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When you truly know the person you love, you can surprise them with something that will really mean a lot to them. Janette & Patrick are a musical couple that decided to have a destination wedding in Costa Rica, and we were lucky enough to be their Costa Rica Wedding Photographers. This was a very special place to them, as it also was where they sealed their love with a proposal for the very first time. Keep reading and find out why their story is unique:

Love & Respect

“We both grew up in the country on farms when we were small but then moved to the city. Our parents taught us to love and respect everyone regardless of the way they look, their color and status in society. To work hard and to respect our elders was another one of their values.”


“We met through a good friend of ours and her husband. Lucky us!! I knew he was the one by the way my stomach flipped when I saw him and the way he spoke to me with his soft eyes.”

Riu Guanacaste Proposal

“We were at Riu Guanacaste and he proposed to me on our balcony overlooking the ocean. He played his guitar after that with tears in his eyes. I was SO shocked that he had the nerve to carry the ring on him through customs and keep it a secret for a few days before proposing!”

The Thrill Of The Day

“We chose the same place in which we got engaged because we are sentimental people. The best part of the day was having all our friends and family there (28 of us) to share our special day. The best part of my day as a bride was having my son walk me down the isle as my dad has passed. As well, my hubby surprised me with a white horse to ride after we tied the knot. I grew up on horses so this was the thrill of the day!”

Grateful And Blessed

“This is a hard question for us to answer as everyone is so special to us and is unique and loved in their own ways. We were grateful and blessed to have all our friends and family there that could attend. I knew our parents were there as well in spirit. We will remember all of the people who attended our wedding because we love them all and they have touched our lives each in a different way.”

Costa Rica Wedding Photographers

“Our Costa Rica wedding photographers were very professional and did a great job on the pictures. It was very hard to decide which ones to order! I liked the way they emailed you the images and you could look at them and then decide. It is sometimes hard to pick them right away after the wedding as you are still on a ‘high’ lol. The photographer was very talented and took some beautiful pictures. I was very happy when I saw them. I am so glad I decided to go with Wedding Day Story as our Costa Rica wedding photographers! My favorite picture is the one of me on the white horse galloping down the beach! Also the one of my husband and I in the water after a big wave came and soaked us. So natural looking! Galloping down the beach on that white horse will be a memory for me for the rest of my life. (Everyone still talks about that!!) And what great pictures the photographer took!”

A Dream Come True

“The Riu did a fantastic job of planning our wedding and everything turned out perfect! I was a bit nervous of the fact I couldn’t be right there to supervise the planning but everything turned out beautifully! My advice would be: Go for it and don’t be afraid! It is so worth it.”

Walk Through This World With Me

“We didn’t bring a lot of details from home as we came with a lot of luggage and I wanted to leave it up to the wedding planner to do that. But we followed the traditions. My dad passed away 14 years ago and I had his pocket watch I wrapped around the base of my bouquet. As I walked down the isle with my husband after getting married the watch flew off! I knew then he was right there with me! For the music I chose an old and beautiful song by Roberta Flack. It is called ‘The first time ever I saw your face’. I also sang a song before I walked down the isle. It was by George Jones and is called ‘Walk through this world with me’. There were alot of tears on people’s faces ( including mine) when I was singing it! These songs are both special to us.”

Janette & Patrick, we loved being your Costa Rica wedding photographers!

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