Natural And Effortless Wedding Photography Posing Tips For The Bride And Groom

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Posing is all about energy: our body language communicates strongly, every day, and in every situation. Models, actors and communicators in general are very aware of this, and are well trained in sending just the right message across… but what about those who are not-so-used to being in front of a camera? Fear not: Just follow our 5 simple wedding photography posing tips and you’ll be rocking your wedding day photo shoot! 


1. Relax and have fun! One of the most important pieces of advice that will help you look natural in your wedding day photos is the most simplest of all: just, really, be natural! You’ve already planned ahead for the day, so now that it’s finally here, it is time to let go and enjoy. You don’t have to necessarily pose every time you see your photographer, just let the moments unfold, and magic will happen. Trust your wedding day team and your photographer: that way, you’ll enjoy your day to the fullest, and this happiness will reflect in your pictures. Just be yourself! It is a simple tip, yet more powerful than you can imagine.

2. Whenever it’s possible, be aware of your position in relation to the camera and the light. Many times, all you need to do to “pose” is give your photographer a nice situation to work with: we’ll take it from there and do our thing, without you even noticing! However, we might point out specific places where you should stand, so as to take more advantage of the available light. For example: If you are in a room with windows, and there are white curtains which let the light shine trough, standing next to the window with curtain closed will assure you get the most flattering light in the room! If you are outside and the sun is shining hard, as photographers, our favorite sweet spot is right at the edge between the sun and the shade. There, you’ll be comfortable enough because the sun won’t be coming straight in your eyes, but you’ll still get the “bounced” light from the sun-rays reflecting on the floor on your face. Also, remember that whatever is closest to the camera is what’s going to look bigger and more prominent in the picture: remembering this will help you make sense of why we ask for certain changes to your pose.   However; don’t worry too much about all of this, nor try to find these spots of best light yourself: all of this is part of our job as photographers, we are constantly looking for these things and marking them to our couples! However, it is always good for you to know them too, so that you can better understand us and we can all be on the same page. 

3. While standing, distribute your weight on one leg. Standing with both legs straight can make you look a bit stiff and nervous. Shift your weight to one leg, so that the other could almost be lifted from the floor, and you’ll appear with a more laid back pose in the pictures.

4. Lower your shoulders. With a straight back, make room between your shoulders and your head and your neck will appear longer in pictures. When you do this, remember to push your shoulders back a bit, but not too much. High shoulders can make you appear tense and rigid, which is a big no-no for your wedding day memories! 

5. Do something with your hands. It can be anything; if you are a bride, try touching the flowers in your bouquet, the details of your dress or your groom’s hair. Gentlemen can adjust their cufflinks, put their hands in their pockets or fix their tie. What matters here is being in action, as action tells stories. Something as simple as that can evolve to a simple yet natural pose, and become a beautiful image that captures the little moments of your day.

Since Destination Weddings are not a traditional experience, it’s usual to forget that you’ll need to set time apart with us for portraits. Take into consideration that we might take you to different spots within your wedding location, and some of them could be a bit far from the area where all the guests are. The best timeframe for this is usually during the sunset hours, when the light is at its best. How that fits with your specific photography schedule depends on your ceremony start time. Usually, the cocktail hour starts right after the ceremony, and our brides and grooms take at least 30-45 minutes away from the celebration, with us. Read more about how to best plan your wedding day photography schedule here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).


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