Brie & Ryan’s Paradisus Wedding in Playa del Carmen

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Brie and Ryan were married on July 10th in a beautiful Paradisus wedding.

The two of them met 12 years ago when Ryan was visiting a friend at the college where Brie was attending. While they were there, the fire alarm sounded, so they had plenty of opportunities to talk and get to know one another. Although they were separated over the next few years, they reunited eight years ago, and Ryan decided then and there that he would one day marry Brie.

Flash forward to July 2013, when Ryan called to ask Brie out to dinner. She thought this was odd, because he had been on a business trip and traveling all week. She mentioned this to her best friend, who immediately put together an “emergency manicure.” But as the day went on, Brie started to think maybe the whole thing was a false alarm:

“That night, we went to PF Changs, one of our favorite places to go for dinner and drinks. I thought it was an odd place to propose, but I knew something was up and had already informed all my girlfriends of what I thought was about to happen. As soon as we arrived, we went and took our usual seats at the bar. I was positive this was the night, until Ryan’s co-worker, who happened to be at the restaurant also, came by to say hi—at which point Ryan offered for him to sit with us. His coworker turned down the offer, but a minute later, I excused myself and went into the bathroom where I texted my girlfriends—false alarm—he was definitely not proposing, I must have read the signs wrong.

The rest of the night proceeded normally, until Ryan insisted we get dessert—something we usually don’t do. Maybe he was going to propose? When the cake came out, I ate it cautiously, nervous there was a diamond somewhere on the plate I wasn’t seeing—but there was nothing! After dessert, I finally admitted defeat. The bill came, along with the fortune cookies. After eating the fortune cookie, I went to read my fortune—“Brie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I turned to Ryan, who was on one knee, as the bartender took some photos. After I said yes, the bartender handed me an envelope. It was our passports and two tickets to Cancun for an engagement trip the next morning!!!”

Brie and Ryan had decided to do a destination wedding after Brie’s father passed away two and a half years ago from pancreatic cancer. She didn’t think she could handle a traditional wedding without him, so they decided to go for an intimate destination wedding.

It was amazing to see all of Brie and Ryan’s friends and family come together to celebrate with this beautiful couple! Brie’s brother gave her away, and it was truly touching to see the look that this lovely couple shared as Ryan saw her on her brother’s arm that day.

It was also great to see everyone let loose and have some fun, it was clear that these people knew how to have a blast!

Thank you again, Ryan & Brie, for allowing us to capture this amazing wedding day for you. It was truly a fantastic and fun experience!

Paradisus-Playa-del-Carmen-Destination-Wedding_Wedding-Day-Story-WEB_0002 Paradisus-Playa-del-Carmen-Destination-Wedding_Wedding-Day-Story-WEB_0003 Paradisus-Playa-del-Carmen-Destination-Wedding_Wedding-Day-Story-WEB_0004 Paradisus-Playa-del-Carmen-Destination-Wedding_Wedding-Day-Story-WEB_0005 Paradisus-Playa-del-Carmen-Destination-Wedding_Wedding-Day-Story-WEB_0006 Paradisus-Playa-del-Carmen-Destination-Wedding_Wedding-Day-Story-WEB_0007 Paradisus wedding

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