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This Azul Fives Wedding Day Story can be traced all the way back to Valentine’s Day. Victoria & Anthony met on the most romantic day of the year, and got married in paradise.Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

As usual, we were eager to know more about them, and how they chose our beautiful home as the setting for their celebration and Azul Fives Wedding.

What is the most important thing about your childhood that made you who you are today?

Anthony: We both enjoyed extremely happy childhoods surrounded by very loving and hardworking families. We were born in Middlesbrough, England, and attended schools very close to each other (although we never crossed paths). Victoria’s parents taught her to live each day to the full and to be independent and strong-willed. They promoted hard work and the benefits this would reap. My parents instilled the values of resilience, integrity and patience. Their support and encouragement has got us to where we are today.Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

How did you meet?

Anthony: It was Valentine’s Day, 2011, in a pub called The Crown. I shouldn’t have been there as it was a Monday night and I am a school teacher. Fortunately, I was called up to do jury service that week so I allowed myself a night out. I was just about to leave when she shouted me from across the dance floor. The rest is history.Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

A furry friend is a man’s best friend

Victoria: Anthony booked a hotel for us in the Lake District during half term. After breakfast, he took me and our dog Mojo for a walk along a wooded path which led to the most beautiful, secluded lake. He then told me to film the view and when I turned round he was holding a set of flash cards which took me through our time together so far. This culminated in him proposing only for him to realize the ring was missing! He then sprinted off with Mojo and I was left in sheer panic! This was all a ruse however; as Mojo then returned with the ring on his collar. Needless to say, I said yes!Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

Choosing a Destination Wedding in Riviera Maya

Victoria: Everything I had seen about the Azul Fives Wedding venue looked perfect. We wanted to get married in paradise, surrounded by our closest family and friends. While we loved every second of our day, my favorite part of the day was seeing Anthony. His favourite part was the recessional walk with me and Isla.
Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

About the guests

Victoria’s parents (Ste and Jan), Anthony’s parents (Geoff and Joanne), the best man Andy Woodhead and groomsmen David Camp and Chrissy Emms. Victoria’s maid of honor Danielle, her sister-in-law Terri and her cousin Kelly. Everyone who attended is very special to us. Anthony’s nana Shiela made the trip.Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

Wedding Day Stories

During our first dance a tall vase with a floral arrangement fell and smashed all over the dance floor. We think it was Victoria’s late nana letting us know she was there with us in spirit.

Victoria’s Manolo Blahnik shoes were a surprise from Anthony. She had pointed them out him previously, saying they would be her dream wedding shoes. They certainly looked amazing on her Azul Fives Wedding photography in Playa del Carmen!Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

What was unique about having your Azul Fives Wedding photography in Playa del Carmen with WeddingDayStory?

We loved having the images on a private online gallery link.Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

What about the rest of the vendors?

Katy HK – I found her online. She saved us a lot of money: I ordered wedding favours and hired a few decorative pieces. She was reasonable and reliable. I would highly recommend!

Please share your favorite images with us:

The one where we are stood close together and my veils blowing and the one where we’re walking through the sparklers. Oh and the one where we are all jumping on the pier. We just can’t pick!

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Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory Azul Fives Wedding by WeddingDayStory

Thank you so much Victoria & Anthony for letting us tell yourAzul Fives Wedding Day Story, we loved capturing it!Riviera Maya Honeymoon

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