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Some of you might be wondering why you are trying to access Blue Lens Caribe but get WeddingDayStory instead. Although we are the same company, WeddingDayStory, the brand name under which we have been shooting weddings in Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Los Cabos for the past five years, says much more about who we are and what we do. We are story tellers.. we tell wedding day stories.
We recently held an event with hundreds of wedding coordinators in the Playa del Carmen area. By the time we decided we’ll adopt our identity here as well, we had already ordered hundreds of merchandising items with the Blue Lens Caribe logo. Even several balloons! So decided to make that day about celebrating Blue Lens Caribe and all the good things it has harvested up until now. What each guest received is now an unique item, the last in its species.
Each of those gifts mark the end of an era for us.
And we thank all of you for sharing it.

Contact us to talk about your day in the sun!

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