A Newbie’s Guide To Costa Rica Weddings

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There’s a reason why Costa Rica Weddings are getting more and more popular. The amazingly “rich” nature of its coasts, beautiful beaches and areas that are surrounded by jungle and thriving with wildlife, make it one of the best destination wedding spots out there. On the Pacific side, there are stunning beaches with incredible views that makes everyone fall in love with the sunsets, and that make Costa Rica weddings truly unique.Costa Rica weddings

 So, you’re interested in Costa Rica weddings!

We have said before that having a destination wedding is a great idea for those who love nature, adventures and intimate ceremonies, so choosing Costa Rica is only natural with the beach, the jungle, the hills…green, blue, brown. This will be a gorgeous background for your wedding pictures but what else is there to love? Keep reading and find out why so many couples prefer Costa Rica weddings.
Costa Rica weddingsCosta Rica weddings


Another great thing about Costa Rica weddings is that the country has great weather, if you are into hot and slightly humid temperature. This is because it is so close to the Equator, and they actually have little difference in the temperature all year round. The main difference is that they have dry and rainy seasons.

  • Dry Season: from December to April.
  • Rainy Season: May to November.

What’s great too, is that during dry season there is a really small chance of the weather acting up during your Costa Rica wedding, as it is really dry. During wet season, there’s an 80% chance that you’ll have showers every day, specially during the afternoon. Don’t fear though, as Cost Rica rainy weather can result in amazing images too!
Costa Rica weddingsCosta Rica weddingsCosta Rica weddingsCosta Rica weddings


Here you can go fishing, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving or just lay on the beach. Take some tours to know the local flora and fauna, the visit the different beaches or sail to the many islands nearby.Costa Rica weddings


If you are really an adventurous into extreme sports couple you will totally fit in Guanacaste, where they have some of the best spots in the world to go surfing, imagine taking your guests for a surf class!

In love with nature

Some of the Guanacaste “playas” have been chosen, for ages, to be the place where turtles go to lay their eggs and be the birth place of cute baby turtles. This is such a touching event to watch, but remember not to touch them, as this would potentially harm them and interfere with their natural and delicate balance.Costa Rica weddings

Trying local food

This is something everyone should do everywhere, but make sure you taste the Costa Rican flavor, we believe it is a good idea that couples taste it when they arrive and maybe having a few gourmet versions in their Costa Rica weddings.


There are certain places that you should really visit before leaving:

Coco beach: A great place for swimming or just relaxing on the sand with your guests, or you can have some alone time with your new/future spouse. You can rent kayaks or SUP boards. And if you like going out, this is your town, known for its nightlife.

Ocotal beach: Here you SHOULD go snorkeling, it is one of the best spots to do so. Also you can rent kayaks, canoes and other water equipment.

Boats: There are many boat tours for you to choose depending on what you would like to do, some take you to the islands or to other beaches, snorkeling or just sailing with drinks and snacks.


The ocean on the Guanacaste area is so rich with coral reef and marine wildlife that it makes it a great place for some snorkeling & scuba diving. Try Octal beach, in the Gulf of Papagayo, for some snorkeling or diving. You can also go to Catalina Island and swim with the Pacific Giant Mantas!Costa Rica weddings

National parks

This is a very original and good idea! You could go to:

  • Palo Verde National Park: covers an area of over 45,000 acres, much of the Tempisque Conservation area which includes the valley and the river. This national park is one of the most important in the country because it contains one of the most endangered ecosystems in C. America – tropical dry forest.
  • Rincón de la Vieja National Park: Icomposed of nine separate but contiguous craters, is the largest of five volcanoes in the Guanacaste Mountain Range. The still-steaming volcano gives its name to the 35,000-acre national park that surrounds it. There’s tons of activities to do if you want to go ziplining, hiking, horseback riding or visit waterfalls.
  • Barra Honda National Park: The calcareous formations of the limestone caverns at the Park are the main visitor attraction, which are only estimated to be 50% explored. The park has a Ranger Station which is open for visitor attention from 8am to dusk, and has potable water and restrooms.Costa Rica weddings Costa Rica weddings

To learn more about Costa Rica, you can visit our other posts, like the 3 Reasons To Have Your Destination Wedding in Costa Rica or go ahead and see the pictures of a real Costa Rica WeddingDayStory couple, here.

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