Jen Jackson : Destination Wedding Travel Agent Spotlight Vol 6

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Jen-Jackson-Wedding-Day-Story-Destination-Weddings-WEB_0001We know that one of the hardest parts of putting together a destination wedding is pulling together the travel plans, but the good news is, we know someone awesome who can help!

Jen Jackson owns Tropical Destination Weddings, which she opened in May 2013 after leaving a retail agency to work for herself. She has been working as a travel agent for ten years, and she brings a real passion to her work!

Jen brings her personal experience as well as her expertise to every wedding, and she knows that it’s that kind of personal attention that makes the difference.

I think the hardest part (of a destination wedding) is the bride isn’t able to visualize the wedding the same way. At home, you can go see the vendor and touch and feel the items, which you can’t do with a destination wedding. My expertise helps because normally I have been to and seen the resort/wedding set ups and can share my personal photos and experience with the bride.


We also asked Jen if she had any tips for couples who were getting ready for a destination wedding and making their own plans, and this is what she said:

Think outside the box. A lot of couples just immediately want to go for pre-packaged weddings and don’t want to do anything different or unique. The best part about the planning is really making it your own. Also, include your family and friends in the process. When people feel included, they are more interested, and it will create an easier process.


We truly recommend Jen if you’re in the market for a good travel agent who will really do her best to get your wedding that personal touch! You can contact her at her website here.

Contact us to talk about your day in the sun!

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