the whole world: Costa Rica.

Maude wanted Shayne to get a special message meant for him, that she wrote before their special day:

“None of us can vow to be perfect, in the end, all we can do its love each other with everything we have got, because love is the best thing we do.
Having you in my life makes everything perfect. I love you”.

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