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Alicia & Christopher are the kind of couple that makes us feel that love doesn’t come with a script, each story is different, special and beautiful! They chose us to take care of their destination wedding photography in Riviera Maya and we loved their wedding at Azul Fives so much that we had to ask them to let us share their story…luckily, they said yes!

It’s A Perfect Match!

“We met on! Chris and I actually spent over a month talking over the phone almost every night for hours at a time getting to know each other before we actually met. At the time I had 3 weddings to attend, several birthday parties, a bachelorette party, and I was also moving. I think there were moments that Chris started to doubt me… In that we were never going to meet. I was super busy 3 summers ago! BUT, on my first day off from a week of work we had our first date. Some may call this our first, second, and third date. 🙂 We had lunch at McCoy’s, then went to the Lyndale Tap House for darts and drinks, and then we had dinner at Fuji Ya. The rest is pretty much history from there. One week after our first date it was Chris’ birthday. He invited me to meet his ENTIRE immediate family. I was pretty nervous… not going to lie. Chris obviously knew from the start that we were in this for the long run!”

How To Propose…By Chris

“It was the day after my little sister’s wedding and I had one thing on my mind. The day started off as any other day would except it was the day after a wedding. If you’ve been to a wedding then you know what the morning after is like….yikes! You’re definitely not on top of your game. Once Alicia and I got the energy to get up and out of bed at the Homewood suites (where we stayed after my sisters wedding) we headed to my parents house for the “morning after brunch.” It was a ton of fun and we stayed for a couple of hours. By this time I still had one thing on my mind, asking the girl of my dreams to marry me. I had been waiting for 3 months for my little sister to have her day so that I could ask Alicia to spend the rest of her life with me. Once we got home Alicia said she was tired and wanted to take a nap. This worked out perfect for me, as I still needed time to put my plan together. Alicia fell asleep… perfect, everything was working in my favor. I had had her engagement ring in the apartment for 3 months (and thank God Alicia isn’t a snoop!). I grabbed the ring from its hiding place and put everything back the way it was and hoped she didn’t notice anything is out of place when she woke up. I also had a small box that contained a custom engraved bottle of champagne. I received this box in the mail before her birthday and it sat in her bedroom for 2 months driving her crazy. So while Alicia was sleeping, I started going over the plan in my head. It’s perfect! I had a cigar to use as an excuse to go outside and the bottle of champagne that I am going to use to ask her. After about an hour Alicia woke up. It’s game time! My heart started to race and the sweat, oh the sweat. Once Alicia was up and moving I asked her if she wanted to go down to the river and have some champagne. I also told her that the cigar needed to be smoked or it would go bad. Alicia responds… I don’t want to drink for a month… Sh*t… there goes that plan!! Now what?!?!? I don’t have plan B. Plan A was supposed to work and who has a plan B for this situation. Alicia agreed to walk down to the river behind the apartment, but I left the bottle of champagne inside. We had an amazing conversation on the bench as always. Well Alicia did at least, she was talking and talking and all I kept saying was “I love you.” I must have said it 50 times! Unfortunately, there was a lady that showed up near where we were sitting and she wouldn’t go away. I wanted this to be our moment with no one else around. Alicia finally looked at me and said, “what’s wrong with you?” Now I am extremely nervous. By this time my cigar is almost gone and I am running out of time. Finally the random lady decided to leave. Alicia gets up and sits on my lap. It’s now of never I told myself. I pulled the Tiffany box from my pocket and asked if she will marry and spend the rest of her life with me. She asked “Are we really doing this right now?” and started crying. I laughed, we kissed for a moment, she opened the box and then she said yes!! She made me the happiest man alive and will for the rest of my life.”

A Beach Wedding For Your Inner Child

“Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to have a beach wedding. I honestly couldn’t picture my wedding any other way. Furthermore, I always imagined sharing my day with my immediate family and my closest friends. I always envisioned it being small and intimate. After meeting Chris, the wedding just fell into place after our engagement. We both love to travel and enjoy the beach. It was perfect! And to make decisions even easier, only 5 months after we met we took out first trip together and it was to Mexico. It was probably the easiest decision we made in the whole wedding process!”

And The Best Moment Was…

“Picking one favorite part of the day would be way to hard! There were so many! The whole day went so smoothly and truly was a perfect day. There are two moments I will never forget. One was the look and emotion on Chris’ face when he saw me for the first time in my dress. The second was us saying our own vows. Chris and I went back and forth on this for a long time because neither of us thought we would get through saying them without crying. It is a moment that we captured for a lifetime and I am so glad we did our own vows. Hindsight I couldn’t imagine not doing it!”

Family & Friends

“Every single person who attended our wedding was important. We only had 29 guests including ourselves so as you can imagine we had all of the most important people in our lives with us that day!”

Memorable Details

“Our flowers were absolutely amazing! They were from Martin at Maya Floral. I couldn’t imagine them being anymore beautiful! I bought my dress from a small boutique in Wayzata, MN called Posh Bridal and had it altered by Amazing Alterations in Anoka. Both places made me feel like I was part of their family. It was an amazing experience! Almost all of the other small details were from personal custom sellers on Etsy. Our fans that doubled as our programs, the escort cards, the girls barefoot sandals, custom handkerchiefs, garters, welcome bags, and koozies. Each person we bought from made our day so much more special. Also, a huge shout out to Taylor and Sandy at Tiffany and Co. who helped us pick out my engagement ring, wedding band, and my earrings. Love them all! I absolutely loved handing out the custom handkerchiefs to each of our parents and capturing their expressions when they read them. I also loved seeing Chris’ expressions (in photos after the wedding since I wasn’t present) when he opened my wedding day gifts.”

Destination Wedding Photography By WeddingDayStory

WeddingDayStory did an amazing job!!! I couldn’t have asked for better photos or video. They exceeded all of my expectations. I’m not going to lie I was nervous about booking and paying for this service over email without ever meeting. Once we got to Mexico and had an initial meeting before our big day I was completely at ease. They were all very professional, fun to work with, and took into consideration the types of photos we wanted during our day. We picked WeddingDayStory over other photographers/videographers based on their photo and video style on their webpage and packages they offered. I LOVED their attention to detail throughout the entire day! We are forever grateful for all the memories they captured on our special day.”

Thank you so much Alicia & Christopher for your kind words and for sharing your lovely story, we are sure our WeddingDayStory couples are going to love it as much as we do.
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