5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Attending A Destination Wedding

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These days, destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular—especially among couples who want to enjoy a unique and intimate ceremony in a special setting. In the right location, and with our team of creative wedding photographers Playa del Carmen, the results can be absolutely unforgettable! If you’ve recently been invited to a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya, there are some etiquette mistakes you’ll want to be careful to avoid.

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1. Breaking Your RSVP Commitment

Destination weddings, such as Riviera Maya weddings, tend to be a lot smaller and intimate than traditional weddings. If you receive an invite, you were probably one of just a few dozen or less who made the list. As such, it’s important that you honor your RSVP commitment. Once you say you’re going to attend, arrangements are made based on the guest count, such as hotel reservations and dinner spots. The typical timeframe for a destination wedding plan in the Riviera Maya is at least one year in advance, allowing plenty of time for guests and family members to make work and travel arrangements. So, if you know you won’t be able to make it, make sure to tell the couple as soon as you can.
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2. Assuming You Can Bring Children or a +1

Due to the more intimate nature of destination weddings, you should never assume that you can bring along a +1 or even children (unless explicitly stated on your formal invitation). If the invite isn’t clear, reach out to the bride or groom and ask for clarification on how many seats have been set aside for your party. Some Riviera Maya wedding venues are adults only (like the Valentin Imperial Maya, a favorite location for WeddingDayStory’s wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen) so make sure to double check before you book any flights!Wedding Photographers in Playa del Carmen

3. Sharing Wedding Details Without Permission

You’re so excited to have been invited to share in the couple’s special day in a beautiful location; you want to announce it to the world! Keep in mind, however, that many brides and grooms will ask that you not share details about the wedding, especially to those who weren’t invited. The purpose of this is usually to avoid hurt feelings or family drama. This means you should ask for permission before you share any details. The bride and groom may even ask their wedding photographers Playa del Carmen to avoid posting photos of the wedding on social media, so handle yourself with the same etiquette and have a quick chat about it before you post any wedding photos online.

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4. Feeling Obligated to Bring a Gift

Attending a destination wedding isn’t always easy—logistically or financially! Therefore, you generally shouldn’t feel obligated to bring a gift to a destination wedding. Many brides and grooms will be appreciative of the fact that you were able to attend and will consider your presence a gift in itself. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t do something simple yet thoughtful, such as give the couple a card or write them a heartfelt letter. If you’re unable to attend, you may also choose to send to their home address once they return, instead.Wedding Photographers in Playa del Carmen

5. Trying too hard to get photos and videos

Your loved ones are finally tying the knot… so you are dying to get as many photos and videos as you can! Its only natural. However, unplugged weddings are becoming bigger by the day, with many brides and grooms opting to tell their guests to put down the iPhones, iPads and tablets, and just relax and enjoy the day with them. Nowadays, we are so hung up on our mobile devices that we sometimes hardly realize what is going on around us, let alone participate… and when it comes to the most important day in one’s life, well.. you kind of want those you chose to share it with to be really there. Present, “in the moment” there. When it comes to weddings at our beautiful home, we encourage couples to trust their professional wedding photographers Playa del Carmen to capture every moment, and let their guests enjoy themselves and be a part of them, too. Extra hint: that photo of the bride walking down the aisle looks much better when the guests are actually looking at her instead of their phones.7 - Wedding Photographers in Playa del CarmenAs you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind and many common mistakes to avoid when you’re invited to a destination wedding. By attending, however, you can be part of your loved one’s special day while enjoying a beautiful ceremony, delicious food and drinks, and a great travel experience, which can be forever captured in their Riviera Maya wedding photography! If you are invited to a WeddingDayStory Riviera Maya wedding, make sure to ask the couple for their online private viewing link and password, so that you can browse trough the pictures too, and even send beautiful tokens of appreciation to the bride and groom, such as canvases and prints!

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