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As Riviera Maya wedding photographers we are so lucky. We spend our days taking pictures of couples sealing their love but on this opportunity, Jennie & Bradley renewed their vows and we felt so honored to be part of it. This adorable couple has been married for 10 years and have two beautiful kids. This is their story:

Be Kind

“We both grew up in Utah. Bradley moved around quite a bit throughout the state, Jennie grew up in Sandy. She moved to Nevada for high school and then ended up moving back to Utah after she graduated. Bradley’s family owned various businesses, and he learned a great work ethic very early on. Jennie’s mom always taught her to be kind and get along with everyone. After Jennie moved back to Utah, she kept in touch with her friends from Nevada. One of which had moved back to Utah also and happened to work with and was roommates with Bradley.”

When He Proposed The First Time

“We knew we were going to get married and actually had been planning the future out. One day, I got home from shopping and walked into our apartment to flower petals everywhere and a decorated table with dinner made by Bradley. He put the ring on the stem of lilies on the table. It took me a while to even notice it!”

Relaxed, Romantic, Intimate Beach Wedding

“We have actually been married for 10 years, so this was a vow renewal for us. We got married young and where our wedding was nice the first time, it wasn’t our “dream”. I had always wanted a relaxed, romantic, intimate beach wedding. It’s what I dreamed of as a little girl. We figured 10 years was as good of a time as ever to celebrate again with what we called an “I do. Take two.” It meant so much to us to have our two kids there with us and only our very best friends. It was so easy and relaxed, simple and perfect! No stress and just what we wanted. With Paetyn and Drake, Jeremy and Toshi, Heather and Stephen. It was only the 8 of us and exactly what we wanted!”

Simple, Emotional, Perfect

“It was amazing to be able to have our kids with us to celebrate this huge milestone. Paetyn, our daughter, is 8 and Drake, our son, is 6. They loved being involved and did a poem reading for us. Jeremy has been a life long friend for Jennie and is just like a big brother. He has been with us throughout our whole relationship and knows us so well. He helped out so much for the first wedding and it only seemed fitting that he officiate this time around. It was so much more intimate having someone who knows us so well be up there with us. His husband, Toshi, was with us and made sure to video the ceremony for us. Priceless. Heather is Jennie’s best friend from high school. If its possible to be completely different from each other, while being basically the exact same person – that is Heather and Jennie. I adore her for the ways we are different, and love that we just “get” each other. Heather was unable to attend the first wedding and it meant more than you could know to both of them to have them there this time.”

Mom And Dad Love Each Other

“The entire ceremony was perfect. We all were very emotional and many tears were shed. This 10 year vow renewal was such a different experience than the first wedding. Now we had all these memories and shared experiences to reflect on. It was much more intimate and personal. And having our kids there with us was amazing. I’m so glad they can see how much their mom and dad love each other.”

Natural/White Color Scheme

“We went very minimalistic with the ceremony. I wore a Melissa Sweet champagne colored wedding dress that I had altered quite a bit to better fit the event. The boys all wore linen and white. We all were barefoot, girls wearing ‘barefoot sandals’. We went with a natural/white color scheme and had gorgeous white hydrangeas for the flowers.”

Riviera Maya Wedding Photographers

“Our wedding photos are so amazing! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The photographer stayed out of the way during the ceremony while still getting the perfect shots and angles, and after the ceremony, he was very efficient getting the pictures we wanted quickly. I loved having the online gallery. I could call Heather and she could see them and help me decide which ones to order. My guests could choose the pictures they wanted as well. There are so many favorite pictures! I love the one of my family standing in front of the ocean with our backs to the camera. I love the one of Bradley when he first started to cry with his hand over his eyes turning away laughing. I love the ones where he’s holding me up by the water. They all were amazing.”

Above & Beyond

“Our event coordinator Ghalia, truly could not have been more wonderful and helpful. We emailed a few times and met in person once we arrived at the resort and she already had everything taken care! We truly wanted a simplistic event and she really went above and beyond to make it all perfect. She specially ordered the flowers I wanted in and made last-minute changes to the event set up when I wanted it to be ‘less’. She got the music I wanted right on the spot and set up our reception dinner with no input from me and it was beautiful! She made suggestions when needed and it was no stress.”

Destination Wedding Means Perfect

“At the very beginning, I felt like it was very hard to get a hold of someone who could help me. When I finally did and got the date set, it was very easy to communicate by email until we got there. I had a few concerns that it would be too generic with the decorations and set up – like a one size fits all kind of thing. But it wasn’t. Meeting with Ghalia when we arrived, I knew everything would be perfect. Our advice would be know what you want and voice it. There are no rules of what you ‘should have’ or what is ‘normal’ for a wedding. You can do what you want, add in your touches, make it personal and enjoy your day!”

Vow Renewal

“This was a vow renewal for us, not a wedding, so we didn’t do any of the traditional things you normally do. We wanted this to be a simple day and didn’t bring along much, just our clothes and our vow books. I walked out to Ed Sheehan ‘Thinking Out Loud’. It’s just a great song with great lyrics. We both love Ed’s music and recently went to his concert, so it had some meaning. During our vows, we had Michelle Featherstone – We Are Man And Wife playing. This song was played during a wedding on a tv show we used to watch together and I heard it again as we were planning this day and it was beautiful. And our last song played was a cover done by Travis Atreo of Youth by Troy Sivan. It was a new song that I loved and the slowed down cover version was perfect for our celebration song.”

The Details

“Ghalia from the Viva Wyndham Maya resort helped us with the planning. We had our reception dinner at Xul Ha at the resort. Jeremy Bills did the bride’s hair and make up and officiated the ceremony. The wedding dress was from Melissa Sweet, the barefoot sandals from Etsy and for the groom at Nordstrom.”

Congratulations Jennie & Bradley! For many more years of love and celebrations! We loved being part of your special day.
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