Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to customize a package for us? 

Of course! Just contact us with your ceremony’s details and desired services, and we’ll get back to you with a custom package.


Do your prices include tax? 

Yes, all prices are final. No tax is added afterwards.


Are coverage hours consecutive? 

For most cases, yes. However, on particular cases and resorts where we have an in-house shop, we might be able to split coverage for you. Just ask!


What payment methods do you take? 

Credit cards, PayPal and Bank Transfer. In some resorts, it is also possible for you to cancel your package’s remaining balance with a cash payment.


When will we have to place the last payment? 

There’s a 20% retainer, to be paid at the time of booking. The package total should be cancelled one month before the wedding. However, if you need for us to accommodate a different payment schedule, let us know.


What is the advantage of booking a two photographer package? 

A team of paired photographers will work together to cover as many moments of your day as possible. You’ll be able to get the “getting ready” photos done at the same time, instead of splitting the time for each. You’ll also get two angles during all key moments (this comes particularly handy during the ceremony).


How much time before the wedding should we book our photography / videography package? 

We recommend for you to place your booking as soon as possible to guarantee availability.


How will we receive our pictures? 

All images are professionally edited and uploaded to a private viewing gallery link 7 to 12 business days after the wedding. From here, you’ll be able to choose your favorites & package inclusions, and download them directly from your gallery, as high resolution JPG files with all rights released.


Will we be able to buy extra images or prints after the ceremony? 

Yes. We’ll send you custom upgrade options when we share your gallery with you. Prints, canvases and albums are available for purchase trough us for as long as the gallery is active.


What is “Social Media Sharing”? 

It is the option for you to share your images (regardless of whether they are included in your package or not) directly from your online gallery link to social media.


How long will our wedding video be? 

Average final edit run time will be 7 to 10 minutes per hour of coverage, so for an 8 hour coverage, your long version video will be of just under an hour. Every photo & video package also includes a trailer version edit, which runs for about 5 minutes. This is a fast paced edit, set to music, which is designed for you to be able to share on social media.


How long after the wedding will we receive our video? 

The post-processing of the video can take approximately 3 months. This time can vary if change requests are made after the first preview is shared with you.


What is the first look? 

The first look is a chance for you to see each other, right before the ceremony, and before anyone else! It is a very intimate moment that you can share and document, and it is a great opportunity for pictures.


How much time before the ceremony should we set your photography services to start if we choose to shoot a “Getting Ready” session? 

We normally start 1 hour before the ceremony. However, if you are booking photo and video, it is advised for the coverage to start at least an hour and a half before the ceremony, to allow plenty of time for photo and video.


Will we have to pay meals for the Photo & Video team? 

For all coverages of above 5 hours, we do suggest that you discuss meal arrangements for the photo & video team with your wedding planner or coordinator. Many resorts have employee meal options you can look into.


What are your cancellation / refund policies if the ceremony does not take place on the scheduled date and time because of the weather? 

We are flexible with such cases, and, as long as we have availability, we’ll reschedule your booked photo & video coverage package for the new date. If you suspect that weather might cause your ceremony to be rescheduled, please look into the alternative date ASAP and let us know so that we can plan ahead. In the off chance that we don’t have availability for your new date, we’ll give you a full refund for your booked package.


What are your cancellation / refund policies in case that I change my mind about placing a booking? 

In the off chance that you choose to cancel a reservation 60 days before the wedding or more, we’ll refund the full amount of the retainer, minus any bank transfer fees or paypal expenses. If you cancel your package booking or your wedding event less than 60 days before the shoot date, your retainer will be non-refundable.


Can I see each of the photographer’s portfolios and choose one? 

Once you complete our questionnaires and provide us with any photo inspiration or style references, your Wedding Day Specialist will assign the photographer from our team that will be the best fit for you. Feel free to browse through our galleries of #WeddingsInTheSun and point us towards the ones you like best, so that we can have a better idea of your testes!


Can I meet my photographer before the wedding? 

Of course! We can set up a Skype call with your photographer approximately two to three weeks before the ceremony. If you need to talk anything over with us on any other date, you can always set up a call with your Wedding Day Specialist. If your arrival date and our availability allows, we can always set up a pre-ceremony meeting with your photographer in person.

How do I get the pictures included in my package? Do I get a CD with all the pictures?

You’ll receive a link to your online gallery 7 to 12 business days after the ceremony. This link will include ALL pictures taken during your day. You’ll also be getting instructions on how to select and download your favorite images, according to your package’s inclusions.


How do I tell you which photos I want for my album? How will I receive it? 

Your Wedding Day Specialist will walk you trough the very simple process of choosing your favorites for the album. They’ll also design a layout and send it to you for approval. You’ll be receiving your album in the mail, once the process is complete.


What is a Slide Show? 

The Slide Show is a video where your pictures will be featured, set to music. This will be sent to you as an online link and a downloadable high resolution .MOV file, after your package upgrade is placed.


What is the Mobile App? 

The Mobile App is a custom App for smart phones that you’ll be able to install trough a link. It will include a selection of your favorite wedding pictures, and can be shared with guests and family by simply forwarding them the link.


Will I get my photos without the water mark? 

Yes, all the images that you choose within your package will be available for high resolution download, without any watermarks. You’ll be getting them with all printing and copying rights released.


Will I get the original photos too? 

No un-edited images will be ever presented to you or included in your package. All images go trough post-processing before they are delivered, as this is the way we set up the final product you’ll receive. Trust us, the photos will look amazing!


Are these photos edited or can you edit things I don’t want / like? 

Our editing work included color corrections and enhancements only. However, we can also do custom edits like scar or blemish removals, object removals, etc. Just ask! Depending on the number of custom edits you require, we’ll either send you a quote or just include them, free of charge.


Why the “digital media” is more expensive than a print? What’s the difference? 

The High Resolution Digital File is like the negative for your image: From it, you’ll be able to print off the picture on any size or medium (canvas, album, etc), as many times as you want. This is why they are more expensive than prints. When you buy the digital file, you are getting all rights and the possibility to print that image, forever.


How do I use my print credit? 

Your print credit will be a code that is set to give you a discount of X amount of dollars on any purchase from our online gallery. Say you would like to get a couple of canvases. Just choose the products and sizes that you desire, and enter your code when prompted during check out, and the amount corresponding to your credit will automatically be discounted from your purchase!

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