Madame Weddings: Riviera Maya’s Beach Wedding Hair & Makeup Gurus

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Here’s the first thing every bride knows: wedding day styling and beach wedding hair are A BIG DEAL.

Put in a way anyone can understand: Have you ever noticed how long it can take for a woman to get ready for a date?
Now picture that “date”  is the most important day of her life, and you’ll have a rough idea of how much effort she’ll want to put to her beach wedding hair & makeup.
Styling has the power of making a woman feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. But, if falls anywhere short from that, it can be VERY dangerous.Beach wedding hair

Emilie Duclaux had an Isla Mujeres beach wedding back in 2012. Though everything went smoothly, she was left with the strong feeling that the stylists who did her beach wedding hair & makeup didn’t completely understand what she had in mind.

She just wasn’t as happy as she could have been with the way she looked on her wedding day.

Soon after, she realised that although her beach wedding had passed, she could still do something about that uncomfortable feeling: make sure other brides don’t go trough the same.Beach wedding hair

After a life of vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Alizée Planty decided that it was her place in the world.

A strong taste for fashion had also been with her her whole life.

One day, Emilie and Alizée found their way to each other. It was natural. They founded Alizée Spa & Madame Weddings, which have been going strong for more than 3 years now.

Offering everything from beach wedding hair & makeup, nail applications to massage and facials, they make sure to use high quality products every time. They are constantly developing and improving every aspect of what they do, and they put special attention on their contacts with clients, the organization of their own team and the schedules they put together for brides & bridal parties. Beach wedding hair

Their priority is that their clients are happy with their work based on discipline & professionalism. They draw inspiration from the Riviera Maya lifestyle, a free, natural way of living close to the sea and nature, which has a fashion and styling personality of its own.

The “Recipe”  Behind Madame Weddings’ Beach Wedding Hair & Make Up Style

First thing’s first: they take notice of their bride’s type and skin color, age, hair texture and hair color.

They ask their clients about the style and shape of their dress, as it will affect the type of beach wedding hair & makeup they will propose for that particular look.

Mix a couple of beach wedding hair clients’ requests along the way, and they’ll be able to put together different style proposals trying to keep a modern & neat look.

They believe beach wedding hair & makeup has to be subtle and natural. And we couldn’t agree more!Beach wedding hair

Beach Wedding Hair & Makeup Tips

Considering Playa del Carmen’s hot and humid climate, it’s better to get a soft hairdo that looks glamorous yet natural at the same time.

Beach wedding hair has to be simple & comfortable.

A hippie-chic look with braids works great for beach wedding hair. Make up has to be precise, because of the high humidity. Fresh & tropical flowers make for great accessories!

Beach wedding brides usually go for a fresh, relaxed style. It is good to leave a couple of locks of hair out, which is a simple way to create a natural, laid back look.

These beach wedding hair stylists are experts in creating soft yet strong looks, that can hold up being exposed to wind and humidity.

Beach wedding hair

When it comes to beach wedding makeup, they aren’t big fans of the airbrush.

They think it is a bit overrated: sometimes the results aren’t so neat as what they can achieve manually. Beach wedding hair

The overall tendency is to keep it simple.

The natural, simple wedding hair & makeup look brides tend to choose is generally matched with simple, uncluttered ceremony decorations. Beach wedding hair

“We have seen the times change, less volume on the hair, more nude on the lips. We try to keep the curls and we have some special tricks for the make up; we prefer nude palettes. Although we can always do what our brides like, we don’t quite recommend beach brides to go for smokey eyes or have all their hair down.”

Beach wedding hair

They know that some of the most important characteristics of a wedding beauty professional are patience, and a strong sense of respect for the bride’s taste. Beach wedding hair

“We have special moments on every wedding, from brides that jump in to your arms, to crying proud moms and we would like to tell the Riviera Maya brides that this won’t be a wedding like any other. It’s a connection with the place that has a peaceful energy and harmony to keep its natural essence.”

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All images courtesy of Madame Weddings.
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