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We knew Kristie & Corey were a true Wedding Day Story couple when we discovered that they chose a Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya wedding over getting married at a gorgeous castle in the United Kingdom. They are natural, adventurous and active people, so a beach wedding was definitely the right choice for them. One of the most important things for them was that their families could make it down to their Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya wedding and share this very special, intimate family moment with them.

Family Is The Most Important Thing

“I grew up in a small village called Moorends where I have lived all my life with my mum, dad and sister. Corey grew up in the next village from Moorends called Thorne, he lived here with his mum, dad and sister until he was 9. He then moved to Moorends with his family. I think we were both brought up the same and taught that family is the most important thing in the world. We both still live by this now.”

Let’s Meet For Tea

“When I was around 11 I met a friend when I got to secondary school who was also Corey’s cousin. One day I went to hers for tea from school and met Corey there. We became friends from then.”

To My Fiancée

“We went away for the weekend to celebrate my 21st birthday with our best friends, who were actually our best man and one of our bridesmaids at the wedding. After a great night out we woke up on my birthday to get ready to come home. With it being a special birthday I started to open some of my cards and presents from friends and family. Corey gave me his card so I opened it and on the front it read ‘To my Fiancée’ as soon as I read it I looked up as I thought this was a joke, but Corey was at the end of the bed with my engagement ring. It was just perfect.”

A Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Wedding

“When we started to plan our wedding we looked at many castles and manor houses in the UK. One day I asked Corey if it was what he wanted and he replied ‘no’. I was so shocked because I wasn’t sure what that meant. He said he wanted to go away and get married and have something nice and quiet. It had never really crossed my mind as I am so family orientated, I always wanted a big wedding with all our family there. We began to look at going away and the more we looked the more I liked the idea of going. We looked at so many places, Cuba, Jamaica even turkey and cyprus, so more of the family could maybe make it. We finally decided to think of ourselves and where we wanted to go and agreed on Mexico and picked the hotel almost immediately. I don’t think either of us had a favourite part as the day was just perfect, sun, sea and many of our family and friends watching us get married. Not forgetting the fantastic after party. But it all came down to the ceremony. I suppose that’s the reason we were there. It was so special.”

Special Loved Ones

“Our parents Michael Sheppard, Beverley Sheppard, Lisa Turner and Ian Rollinson are so important to us and we thought when we chose Mexico they would be the only ones that would make it as well as our little boy Kaiden. It meant so much to us that both our sisters and partners were there and our niece but also many of our aunties, uncles, cousins and best friends. We really can’t thank any of them enough. 38 people made our day and each of them made it perfect.”

So Many Good Memories

“We have so many memories with everyone that was a part of our day, we would be here for a long time if I named them all. We are so grateful we got to make so many more amazing ones on our wedding day with them all.”

Sambuca Party!

“I think the most memorable moment for many will be one word ‘SAMBUCA’, the groom ordered way to many!”

Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Wedding Photography

“Wedding Day Story took so many beautiful images of our day and we really don’t think we have a favourite, we love them all for different reasons with different people in them. It’s been brilliant having the online link to our wedding photos, it’s great to have time to choose rather than looking at them once and having to choose there and then like many people have to. We can not wait to receive our photos once we finally decide on them as they are all beautiful. Another great reason the online gallery is fantastic!”

The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Wedding Team

“We would like to thank Vania and her team for making our Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Wedding just perfect. Vania listened to every detail we wanted and made it happen.”

Having A Perfect Destination Wedding

“I think the only thing I worried about was taking 38 people from different sides of our family on a 2 week holiday together. They all knew each other as we are all from the same village and they have all been to many parties of ours, but that’s completley different from spending that much time together. I worried for nothing because everyone loved each others company and everyone has made new friends for life. 

A Word Of Advice

“Do it! Dont worry about not being able to see exactly what your venue is going to be like. We went with a carefree attitude and it all turned out perfect.”

It’s All In The Details

“We fetched a lot of things from home as the colour scheme we had was very hard to match. I took all our centerpieces which were just simple flower lanterns with battery candles in the middle with some scatter crystals around them. I also took name tags and favors. Something old, borrowed and blue was my Mums garter from over 25 years ago when her and my Dad got married. Something new was my dress. All of the songs we chose for our wedding were chosen because they meant somthing to us. Not just for our ceremony, first dance etc… But even the song list we chose for our reception. Each one were based on a memory we shared with guests and we think this made it special for them also.”

We love capturing deeply meaningful moments for our WeddingDayStory couples! Thank you so much Kirstie & Corey for letting us be part of your Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya wedding. You have a lovely story. Cheers to you! The WeddingDayStory Family wishes you the best 🙂Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingGrand Sirenis Riviera Maya Wedding Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya WeddingWondering if a destination wedding on the beach is the right choice for you? These 4 reasons why you should have an intimate destination wedding in Mexico might hold the answer! Get inspired browsing though our galleries of #WeddingsInTheSun and dream away!

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