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Destination weddings are different from your average wedding in the city for many reasons. And the reasons they are different are not just about the location, the sun in your face and the fact that you’ll be abroad with your favorite people in the world.. but also because of the organization & the preparation that goes into the whole trip. As a beach wedding bride, you’ll want to make sure that your personality shines trough… These simple beach wedding DIY project ideas will help make sure it does!

Beach soleless sandals

These aren’t really sandals nor shoes, but a beautiful beach feet decoration accesory. They are very easy to craft, more so if you have basic crochet skills. If you don’t, ask for some help from grandma or your favorite aunt! Another great alternative is this easy beach wedding DIY barefoot bridal sandal made with beads. Oh, and by the way, they can be beautiful favors for your female wedding guests or your bridal party!

beach wedding diy

Signing posters and books

There are many DIY beach inspired signing posters, books, signs and puzzles that you can put together for your beach wedding. Use fabrics matching the color scheme of your beach wedding and a lightly colored book for the color to stand out more in the contrast, and decorate your beach wedding DIY guestbook with sand, fake starfish, flowers or handmade seashells. We don’t encourage that you use the ones you can buy at fairs or shops, since many of them are gathered from protected areas of the ocean and the whole process disrupts its delicate ecosystem. You’ll find molds for DIY starfish and the seashells here.beach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

Beach wedding DIY “love” flags

These little sand brown flags look so cute against a light blue background or wooden decorations of any kind. And, they are so easy to make! Just get some fabric and follow the instructions on How to make a fabric bunting. Then, write on them with white paint, stitch letters on them using pieces of other fabrics or pattern print them at a local shop. Some ideas for your DIY beach wedding flags are”Love”, “Love Is All You Need”, “Just Married”, the couple’s names, and the ceremony location.beach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

Star fish table decoration

Using the same technique we shared before, you can make a starfish garland! Make sure you also get something to hang them. Follow these instructions.beach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

Message in a bottle centerpiece

This is a very original way to get your guests’  best wishes on paper. Use a bottle as a table centerpiece with the instructions to write whatever they want on a piece of paper and put it into the bottle.

beach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

You & Me and 1, 2, 3…

We love this one! Get some photos from your childhood, making sure you find images from when you were 1, 2, 3 years old, and use them to set the table numbers. Table 1 gets a picture of when both of you were 1, and so on.beach-wedding-DIYbeach-wedding-DIYbeach-wedding-DIY

“Beachey” invitations

Why have regular, boring invitations printed out when you can make a great beach themed DIY project out of it? These invitations have a beach vibe, are virtually inexpensive and are highly personalized. Just get some string, jute & print or hand-write the details of your beach ceremony in recycled paper with black ink. This is your chance to get really creative!beach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

Beach Wedding DIY rings treasure chest

Why keep you beach wedding rings in a regular box when its so easy to turn a little chest into a beach wedding DIY rings chest? Just add some wooden cutout hearts with your initials, jute, nces, sand… You get the idea. If you don’t find a chest that you love, here is an alternative.

Beach Wedding DIYbeach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

Decorating the chairs

This is as simple as getting the fabric you love (rugged, jute type woks best) and the fake starfish molds to get the fabric to stay in place in the shape you want. Put the ends of the fabric together with the help of some string… and that’s it!beach wedding DIY

Beach wedding DIY place cards

A very inexpensive idea! After you print your guests’ names & table numbers on nice paper, cut them into rectangles, fold them to look like beach chair lounges and just add a cute little drink umbrella! It will look so much better if you place them on a sandy tray! Another of Martha Stewart‘s great DIY beach wedding ideas.beach wedding DIY

Love fortune

If you would like to amuse your guests, this is for you. Write different love-related fortunes or movie quotes and place them inside a origami-style paper fortune cookie!beach-wedding-DIYbeach-wedding-DIY

Wedding crown

A beach themed wedding crown can be the best accessory for your beach wedding dress. Make sure you choose your favorite flowers, or buy local the ones that are on season. Add some details made by you, like the seashells. Get inspired with this How to!beach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

Bottled programs

Turn your wedding programs into messages in bottles and make your destination wedding look inspired and original!
beach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIYbeach wedding DIY

Star fan

Another way to let your guests know about the wedding program is to print it on a sea star-shaped fan, two times useful!beach wedding DIY

Clean beach, beautiful beach

Last but not least, a simple tip: Some fun traditions like throwing confeti or rice at the newlyweds can contaminate natural areas if you are having your ceremony at the beach. Try having your guests toss little beach balls (much more in tune with your beach wedding). Make sure someone is appointed to gather all the balls afterwards!beach wedding DIY

Let us know what you think about these ideas!

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