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Although one might think that every little girl dreams of her wedding… some don’t. That is, until they find that special someone that sweeps them off their feet. That’s kind of what happened with our WeddingDayStory Bride, Kristina. Eric and her got married at the the Paradisus Playa del Carmen, in Riviera Maya. They also choose to have trash the dress photography in Mexico. After Kristina’s confession, we eager to know what made her decide to have such a gorgeous wedding. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Getting to know them…

Kristina: I had a great childhood, I feel that it made me who I am today. Shaped me for the woman I would become. Knowing what you want in your future, whats right and whats wrong. My grandmother would take care of me and my sister after school since our parents worked. She lived with us, she holds a very large place in my heart. She taught me values that I will carry on forever. Anything my parents ever did for me I appreciated tremendously. Eric, also had a great childhood, he would tell me stories of where they went on summer vacations. He was always getting into some kind of trouble, all fun and innocent. He liked to ask questions, and explore. His parents taught him respect, and he definitely knows how to treat a woman. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

We met through mutual friends who are engaged. He asked me to marry him in the same place he asked me out at. It was our one year anniversary. He got a limo to take us there after work, I wasn’t thinking anything of it because I figured we are celebrating the first great year of many. He went to a NYC rooftop, enjoyed a bottle of wine, he gave me the cutest meaningful speech and then he asked for my hand. There were so many people around but it was sweet because no one knew. We had to stop at his parents place that night, so I thought we were on the way there, he told me my mom is there and I was happy, but he told me to act surprised. The parents were happy when we came home, said lets grab a drink in the basement, and here I thought the surprise was my mom. But it was all of our closest friends, and family. Such a great surprise and I was truly blown away. He got some ideas off pinterest for decor, hung our pictures from the first year around the room. It was truly such a great night, we had our own intimate moment and then got to celebrate with friends. Trash the dress photography in MexicoI never imagined a wedding as a little girl, and having a wedding in NY would have only been one day. We wanted to spend time with our guests, where none had to worry about work the next day, staying out too late, drinking too much. We picked good weather and a gorgeous resort over a NY wedding. Not to mention the cost of a NY would be increasingly higher. The best part of the day was meeting Eric at the first look, its like it was just me and him standing there. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Family and friends are always supporting…

My sister was there with her husband and daughter Emily, she was one of the flower girls. We picked a resort that had a children’s side, although we didn’t have many kids they were all important kids we wanted to share this day with us. Eric’s Brother (Vladik) and his wife (Jenny) were there with their children (Tyler & Maxeen) My closest friend from grade school were there, and Eric’s groomsman. We had close family and friends there. All our guests were so pleased and so positive. Everyone wanted to have a good time and relax. Of course we can’t forget about our parents who have helped so much along the way with the wedding. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Destination weddings are something to remember.

Honestly, every night was memorable. Something fun was always going on, from our moms taking a shot by the pool, to my little niece swimming at just over a year old. We had a white party the day after the wedding, which ended early. But that didn’t stop us, we went to the resort club and had a dance off. There was another wedding that day, their wedding party was there. It was fun to dance with the other bride and congratulate her. It truly is something special. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Singing flower girls! Every wedding should have them.

The day of the wedding as my bridesmaids, mom, mother in law, sister in law, and sister left the bridal suite, my other two flower girls sang through the whole resort “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white, she looks so beautiful, beautiful, the bride”. It didn’t stop once, but all eyes were on us and I felt so special. Can’t wait to see that video clip. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Nice little details.

I ordered a lot of things on etsy before the wedding: a cake topper, stickers for our custom tequila party favors, sunglasses, and much more. I wore a beautiful Berta gown which I fell in love with. It was the perfect dress for me.
We made our own custom liquor (tequila) bottles, and we had custom kippas for the men during the ceremony. I added my cake topper, and brought decor for the wedding cake. The chef there was able to make it the way I wanted. We brought woman scarves and also heel protectors for the boardwalk.
My sister gave me a blue/ borrowed bracket and my sister in law gave me something new to wear. My in-laws got me gorgeous earrings for the wedding which were perfect for the wedding. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Having trash the dress photography in Mexico is for the adventurous only.

I like WeddingDayStory’s setup, the pictures are easy to access, they are all divided in album which makes for easy viewing. We absolutely LOVE the underwater photos. I had to talk Eric into doing the trash the dress photography, but he loved it! We went in the early morning to Cenote, the photographer and his assistant were fun and awesome as well. The day of the wedding as I was getting ready they were taking pictures, they captured many moments I was happy about. People sometimes wonder of the services and getting vendors on location, but I was very pleased and happy. I have a few favorite pictures, but one of my favorites is Eric and I standing on the bridge with the umbrella.  Trash the dress photography in Mexico

A destination wedding has so many advantages!

It is hard to deal with the management at times, mostly because you deal with an office in Miami and then they reach out to the resort, who then reaches out to Miami and then gets back to you. Like a little circle. But we did visit the resort before hand in July and planned a lot out at that time. It’s had to negotiate anything over email. So, my advice to couples planning a destination wedding would be: Go for it! Its al worth it, and definitely have fun. Not everyone gets a chance to have a wedding so if you do, consider yourself lucky and special, and embrace the annoying little parts, like wedding invitations. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Music is the universal language…

For the ceremony we used piano and violin version of the wedding song in Twilight, otherwise we asked the DJ to play what the people want to hear. They did a great job, some people go crazy picking songs and it doesn’t workout, you have to play music based on your audience. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

They chose one of the best Riviera maya wedding planners!

We used the local vendor – Planner 1 Events. I was very happy with our Gazebo. It was romantic and perfectly lit. We used a local vendor for the sound and lighting, the resort vendor was very high in price. Ana was such a great help, and as it comes closer to the wedding they attend more to you. Don’t worry in the end it all works out. I changed my decor a few times before it was finalized. Trash the dress photography in Mexico

Some wedding day tips:

We had the food from the resort. Stuck with surf and turf so everyone had a bit of what they want. Russians are known to have a lot of food at the table for weddings, so we did ass more appetizers and food.
Hair and makeup I got done at the resort spa, they were very helpful and helped in anything that was needed. I needed to fix my nails a few times and they helped me right away. Makeup I worked with Vanessa at the resort, when I went in the summer I did a hair and makeup trial and she was there the wedding day as well. Trash the dress photography in Mexico
Got local invitations in Brooklyn, NY. We didn’t go too crazy but they did take time to put together.
I got my dress at Berta Bridal from a bridal store in NYC and my shoes are YSL Tribute. My vail, was made by my mother, and it was such a nice piece. I loved it.
We got the bridesmaids dresses in Macy’s after shopping around. Just found a regular dress that would work as a bridesmaid dress. Trash the dress photography in Mexico
Eric wore a Paul Smith suit, Louboutin shoes, a bow tie from Barneys and for his shirt he stuck with a classic, from BergdorfTrash the dress photography in Mexico

Thank you Kristina & Eric for sharing going on the adventure of having Trash the Dress Photography in Mexico with us, and sharing your WeddingDayStory! You are an amazing couple.


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