Liz Moore Destination Weddings : Destination Wedding Travel Agent Spotlight Vol 3

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Liz-Moore-Destination-Weddings-wedding-day-story-WEB_0001We absolutely love working with Liz Moore Destination Weddings! They are based in Canada and organize destination weddings in the Caribbean and Hawaii, and they specialize in both affordable and luxury destination wedding group travel. The couples that we photograph are always looking for a way to get their wedding parties to their beautiful locations, and Liz Moore can certainly help!

We asked Liz if she had any tips about planning a destination wedding while at home. Here’s what she shared:

Make a wish list

The most important part about planning a destination wedding is finding that perfect destination and resort location that fits your dream wish list and allows as many of your loved ones to join in the celebration as you want! It’s impossible for busy couples to visit extensive destinations and resorts; therefore, we suggest qualified, experienced destination travel agents who not only know the destination but the resorts within that destination. They can then take your vision and create your wonderful destination wedding reality.


Do your homework

Qualify and compare travel agencies. It just takes a few minutes and can alleviate a lot of confusion and stress in the decision making process. 


Gather information

It’s very important to get the information back from your travel specialist about the destination and resort you are choosing for your wedding in regards to all travel options for you and your guests. It’s your wedding and your special guests, so make sure your travel specialist is working hard to provide you with every available travel option quote. Many travel agents excel in what they do but are not destination wedding experts, and therefore, aren’t aware of all the extensive options available specifically for wedding group travel. 

Destination weddings are cost-effective and becoming more popular, and because of this, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have all the details just right for your special day. We can’t recommend Liz Moore enough! And when you do book your destination wedding, make sure you grab the right photographers to capture that special day for you!

Feel free to contact Liz at her website or Facebook page, and tell her we sent you!

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