Laurren & Santiago’s Riu Guanacaste Wedding

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A Riu Guanacaste wedding… We understand why so many couples from Canada choose to have one. Although snow is beautiful, having your special day in the sun it makes it extra special, we believe. After seeing so much white, a little blue from the ocean and the sky and green from the jungle, is “Pura Vida”. A couple like Laurren & Santiago that is familiarized with Latin culture, knows this is a guarantee for “fiesta”!

Family Means Everything

“My childhood was very typical. My sister and I were raised by my mom. I cannot remember a time where I wasn’t happy. I grew up in Welland/Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
Santiago came to Canada when he was 6 years old from Colombia. He grew up in St Catharines/Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
Santiago and I were both taught that family is everything and that is something we still keep close to our hearts.”

Nervous and Distracted

“We met working at a clothing store where I was 17 years old and Santiago was 19.
Santiago just came home from BC (where he was living because of work) for my 30th birthday. I ended up getting off of work late and he had a late appointment so we were rushing to get the Peller Estates Winery restaurant but first we had to go to the Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara on the lake to check in. During dinner I couldn’t understand why he was so nervous and distracted. When we got back to the hotel he told me to stay outside because he had to wrap my gift. I didn’t think anything of it as he’s done this before. So 20 mins pass and I knock on the door and ask what is going on. He opens the door and is hiding behind the door (which I thought was odd) so I continued to walk in. That’s when I noticed a rose and my nickname spelt in Hugs and Kisses chocolate and a hand written note asking me to marry him. I got so excited that I began to cry but tried to prevent it and ended up having a cough attack. Once I was done coughing I was able to get out a “yes, I will”!!! He even got the whole thing on his GoPro so we can relive the whole event.”

Their Riu Guanacaste Wedding

“We chose a Riu Guanacaste wedding because we didn’t want a traditional wedding and we both love to travel. For me, the best was walking down the aisle to Santiago with the sun shining down on us and knowing he is the man who I was about to marry and grow old with. Over all, the entire day leading up to the ceremony was everything we could have asked for. We really appreciate the presence our family, we had a small wedding which consisted of our parents Julie and Cliff (my parents), Ligia and Jorge (Santiago’s parents), sister Andrea and her husband Josh (my family), Jorge Jr., Juan and his wife Courtney and their two sons. Thiago and Ramon (Santiago’s family), Santiago’s aunt Mariana and family friend Lucho.”

Favorite Moments

“Our first dance. After the ceremony we had our first dance on under the gazebo as a married couple. The songs we chose were A Thousand years by Christina Perri- it symbolizes us perfectly because we have been together for so many years and no matter what happened in our life we would do anything to make it work. The other song was Volvi a nacer by Carlos Vives – Santiago chose this song because the words related to the way he felt about me and our relationship together.”

WeddingDayStory Experience

“Having the ability to review the pictures from our Riu Guanacaste wedding online was important as we are from Canada and we were not going to be in Costa Rica when they were ready. It was great having our photos taken with WeddingDayStory because our photos were ready pretty quick and we were able to let them know what we were wanting. There were so many pictures that we loved but if we have to say our favorite is the one where we are looking at each other with the focal point was the background with partial bodies. You don’t see our feet.”

Everything & More

“I found it difficult sometimes communicating what we wanted or when my guests had questions and I was the only one that could relay the information. Worried about our room and location and how everything was going to turn out for our Riu Guanacaste wedding. At first things didn’t turn out to plan once we got to the resort because they had given us the wrong room and there were some things that never were arranged for us. Only when we mentioned it, it was done etc. But then everything was done we were able to just relax and wait for our Riu Guanacaste wedding day. Be prepared for millions of emails back and forth. Be specific about what you want and except and most of all do the thing you both want don’t let family or friends dictate what you should want and need. In the end it’s just you and your loved one standing there and that’s all that matters.”

Wedding Details

Wedding gown: Galina was the designer of my wedding dress it had a sweat heart neck line and bottom was light and flowy perfect for a beach wedding
Bride’s shoes: Sandles
Veil: Veil was shoulder length with small crystals
Bridesmaids dress: The girls each had a different design in the colour guava (similar to coral)
Groom’s suit: Zara royal blue
Groom’s shoes: Aldo brown

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If you are thinking about having a Riu Guanacaste wedding, click here for more pictures!

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