All You Need To Know About Cozumel Weddings – Part 1

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Mexico has some of the most incredible locations for destination weddings, and Cozumel would be definitely in the top 10 of that list! This amazing island of 48-km (30-mile) by 16-km (10-mile), where only six percent is actually developed, has a jungle-like interior and deserted beaches for rest and relaxation. Some of many reasons why Cozumel weddings are so beautiful. With turquoise waters and white sand, your Cozumel wedding photography will be stunning! So if you are thinking about having an island wedding we will help you to learn more about this paradisiac place.

Its crystal clear waters has turned it into one of the favorite spots for divers, snorkelers, or just people in love with the blue ocean. Once a mayan ceremonial center,  now the pyramids and ruins are a beautiful culture reminder and must see tour. Besides, it has many eco touristic options, spas, delicious gastronomy and, of course, relaxing, astonishing, white-sand beaches. Is it obvious how much we love Cozumel? And Cozumel weddings? And Cozumel people? And…well, everything! You should fall in love with it too, so here will give the reasons to love and choose Cozumel weddings:

Scuba & snorkel

The Mesoamerican Reef region is a 13 mile long reef system, lies within the Caribbean Sea and touches the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Is the second biggest reef after the great reef in Australia. Is the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Where different types of coral form this underwater wilderness, home to hundreds of fish species, marine turtles, and sharks. And yes, is right there in front of Cozumel’s shore. Now you know why Jacques Cousteau said it was one of the most spectacular diving areas in the world, with more than 40 different dive sites.
No wonder why divers come from all over the globe to the Cozumel Scuba Fest, held every year with competitions, prizes, conferences and the most experimentes and famous divers, all in one place.
Now, when it comes to Cozumel weddings, yes, you can get married underwater. This one of the very few places where you and your guests can enjoy an underwater ceremony!Cozumel weddings

Spa & beauty treatments: A perfect combination with Cozumel Weddings

We know that there are spas everywhere, but, what would make them special? At the island, they have so many treatments that will make you feel relaxed, restored, revitalized. You can choose from places on the beach, at some of the all-inclusive hotels or specialized wellness retreats, where they use technology and/or ancestral native techniques to give you some of the best spa experiences of your life.Cozumel Weddings

Eco tourism

Called “Heaven on Earth”, this Caribbean island has thriving jungles, lagoons, mangroves, beautiful beaches along to a true blue ocean, one of the best reef systems and so much flora and fauna to fulfill your love for nature. Must visit with your brand new spouse and your guests:

  • Chankanaab: Trek through the jungle, explore Mayan ruins, go for a swim, have a relaxing massage, snorkel & scuba dive, have a close encounter with tropical fishes, relax in a hammock under a palapa, all of that in the same place! Is located inside Cozumel´s National Marine Park, South Coastal Road 5 mile. According to figures from Mexico’s National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP), its waters are currently home to 105 different types of coral and 262 species of fish.Cozumel weddingsCozumel weddings
  • Faro Celerain Ecological Reserve: This is the largest reserve on the island, with so many exotic creatures and sea turtles sanctuaries, located at Punta Sur Eco Beach Park. To get to the lighthouse that will make you feel like in a little museum, you’ll need to rent a car or scooter. From the top of the old lighthouse you’ll enjoy magnificent views and a museum dedicated to maritime navigation. Learn about who used to inhabit the region, including pirates! The historic lighthouse gives you a look of life in Cozumel in the early 20th century through photos and other artifacts.It also has Mayan archaeological ruins, such as El Caracol, from the seventh century. Visit the Columbia mangrove lagoon on a guided catamaran and get to beautiful beaches that also are sea turtle sanctuaries from May to September.Cozumel weddings

Mayan ruins

Cozumel was a ceremony center for the Mayans. On the west side of the island, deep in the middle of the jungle, you’ll find “El Cedral”, an archaeological ruin and quaint little village. It can be visited with a guided tour or not, on foot, horseback or ATVs. It was a sacred place where the Mayans worshiped and offered gifts to their gods.
If you go up north, you’ll find San Gervasio. Its pyramids are the largest and best reserved Mayan ruins, including Ka’ Na Nah, which was a sanctuary for Mayan women. You’ll also find the sanctuary of Ixchel, the jaguar goddess of fertility, midwifery, weaving and medicine.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the goddess and ask her to bless your union!Cozumel WeddingsCozumel weddings

We hope you enjoy our recommendations so far, but Cozumel has so much more to offer! So, go ahead and read All You Need To Know About Your Cozumel Wedding (Part 2) right here!

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