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Shelli Nornes is not just another travel agent. She is a destination wedding travel agent. That alone, makes her as specialist.

Our WeddingDayStory couples love specialists, just as much as we do. Couples choose specialists when they want to make sure they get someone who devotes their whole energy to a line of work alone, working to perfect their craft constantly. A destination wedding travel agent makes sure he or she can put together something very special for their couples: the most special moments in their lives… and that’s exactly what Shelli Nornes is all about. We’ve talked about her in the past on our Travel Agent Spotlight series. And now, we are so glad to write about her company again, which has now rebranded to Romance Travel Group.Destination wedding travel agent

Romance Travel Group

“I knew in my heart for a long time that I needed to rebrand. Shelli’s Travel suited me just fine for a long, long time, but it was clear to me that I had just simply outgrown it. It took awhile for me to get over my fears, but decided that if I took it slow and gave everyone time to embrace the change, it would work. What started with rebranding baby steps turned into full speed ahead after I first announced the new Romance Travel Group name and logo.  Everyone loved it and was so excited and encouraging. The feedback I got from clients, colleagues and vendors was overwhelmingly positive, and it made me wish I had done it sooner! Shelli’s Travel was good, but Romance Travel Group is beyond great!!! My team is amazing and are the best in the business.”Destination wedding travel agent

As destination wedding specialists, we know how many options are out there -for every little aspect of your day. We know that even when a couple knows exactly what they want, chances are that they will always find something else that could work with their wedding style or theme. There are just too many options. And when you have been a destination wedding travel agent for over 18 years (since you got married!), you get to see how they evolved. Destination wedding travel agent

“I always tell my husband how lucky he is that we have been happily married for more than 18 years now, because with the abundance of fabulous destination wedding details I see everyday, we’d be in big trouble if I was planning my own wedding! The choices today are endless. I am constantly amazed by what my clients come up with for décor, thank you treats, photo shoots and swag and experiences for their guests. It is so important that couples are able to customize their day to fit their personalities. I didn’t have these options when we got married.
The second time I got to be a destination wedding travel agent was for my cousin, who had a small ceremony in Cancun. I remember taking the bus to the local hospital so she and her fiancé could have blood drawn and tested for their marriage license. We had no idea what we were doing. It was pretty crazy! There was no wedding department. There were no planning calls or emails. The only ‘planning’ that was done was a dinner reservation following the ceremony. It is so different compared to the experience destination brides have today. Resort now have teams of coordinators to help the bride with all of the planning details. Couples arrive to the resort knowing that every detail is being handled for them, which allows them to relax and enjoy each moment.”Destination wedding travel agent

Social media became a source of inspiration. Couples now can log on and get inspired on real weddings, they can look for another couple getting married in the same location, using a similar theme, matching colors, dress inspiration, anything they want is right there, just a click away. Even recommendations, reviews and tips!Destination wedding travel agent

“I think social media has and continues to play a huge part in the destination wedding industry. So many people are intrigued by travel and the dream of a destination wedding but may be overwhelmed by the thought of planning their day in a foreign country from thousands of miles away. There are so many groups and communities to join that are loaded with brides and grooms sharing the same concerns. For every new bride posting for the first time, ‘I just got engaged!’ you’ll see another bride sharing ‘We’re married!’ along with hundreds of wedding photos. Social media has shown destination wedding couples that it CAN be done and it is well worth the effort. It gives couples the courage to go for it.”Destination wedding travel agent

Destination Wedding Travel Agent

We, as Caribbean destination wedding specialists, know so many destination wedding planners and travel agents. We understand how important their work is, how much they help couples and what it means to them to have someone who really knows what they are doing to help them. The Romance Travel Group is here to stay, to improve and take the romance industry to the next level.Destination wedding travel agent

“The Romance Travel Group agents and I spend a lot of time traveling to the resorts we recommend, and inspecting potential new resorts to bring into our portfolio. While on site, we get to see the wedding locations, meet the coordinators and management staff, sample the food and make sure that a resort is up to par for hosting such an important event. Our clients know that they can trust our recommendations. We introduce our couples to the wedding coordinator, but always remain in the loop, ensuring a seamless planning experience. We handle all of the guest questions and room reservations, and put together a full website with all the information guests need to know about the wedding and travel. We really look out for the bride and groom and take on as much as we can for them. This is all we do, and we do it extremely well. We ensure everything gets done on time so when the wedding day arrives, the couple knows that all they need to do is enjoy it. I wish all brides could know how easy it is to work with us and that we do all of this free of charge for them. The most important step in planning a destination wedding is partnering with a destination wedding travel agent. This is what Romance Travel Group offers.”Destination wedding travel agent

We are sure this is just the beginning of great times for destination wedding travel agent Shelli Nornes and the Romance Travel Group and all the couples getting married with their help! Thank you for trusting us with your story and congratulations!
Destination wedding travel agent

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