Hanne & Thomas’ Valentin Imperial Maya Wedding In Boho Style

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Hanne and Thomas got married in a beautiful Valentin Imperial Maya Wedding ceremony on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015.

down the aisle photography

They both grew up in gorgeous Norway, but Hanne lived in Merida and Playa del Carmen for a year while she was studying. That was the main reason they chose to have a Valentin Imperial Maya Wedding in the Riviera Maya, but it was also because they had been in the resort a couple of times before and they were in love with the hotel and destination.

The whole day was amazing from morning to night, thanks to thirty-three of their closest family and friends that traveled all the way from Norway to celebrate this emotional union.

beach wedding photography

One of their favorite moments was when some pelicans flew over the beach tower exactly when they had climbed to shoot some photos, and everyone was in ecstasy, included our photographer.

Wedding Day Story Photography - 1-2

When we asked about their destination wedding photography with WeddingDayStory this is what they had to share about their experience:

WeddingDayStory’s photographers were absolutely amazing! They blended into our group and we almost did not notice that they were there. The photos ended up great! On top of it, having the wedding photos in an online private gallery made the process of choosing pictures very easy.   
Beach wedding ceremony

They also made sure to mention the wedding planner and all of the crew at the Valentin Imperial Maya Wedding department that made this the best day in our lives! They are experts at weddings!

beautiful bride

We would like to thank Hanne and Thomas for letting us to be part of such a special day!

Wedding Photography

selfie wedding photo

Destination wedding photography

Riviera Maya Honeymoon Activities


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