Five Original Beach Wedding Color Schemes

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Many of us dream of having a beach wedding from when we are just kids, and we play bride with an old tablecloth as a veil. If you are one of the lucky enough ones who get to plan their dream beach wedding here at the beautiful Mexican Riviera Maya, the first step you need to take to help visualize your special day is choosing between the many stunning beach wedding color schemes out there. Make sure your decorations are not plain as that old tablecloth!


Shades of Green

beach wedding color schemes

50 Shades of Grey don’t have anything on a shades of green wedding. The key to beach wedding color schemes that are all in one color is to make sure there is a mix of hues of the shade, and that accents do not include complimentary or strong colors: there should be one main tone or “hue”, and accents should only help in contrasting & showcasing it. A greenish-blue hue (as in our WeddingDayStory logo) is a favorite for beach wedding themes, and can be used as the main color or as an accent to the others. This color scheme is great for beach-themed centerpieces & favors that have one dark shade of green mixed with a lighter one and are then accented with a white or cream color. An all-white or light colored flower bouquet will really stand out in this color scheme, without competing the main tone.beach wedding color schemesbeach wedding color schemesbeach wedding color schemes

Romantic Summer

Beach wedding color schemes


Yellow screams summer like no other color, and makes for a very fitting color scheme to celebrate romance in the sun. Plus, it makes small details pop! According to color psychology, yellow is uplifting and illuminating. It brings forward a sense of hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Soft pastel yellow is a great choice for a less bold accent. If you go for the strong hue, try matching it with orange and tangerine in your flower bouquet and keep the table settings simple and neutral in tone.

Beach wedding color schemesBeach wedding color schemesBeach wedding color schemes

Peach, Teal & Gold
Beach wedding color schemes

Although peach and teal aren’t a typical pair for a wedding, the peach is symbolic of the sunset over the teal-colored water, an ideal combination for a Riviera Maya Beach Wedding. Peach is dainty and feminine, while teal is prominent and eye catching. It’s truly the perfect contrast. To make sure that the theme is not too overwhelming, add creamy elements such as a few bridesmaid dresses with a peach or teal ribbon.

Beach wedding color schemes33- Beach wedding color schemesBeach wedding color schemes


Minty Gold

Beach wedding color schemes

A minty green shade with gold adornments & white highlights creates a warm and modern beach wedding color scheme. Mint looks stunning against the Caribbean Sea landscape, and gold brings forward a little glitter from the sun, making for an unparalleled match!
Beach wedding color schemes Beach wedding color schemes

Purple Highlights: One of the most unexpected beach wedding color schemes

Purple is not the first color that comes to mind when thinking about weddings in general, and particularly beach wedding color schemes. Though it might look like a bold choice, shades of purple make for a gorgeous color splash among pale and white contrasts. Most red or pink flowers look amazing when mixed among violets and purple orchids. If you want to make a statement and stand out, this beach wedding color scheme might just be your secret tool!

beach wedding color schemes beach wedding color schemes

Our Riviera Maya Wedding Photography Specialists can help you find local vendors to put together your Beach Wedding Color Scheme vision effortlessly. Schedule a free Wedding Photography Consultation to talk about your day in the sun in Mexico, Costa Rica or Dominican Republic, today! No commitment at all is involved: we are the experts, and we are here to help!

To see more Riviera Maya beach weddings, visit our Pinterest!Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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