All You Need To Know About Your Cozumel Wedding – Part 2

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Welcome to the part 2 of our Cozumel wedding guide. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and read our post on All You Need To Know About Cozumel Weddings (Part 1) right now!

Our photographers are absolutely in love with this beautiful island also known as “Heaven on Earth”… And here’s why:

White & blue beaches for your Cozumel wedding

You are on an Caribbean island, so it’s all about the beach! Cozumel’s amazing white & blue landscape is a dreamlike setting, and has been the perfect one for more Cozumel weddings than we can count.

Whether you are eloping and have a quick intimate ceremony, or you choose to cross over from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel for a post-wedding photography session or just to relax, you’ll find many astounding spots. Did we mention that the light on Cozumel island is also quite magic?

If you already had your siesta in a hammock under a colourful palapa and got tired of walking on white, warm sand and swimming in beautiful blue waters, there’s plenty to do here.

You can practice SUP on the beautiful Cozumel waters, which is great for any expertise level, even if you are only starting.

As for water sports, snorkelling in Cozumel is a must. Plenty of tours are available and will take you to the best snorkelling sots and coral reefs near the island, though you can also do it from land, as this is a place where marine life is thriving. Just hop in a taxi and head on to the local’s favourite beach club, The Money Bar. Fare should be just $8 USD from the ferry dock. You can rent equipment right there (which should also be very inexpensive, anywhere from $15-$20 for the full set, all day) and you won’t even need to go too deep in the water to see beautiful fish all around! The coral reef is at the shore.

If you are feeling adventurous, try some Cozumel surfing lessons and become one with the vibe of the island.

Home of Chankanaab Park, and with amazing reefs and limestone caves, Cozumel’s waters are unparalleled for scuba diving. So much so, that every year the island is home for Cozumel Scuba Fest, Mexican Caribbean’s number one scuba event, holding countless activities.

Other places to visit are the less crowded shores of Punta Chiqueros, on the East side of the island, Playa Bonita (the name says it) and Playa Chen Rio.Cozumel wedding

Cultural scene

You should definitely go visit the pyramids, but don’t forget to also visit the museums and discover the art community at this cultural center that mixes Mayan culture with modern day influences.

  • Museo de la Isla Cozumel is located in San Miguel (the only city on the island) and has lots to show about Cozumel’s anthropology and native eco-system, trough and in-depth examination of the latter and constant exhibitions.Cozumel weddingCozumel wedding
  • Casa de la Cultura Ixchel (Culture Center) is where the locals go. It offers courses and craft learning sessions, together with cultural events like book presentations and concerts. Perfect for an afternoon of immersing yourself in the Mexican culture, off the beaten path!
  • Discover Mexico is a theme park with over 60 replica artifacts from Mayan and Toltec civilizations, right outside of San Miguel. But it’s not all learning and no fun: try their Tequila Tour by Jose Cuervo for a real taste of Mexican history! Cozumel weddingCozumel wedding

Delicious gastronomy

Here you’ll find amazing Caribbean flavours combined with fresh sea food, fruits and a Yucatan culinary influence, all mixed together with a touch of Mayan, Spanish and French cuisine… This unique blend makes Cozumel’s gastronomy particularly delicious.

You’ll find everything from a boutique chocolaterie (Isla Bella, a mother/daughter team dedicated to make people happy through delicious handmade chocolate creations); to the Mexican bistro Kinta (which, by the way, is right next to Isla Bella). Their menu is inspired by Mexican tradition and history. Using the pillars of Mexican gastronomy they have created a contemporary Mexican cuisine with the freshest local ingredients available. Chef Wallenta blends his passion for Mexican flavor with a balance of textures to delight your senses.

While you are there, why not also try the traditional Casa Mission, which offers guests a unique atmosphere that transports them through Mexican history. In this impressive Ranch, the past and present come together. Many years ago, it was a retirement place for governors and aristocrats. Nowadays, it has become the must-go spot for seafood in Cozumel. Surrounded by gardens and fountains, its often visited by exotic birds and thrives with centenary trees. Cozumel wedding

Best locations for Cozumel weddings

  • Cozumel Palace: Your personal island getaway and one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cozumel for a Caribbean wedding or honeymoon. Cozumel Palace is the best choice for couples, no matter if they are looking to have an intimate Cozumel wedding or a large family affair. All guest rooms face the ocean for stunning sunset views. Here you can scuba dive on the island’s magnificent coral reef, go snorkeling directly from the resort or bathe in your choice of their two luxurious swimming pools. There are great activities for your younger guests as well, which make it the ultimate resort for Cozumel weddings.
    Wedding locations include: Wedding gazebo & beach and outdoor terraces facing the ocean with sunset views.
    Honeymooning at Cozumel Palace? Your stay includes a free honeymoon package! Contact them directly for further information.
  • Playa Azul: Playa Azul‘s Cozumel wedding specialists work with you to build a custom wedding package. They offer religious, civil and even Mayan ceremonies. Their wedding coordinator, Stephanie, will take care of all the important details, including menu, drinks, decor, location (indoors or beach), hair stylist, appointments with massage therapists, legal documentation and everything you might need to create the best memories on your special day. 
  • Sunscape Sabor Cozumel: With ocean breezes blowing and sunlight reflecting off sparkling turquoise waters, Sunscape Sabor Cozumel offers the ideal tropical setting for your Cozumel wedding. Exchange vows in a lovely beach gazebo or choose any other beautiful spot at this gorgeous resort. With their perfectly crafted Cozumel wedding packages, you can relax and enjoy the I do’s because they’ve taken care of all the to-do’s!
  • Secrets Aura Cozumel: Trust us: you won’t get enough of Secrets Aura Cozumel‘s private beach. They offer an elegant ballroom, ideal for a Cozumel wedding’s reception, or you can also go with the terrace or beach. Their professional wedding coordinators handle every detail of their Cozumel weddings too, so you can focus on enjoying each other.
  • Meliá Vacation Club All Inclusive: With Meliá, you are going with yet another ideal location for a magical and romantic Cozumel wedding. Their team is well aware of the importance of this very special occasion, and is ready and willing to adapt to any requests to ensure the success of your event. Their Chef has also created a great choice of dining options. Or if you prefer, you can even design your own menu!Cozumel wedding

We hope you fall in love with this place as much as we do every time we shoot a wedding in Cozumel. Schedule a call with us today or send us an email for your free Cozumel wedding photography estimate!

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