Erika and Julio’s Paradisus Resort Wedding in Playa del Carmen

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Erika and Julio had a Paradisus Resort Wedding in Playa del Carmen on Monday, July 13th 2015.

These two lovebirds met in high school, but they were both born in the same town before that! They had both moved away from their birthplace but ended up together again in California, where they became high school sweethearts.

Erika and Julio had three children together, and, after facing life’s challenges, Julio proposed in the privacy of their home, surrounded by their kids—Joslyn, Jonathan, and Jacob. They had important roles in this Paradisus Resort Wedding, that they were happy to carry out to the letter, leaving a lasting impression in everyone attending!

It was so fun to see Erika and Julio surrounded by their family once more for their Paradisus Resort Wedding. The ceremony was truly touching, and it was fun to watch as Erika was surprised with a present from Julio -a mariachi band! She had always wanted one at her Paradisus Resort Wedding.

Plus, the classic moments were all there, and were unique and special in their own way.

Thank you again, Erika & Julio, for allowing us to be part of your amazing Paradisus Resort Wedding. It was a delight to get to meet you and your children, and we wish you the very best!

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