7 Things To Know About Riviera Maya Underwater Photos

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If you are traveling to the Riviera Maya, doing Riviera Maya Underwater Photos is a must-have experience after your wedding day. Bring your dress and venture to do something totally different and fun! Riviera Maya Underwater Photos are a great way to enjoy a whole day of awesomeness in one of the most intriguing landscapes Mexico an offer: Cenotes & Underwater Caves.

Having Riviera Maya Underwater Photos is not for the faint of heart. Cenotes might not look like the friendliest of environments at first: quite dark, chilly freshwater and caved areas with stalactites… But if you are in an adventurous mood, or just that kind of couple, Riviera Maya underwater photos can be a great fit- and the resulting images are breathtaking. There are more than 70 known cenotes here in our Riviera Maya home, only between Cancun & Tulum… And many more remain still to be discovered.

What’s So Cool About Riviera Maya Underwater Photos?

The way sunlight drops in a cenote and bounces off the walls makes for a stunning lighting scenario for us wedding photographers. We can combine beautiful streams of light with off camera lightning techniques and get results that are quite spectacular.

What You Must Know about Riviera Maya underwater photos

  • Your wedding dress will turn heavy underwater! More so if it has a long trail. It can make it hard for you to move and swim. Cenotes are very deep generally, so be mentally ready. Make sure floating devices are at hand and never dive in the water when nobody is around. You might want to switch your real ceremony dress for a different, more confortable one.
  • Are you afraid of little fish? Maybe you can consider another location for your trash the dress as these tiny friends are quite curious! They won’t bite though, but you might feel them touching your legs and feet. If you have any open wounds in your toes or legs, they’ll be drawn to them.
  • Although we love the naturally of walking barefoot, you bring along water shoes or special sandals so you focus on enjoying the moment without constantly thinking, “ups, what did I step on?”
  • Not a professional swimmer or diver? Don’t worry, you don’t need to, but of course, you shouldn’t be afraid of water either!
  • Getting an awesome tan is a must in the Caribbean, but always remember to protect your skin. If you come from or plan on sunbathing after your shoot, remember to use a biodegradable sun block lotion, since the oils in other types of creams and sunblocks can harm the natural balance of the cenote’s environment.
  • Underwater translates into waterproof when we talk about make up! Get a light foundation that will stay and don’t use powder, if possible: when the combination gets wet and after a while of swimming, it won’t look good. Also, go easy on the mascara: even if it is waterproof, our experience tells us that if it can smudge, it will. On the dress. Or the groom. Or both!
  • Unusual props can add fun to the session. What about a rubber duck swimming with you? Or a photo with your snorkel masks on? We are just kidding… (or are we?)

Book a session & have beautiful Riviera Maya Underwater Photos with us! Transportation & entrance are included in all of our packages, and we guarantee jaw-dropping underwater images.

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