Beach Wedding Tips : How To Write A Solid Wedding Speech

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On this edition of our beach wedding tips series, we’ll talk about writing speeches. It doesn’t matter if you are a bridesmaid, best man, parent of one of the newlyweds, or even the bride or groom: that moment when everyone is looking at you, waiting to hear the best wedding day speech ever, is not an easy one… but it certainly is your chance to express your feelings to everyone present, and connect with the special day’s loving atmosphere.

The most important thing to decide before you even start to write is: what kind of speech do you want to give? Will it be an emotional, thankful, funny or simple wedding speech? This is a post that will guide you through the whole process, giving you great tips to help you get started. These beach wedding tips are good for all kinds of weddings, and will help you rock that special spotlight moment, and put on a great show.Beach wedding tips

1. Introduce yourself

Unless its a really, really, really a small, intimate ceremony, not everyone will know who you are. So, start by saying something in the lines of:

Good evening, everybody. I’m -insert your name here- and I am the (what? Bridesmaid? Best man? And your relationship to the newlyweds). He/she asked me to say a few words tonight but first I would like to say how nice it is to be with all of you in this amazing place (that’s one of the best parts of a destination wedding after all, right?).Beach wedding tips

2. Make it about the couple

Remember that this is their celebration: So make it about them. Tell a story. Use anecdotes! If you’re going for a funny speech, try and think of the most (innocently, of course) embarrassing, hilarious times you shared with the couple. If you can make it something embarrassing for YOU, as opposed to them, that’s even best!Beach wedding tips

If you are going for a sentimental speech, reminiscence to the moment when you knew they were meant for each other. Whatever you choose, make sure that your story sheds the best possible light on the couple. Even if you are being funny at the same time.Beach wedding tips

3. Flatter

Mention everything you love about each of them individually, and then as a couple. What makes them great? What is that thing they do, and nobody else does, that makes them special? Concentrate on how much better life is when they are together, how lucky they are to have each other and how wonderful it is to be a witness of their love and new life together. Also, touch upon the beautiful place they chose for their celebration, and the great time you are having so far.Beach wedding tips

4. The grand finale

Wish them a long and beautiful life together and propose a toast for the new Mr and Mrs!Beach wedding tips

The encore

Do you have a special talent? If so, use it! If you can play an instrument, or carry a tune, this is your moment to shine. Even if you are not the best singer out there, team up with your friends and practice before: the effort will be very appreciated by the couple! Just make sure you do it from your heart. Share the love!Beach wedding tips

Beach wedding tips & takeaways:

  • Keep in mind that if it takes more than 5 minutes, it’s probably too long.
  • Be kind, write about feelings and express yourself from your heart. You can’t go wrong with that!
  • Jot down the key points for your speech in cue cards or paper. Try not to use your cell phone.
  • Don’t write whole sentences and read them out loud. Look at the couple in the eyes and improvise!

If you are a soon-to-be-newlywed, share these beach wedding tips with those who will be speaking at your big day. Also, go ahead and read about Last minute “To-Dos” before your beach wedding “I do” to make sure that you are not forgetting anything!

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